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Author's Note: The shortest chapter, but mostly because as much fun as it would be to write Luna/Pollution or Luna/Aziraphale...such things aren't practical, for pretty obvious reasons. Hope you give this a try, though. I really enjoyed writing it.

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The Luna Drabbles


You could tell a lot about a person by how they kissed, Luna knew. That's why she did it. She was curious -- she wanted to know them.


IV. Good Omens

1. Adam Young

Even though he swore he was just a regular guy, she felt something different about him -- right from the get-go. His soft golden curls felt unreal to the touch, and his eyes were impossibly blue, and when he told her she was beautiful she believed him. There was no reason to doubt it, not if Adam said so.

When they kissed, she saw stars. His skin was the perfect temperature but his lips were so hot they burned her, and she thought she might die if he did that thing with his tongue one more time. They spent one perfect weekend together and then he was back to university, and she was back to work. And the world kept on turning, just as she knew it would.

But she couldn't stop thinking about that kiss.

Adam kissed like a fiery, passionate, and above all reluctant puppet master. He didn't mean to -- he swore he didn't mean to -- but he could change things, just with a flick of his wrist.


2. Pippin Galadriel Moonchild (Pepper)

Pepper was an absolute delight, Luna thought happily, mostly because it had been ages since Luna had had a good fight. Everything was cause for an argument, with Pepper -- and Luna just loved to get her worked up. Pepper kissed her hardest and fiercest when she was worked up. Her jaw was clenched and her mouth was unrelenting, and half-hearted protests on Luna's part often gave way to split lips and fetching bruises.

It was, in all, one of Luna's most favourite relationships.

Because Pepper kissed like a loose cannon, like a force barely contained; and yet, just for a moment, she let Luna contain her. Just before Luna had to let her go go go...


3. Anthony Crowley

Crowley was a mistake, but a mistake she would gladly repeat. He sighed and grumbled and seemed like he couldn't be bothered to deal with her -- a mere human, who has the time? -- but she saw his smirk and the way his golden reptilian eyes flashed from beneath his sunglasses, and she knew she had him.

Or perhaps he had her. The semantics, she decided, were irrelevant.

He tasted like so many things. Like six thousand years of good food and bad deeds, sunshine and schadenfreude. She enjoyed his forked tongue; he enjoyed her everything.

Crowley kissed like he would try anything once -- from wars to witches, he'd have it all. But there was the slightest degree of urgency to his touch, so fleeting she might have missed it had she not been expressly looking. It suggested something secret, something unnamed: something he wanted to try but was forever resisting...because of ineffability, maybe, or for the sake of saving face.

Luna hoped that one day he would work up the nerve.