And hence, this starts the madness of my fluff and also a test for myself to write fluff. : D This fic will be a series of drabble one-shots. This chapter features mini-fied kh characters—meaning that all kh characters will be turned to either kindergartens, babies, or first graders as I see fit (mostly), and well, it's just random most of the time depending on my mood. : D As for whether or not a one-shot has a connection to the next, I'm not sure. We'll leave that to later. Enjoy the light-hearted one-shots of our lovely AkuRoku~

"Muffin" is a word prompt from Mei Lynn 64 when I asked her to give me a word to write something.


Of all honesty Roxas, being a kindergarten he was, loved two things in the world. One was Bacon and another, Muffin. He loved the latter one the most. He loved Muffin. Muffin was the life and soul for the four years old. Every time his mother baked and prepared muffin for the little boy, he always squealed so loudly, and turned into the sunshine of the not-bright-enough world for the rest of the day. He was a ray of sunshine every time he acquired his muffin. And sometimes, he had to work hard for it.

For example, the four year old had to clean up after himself after he played with his toys, or that he should eat promptly and go to bed as soon as his parents wanted him to. Roxas was always obedient as long as he was promised a muffin. Bacon was another thing, we can leave that for later.

Ever since the show of kindness from a certain redhead, Axel had become Roxas' playmate. Roxas, of course, still hadn't forgotten how Axel had shared and given him his bacon. He adored the redhead. To the four-years-old, the redhead was the nicest person alive after his parents. He loved spending time with the older boy.

Roxas' mother was baking again that day and Roxas watched eagerly. The knee-high boy stood in the kitchen, stepping away when he thought he was blocking his mom's way, observing happily as the woman in the kitchen made the muffin. He grinned brightly when he saw his mother took out a bag of chocolate chip. Chocolate chip muffin was his most favorite thing in the word. Muffins had officially stolen the boy's heart.

"Roxas, you can go sit down and watch TV." His mother said kindly, smiling and giggling watching her little boy's eagerness. She gently patted the boy's head. "The muffins will be ready in half an hour."

"No, I want to help!" the boy answered innocently.

"Eh…" Roxas' mom hesitated for a while, tapping her index finger at her chin, thinking about something that Roxas could help with. Letting a four year old help in the kitchen surely wasn't something that she fancy doing. Her little boy could end up getting hurt! "Why don't you help me take the recipe book upstairs for me, hunny?"

"Sure!" Roxas exclaimed, running off to the stairs and coming back in an instant. The woman was amazed. "Here!" the boy grinned brightly, handing over the recipe book to his mother.

"Oh, that's really fast." The woman giggled. "Do you want some milk, honey?"

"I want to have some milk with the muffin!" Roxas chirped, being the happy little boy he was.

"That sounds good. I'll prepare it for you. Now, go watch your TV, honey."

Roxas pouted, shaking his head. "But…I wanna watch you bake…" he pouted even more, laying his puppy eyes trick on his mom. Somehow, he had a feeling that adults always softened up to him if he used that trick.

Roxas' mother sighed. "Okay, Roxas. You can help put on the chocolate chip."

"Yay!" Roxas squealed excitedly.


Roxas waited and waited until it was time for him to put on the chocolate chip. He stood on tiptoe as he was eager to watch what his mom was doing on top of the counter. When she was finally done, she took the muffin tins filled with the muffin mix and set it on the floor, handing over the bag of chocolate chip to the tiny blond.

"Here, Roxas. Now remember, don't put on too much chocolate chips, okay?" his mother blinked, still trying to remind her son even though she knew that the boy would do the complete opposite of what she said, obviously aware of the fact that Roxas had such sweet tooth.

"Okay!" Roxas nodded eagerly, snatching the bag of chocolate chips and began putting in the chocolate chips in every last one of the muffins.

And then, Roxas' mom, even though clearly knowing that the chocolate chips Roxas put on was too much still put the muffins to bake.


Half an hour later, the sweet and delicious smell of the chocolate muffin began filling the entire house. The blond boy took in deep breathes, smelling in his favorite food's smell, his mouth began to water. When his mother took the muffin out and let it cool for ten minutes, Roxas was getting impatient.

"Can I eat it yet?" he asked for the hundredth of times in that ten minute.

"It's still hot, honey." His mother answered patiently, washing the utensils that she had used to make the muffins.

The four year old blond boy was certainly tempted to lay his hands on the delicious piece of cake. The cake was mocking him, sitting there on the table, in all its glorious fluffy look and brown golden color. Roxas let out a sigh, whining and whimpering a little, frustrated. He shifted back and forth in his seat, having a competition stare with the muffin. His big bug-cerulean-eyes never leaving the sight of the muffin in front of him, afraid that maybe the piece of muffin would magically disappear if he leave it alone.

Roxas' mom walked over, gently placing her index finger on top of one of the muffin, feeling if the cake was still hot. "You should be able to eat this now." She smiled.

Roxas promptly squealed in happiness. His mouth formed a huge bright grin. He reached out, impatient to grab the muffin, but stopped in its place.

"What's the matter, sweetie?"

Roxas retracted his hand. "Uhmm… Can I have two?"

"Now, don't be greedy."

"No, no…but… Can I have two for tomorrow? Please, mommy? I want to bring two to school tomorrow. I promise I won't eat mine today. So, can I have two muffins in my lunchbox tomorrow? Pleasseeeeee?" the boy drawled out the last word, adding his strongest puppy dog eyes.

"Now, honey, why would you need two for tomorrow?"

"Because I want to!" the boy reasoned, not really reasoning at all.

The woman sighed. "Alright, Roxas. I'll put two of your muffins to your lunchbox tomorrow and I'll also prepare macaroni and cheese for you, okay?"

Roxas nodded happily.

"Promise to finish all of your lunch?"



The next day, the tiny blond walked inside the Twilight Town kindergarten carrying his lunchbox. He eagerly waited for lunchtime. "Good morning, Axel." The blond boy greeted happily as soon as he saw his favorite friend.

"Hey, Roxas." The redhead greeted back, grinning brightly, walking over to the blond boy as a teacher grabbed Roxas' lunchbox and put it aside at the collection of lunchboxes that the pre-schoolers brought.

"I brought something weally raelllyyy goooodd for lunch!" Roxas chirped excitedly, showing his toothy grin to the redhead.

The redhead smirked. "Weawwy?" he mocked.

Roxas pouted.

"Hey, I'm kidding." Axel grinned again, patting the blond's head affectionately. "You should begin to study your 'rrrrrr'."

"I am!!" Roxas protested.

"Well, you've certainly improved on that." Axel said, always one to use bigger words, because he was older than little Roxas. "So, what'd you bring?"

"It's a secwet!" the blond answered, putting an index finger on his mouth. "You'll know soon!" he chirped again.

Axel smiled. He absolutely adored his tiny blond friend that always managed to cheer him up at the simplest things without putting in any effort at all.


Lunch Time…

Roxas happily opened his lunch box. A plate of heated up mac' n cheese was already sitting in front of him, but he couldn't care less. Axel was sitting beside him, having no lunch at all as usual. And as usual, the school prepared sunny side up egg and hams for him.

Pulling out the box that contained the two muffins, Roxas set his lunch bag on the floor. He opened the box. "This!" Roxas grinned brightly, showing Axel the muffins.

Axel blinked for a while. "Well, that looks good." He smiled.

"One is for you." Roxas offered.

Axel sat still for a bit, eyeing the insanely huge amount of chocolate chips that the muffin contained. The redheaded boy certainly wasn't much of a fan of sweet food. He seemed hesitant.

Roxas' smile dropped. "Is something…the matter?" he asked uncertainly.

Axel was instantly struck with guilt.

"I put on the chocolate chips myself, but it's really mom who bake the muffins." He explained, a smile coming back to his face.

Well, that made sense…

"It's… I don't really like…sweets…"

"What…" Roxas eyes blinked in disappointment.

Oh no…he's going to cry.

Axel was further driven into the endless oblivion of guilt.

"But… I… want to share it with you…" Roxas sniffed, his head hung low, and his hands retracting, hugging the box that contained the two muffins close.

"Ah, yes! Okay!!!" Axel flailed, immediately snatching one of the muffins and took a bite. It was so sweet, he cringed in its sweetness.

Roxas brightened. "Is it good?" he asked innocently.

"Yes, it is!" Axel exclaimed, putting on a happy face even though he was dying of sweetness inside. He couldn't handle sweet food that much though he slightly wondered how he was able to handle Roxas' sweetness. The tiny blond was definitely too sweet beyond all reasons.

Roxas took a bite of his too. He squealed in excitement, enjoying the muffin. "I love this!" he grinned happily.

Axel was contented just watching his favorite blond finishing off the muffin. "You can have mine." The redhead offered.

"But…" Roxas pouted again. "You don't like it?"

"No. I like it." Axel smiled. "But I want to share it with you." Axel used Roxas' words.

"Oh…" Roxas blushed. "Okay…" he took the half eaten muffin and finished it off then he drank his milk like a big boy.

Axel chuckled.

Everyone in the class was busy with their own food. Some children were crying, not wanting to eat. Some were wrestling for food, some were ignorant, some didn't touch their food at all. No one noticed the blond and the redhead that was happily having a fun time together.

Axel noticed that the blond had a chocolate stain at the corner of his mouth. He pointed it out to Roxas.

"Here?" Roxas asked, wiping it off, but it was still there.

"Still there." The redhead informed.

Roxas wiped it again and it was still there.

Axel laughed, finally leaning in to lick the corner of Roxas' mouth. Roxas felt his heart leapt and he stood still, dumbfounded, face bright crimson.

"Gone." Axel smirked, blushing a little also.

"Uhmmm…" Roxas played with his fingers, breathing in deeply and slowly, watching Axel at the corner of his eyes.

"Thank you." Axel smiled.

"You're welcome!" Roxas beamed.

And the two boys went off to finishing their lunch, chatting happily.

Axel absolutely adored his tiny blond just as much as Roxas loved his muffins.


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