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The Luna Drabbles


You could tell a lot about a person by how they kissed, Luna knew. That's why she did it. She was curious -- she wanted to know them.


I. Harry Potter

1. Draco Malfoy

She took everything in stride. This was her blessing.

And her pathology.

When Draco kissed her, his mouth was cold and smoky and tasted of far away things; she stared for just a second before her golden eyelashes fluttered shut and entangled expertly with his. He knew what he was doing, if only because he always knew what he was doing, but she could feel his heart pounding in her ears and it made her smile against those soft but plasticky lips.

Draco Malfoy kissed like he had something to prove. She wondered, briefly, why he was so afraid that he wouldn't measure up.


2. Ginny Weasley

Ginny was a surprise.

It was the perfect cliche: they were studying together in the library, heads bent over some dusty old tome, when Ginny looked at her. Luna remembered warm brown eyes and a constellation of freckles and the sultriest little quirking of pink lips...

...and then Ginny was kissing her, fiercely and tenderly both at once, her silky red hair tickling Luna's cheek. And Luna giggled, and Ginny giggled too.

Ginny Weasley kissed like a delightful study in contrasts -- snarky and sophisticated, fiery but controlled. Luna thought it suited her just fine, and grinned and went back to work.


3. Ron Weasley

Ron was less of a surprise.

She'd seen him watching, even if she pretended (for the sake of politeness) that she didn't. His eyes glazed over slightly and he blushed fiercely when she finally approached him. She said they should just sort this out, sooner rather than later, so he could get over it and get on with asking out Hermione. Because that was the Right Thing to Do.

He was indignant and contrary, but when she kissed him it was nothing like those disgraceful displays with Lavender in the Great Hall. His lips were smooth and his touch was soft, and he paid perfect attention to her -- as if for that one single moment she meant everything to him.

Ron Weasley kissed like he Meant it. Luna ended the kiss rather quickly, because the sincerity was just too overwhelming.


4. Neville Longbottom

She had always thought him to be a hero. Always -- even before seventh year, when she returned from that whole silly kidnapping fiasco to find he'd become someone she hardly recognised. She gazed at him objectively from afar and tried to suss out just what made him different now.

She waited patiently for him to tire of those simpering teenager girls and turn, instead, to her. When at last he kissed her, his steady hero's hands were shaking slightly as they reached up to tuck a strand of wayward hair behind her ear, accidentally knocking her radish earring as he did so.

Neville Longbottom kissed like the underdog finally unleashed. His lips were chapped and his tongue was hungry, and he was very much teeth and ferocious desire.

It was in that glorious moment that Luna Lovegood fell in love.