Two Ears For Listening

A/N: Don't read this if you haven't seen the season 4 finale or don't want to be spoiled. This is an alternate universe for Lucifer Rising. I am still dealing with writers block for my other stories.

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Chapter 2: Out the other

Dean runs through the convent hoping that he makes it in time to stop Sam from killing Lilith. Seeing the bodies on the ground he moves quickly past them and enters the former chapel. When he sees Lilith's body his heart stops a second in fear of the worst. He recognizes the dental hygienist that Lilith used before. Lilith must have gone back to possessing her again.

Dean is flooded with questions as he stares at her body: Was he to late, is Lucifer free, where was Sam, was it the end of the world? Kneeling down he checks the women for a pulse sad to find she did not survive this second time being possessed.

Turning around to observe his surroundings Dean is surprise to see Ruby laying against the wall near the door. Moving over to her he is happy to find that she is dead. Wondering what the hell is going and where Sam is. Dean thinks that if this is the end of world that it is kind of anticlimactic. Checking all the other bodies he finds that they are dead as well. He feels clueless on what to do next when he hears a car engine start up.

Rushing outside Dean sees the tail lights of the car as it moves down the road, too far away for Dean to do anything to get it to stop. Watching the tail lights vanish off to the distance Dean is sure that it was his brother in that car. He stops staring down the road when he hears a noise coming from the ground. Looking down he finds and picks up his brother phone.

"Press 4 to repeat the message, 7 to delete, 9 to save into the archives," Wondering why Sam just left his phone like this Dean presses 4 to listen to the last message. Horror spreads across Dean's face as he listens to his own voice say such terrible things. He was angry before for being manipulated but it is nothing compared to the rage he feels now. The gravity of how far he and his brother had been used and trick leaves a cold feeling through him. He was going to get back at those sons of a bitches for ever messing with him and his brother. Didn't matter if they were angel or demon but first he had to find his brother.

Hoping Cas survived his encounter with the Archangel Dean calls out for him. "Cas I know you may have your hands full right now but I can use your help."

"Hello Dean." Whirling around Dean stares at Castiel and looks on his unruffled appearance.

"You are looking in good shape for having to go against your higher ups."

"The Archangels did not bother with me once it was realized that Sam did not free Lucifer. Your brother appeared to do what no one expected. Instead of killing Lilith he performed an exorcism and sent her back to hell"

A huge grin spreads across Dean's face at the news that Sam didn't unleash Lucifer. "Way to go Sammy" says Dean with pride. Wanting to be reunited with his brother Dean asks for Castiel's help. "Cas I saw a car driving off and I think it was my brother. Can you get me ahead of it?"

Nodding at the request Castiel lifts his hand up and touches Dean on his forehead. Appearing in the middle of the road Dean looks around and sees the headlights of the car growing closer. Waving his arms Dean smiles when the car stops and he sees his brother's surprise face. Rushing to his brother as he climbs out of the car he pulls him into a big hug.

Feeling Sam's body tense by the hug Dean tries to ease him. "Oh god I'm sorry Sam. I didn't leave that message. The angels were setting us up. Well not all the angels but the higher ups did. They wanted the apocalypse to happen thinking that they would win and paradise would be brought to Earth. They didn't care that it would cost millions of lives and people were going to suffer because of it." Sam relaxes at Dean's words relief flooding through him.

"Won't they still try to make the apocalypse happen?" Ask Sam worriedly.

"There is no need to fear of the final seal being broken at this time. Lilith is back in hell until she is release again. Then they would still need you to kill her with your abilities or another special child for it to fulfill the requirements for breaking the last seal. With Lilith gone the seals that had been broken will be replaced. There is no excuse now not to undo the breaking of the seals without causing a rebellion among the angelic ranks," answers Castiel assuredly. "Sam I would like to apologies to you. I recognize that I made many mistakes when it came to you and your brother. I hope someday that your faith maybe restored to what it once was."

Sam smiles at Castiel. "I still have my faith in god. It is with you angels that I have the problem with." Castiel nods in understanding before vanishing.

"How about we get out of here as well, I'm sure Bobby is worrying himself to death about what is happening." Ask Dean.

"Sure" Sam says thinking about how he wasn't alone after all.