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It was a bright, sunny day as usual. Little Roxas was currently out with his parents in the small and quiet playground that was located in the far corner of the town. Even though the playground was located quite a few miles away, it was the most calm and beautiful playground around as it was facing the vast blue ocean. The ocean's water was shimmering brightly, sparkling under the intense stare of the sun. It was indeed, a great Sunday, a Sunday that families would definitely enjoy together, doing all sorts of outdoor activities with their children.

A particular knee-high blond was ecstatic.

It had been a while since he had gone out with his parents. His father was always busy with work and was rarely seen home. So, he was very happy that he was able to spend his time with both of his parents. His mother was also happy, smiling while watching the man of the house pushing little Roxas that was sitting on the wheel swing.

The little blond was a little scared, sitting on the small swing that felt very unsteady for him. He hung on for dear life, gripping the chain that held the swing together until his fists turned white. At first, he looked up at his father with his big buggy cerulean eyes, pleading and hoping that he would be let go and play something else instead. But his father had insisted.

Several minutes into it…

"Faster!" Roxas shouted, grinning happily, feeling the wind blowing against his face, his hair was messy because of the sheer force of the wind. He raised his feet, feeling that he was flying in the air as his father pushed the swing harder. "Harder, Daddy!" the blond shouted, screaming joyfully. His voice was soft and sweet in the crispy air.

The man laughed, catching Roxas and holding the swing still when the little boy came back down from the air. He took Roxas and put his little son on his back, holding him tight. "That's enough of the swing, Roxas." Father said.

"Aww, but I wanna play moreeeee!" Roxas whined, prolonging his words, struggling to get off of his father's back.

"Ooo! Balloon man!" Father cheered excitedly, pointing to the man who was opening up a kiosk near the playground, selling all sorts of balloons.

"Balloon!!!" Roxas yelled excitedly, immediately forgetting about the swing.

Mother laughed, amused by her husband's playfulness and childish side.

The man carried his son and approached the balloon selling man. "Which do you want, Roxas?"

Roxas contemplated, humming in response, thinking. There were a lot to choose, a lot of bright, beautiful balloons. Red, green, white, yellow, blue, orange… and there were different shapes too. The little blond got confused, thinking and thinking…until finally he decided with one that was just your typical simple red balloon.

He grinned his widest grin when he received the balloon, holding the string tight in the palm of his hands.

Roxas' father let Roxas down and paid for the balloon.

Roxas ran off in glee, heading back to the playground, his balloon floating freely behind him. Father chased, panicking, trying to catch the little blond that was so agile. Mother also panicked, chasing together with father. Roxas didn't care about his parents' worry. He kept running and running until his parents lost sight of him. The playground was crowded with children and parents in that sunny day.

"Balloon!" he exclaimed happily, still running across the line of the playground that face the ocean.

When he looked back to see if his parents were still chasing him, he saw nothing.

"Mommy? Daddy?" he looked around, scanning the entire playground filled with children and parents before him. So many faces, too many noises…none, he couldn't see his parents. Little Roxas began to walk around, still gripping the string that held his balloon tight. A hand was put in front of his lips. His face contorted into an expression of worry and panic. "Daddy?" he called again shakily, this time louder.

Children were playing tag, running passed him, bumping into him. And the little blond fell to the ground on his bottom. He began to sob, pulling his balloon down and hugging it tightly, still looking around desperately as if his parents would magically show up if he kept looking. Moist and salty water began to accumulate in the little blond's eyes and eventually dripped down his cheeks. His lips curled down and parted and he began crying.

Little Roxas cried for a while, shouting for his Mother and Father. Unconsciously, he released the grip on his red balloon. And the balloon flew away.

Fly up high… high up the sky.

Roxas jumped up, trying to reach the string.

The tiny blond watched as the balloon flew away.

And disappeared amidst the clouds until it was only a tiny dot that graced the sky.

And Roxas couldn't see it anymore.

And Roxas cried again with renewed energy.

Roxas' cries grew louder.


A familiar voice.


Roxas' cries ceased, but the little boy was still shaking and sniffling horribly. He looked up, everything was blurry, clouded by his tears. The colors red and green were the first things that were registered into his brain.

"Hey, why are you here? Are you okay?" the figure asked, immediately grabbing the blond's little hand.

"Axel?" Roxas whispered shakily, sobbing.

"Where are your parents?" Axel asked softly, stroking the blond's back gently in an attempt to comfort his favorite blond.

Roxas sniffed. "They're gone."

"Huh?" Axel tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"When I was running away with the balloon… Daddy and Mommy awe gone… and balloon is gone too…" Roxas cried again, big drops of tears continued to roll down his cheeks.

Axel panicked, watching his best friend crying in the park was not at all entertaining. "Roxas, Roxas." He called gently, patting the little blond's back, trying to form something in his mind that would help him in the situation. The redhead boy watched the blond crying for a while. His heart was wrenched and his expression saddened. Then, he grinned. "Let's go find your parents! I will help!" he cheered.

Roxas stopped crying. "Find mommy and daddy?"

"Of course." The older boy nodded firmly. "I'm sure they're searching for you too. They should be close."

"Axel is going to help?" Roxas asked timidly, voice still shaky from all that crying.

"Yes." Axel grinned wider.

"Okay…" The blond answered silently.

"But! I want you to smile if you want my help." Axel spoke.

There was a pause. Some tears were still rolling down Roxas' cheeks. The blond boy raised his hand and used his jacket sleeve to wipe off the tears. He grinned and smiled. "Okay!"

And thus, the two boys went to search for Roxas' parents.

A while after they walked, Roxas tugged Axel's sleeves. "Balloon…" the blond pouted sadly, head hung low.

Axel looked to the side, noticing the balloon man who was standing in his small kiosk. The redhead contemplated. He was in the playground in that Sunday because his father had finally got a day off of work and decided to bring him there. His father had given him a small amount of munny when he said that he wanted an ice cream. His father wanted him to buy the ice cream alone.

He took the munny and went to buy the ice cream he wanted. It was then that he met Roxas, who was sitting on the ground, crying. He had munny…but did he want to buy Roxas the balloon so that his favorite blond would be happy? But…he wanted the ice cream. But…Roxas was sad.


Axel shook his head then.

"But…" Roxas sniffed. "Axel, balloon…" he pouted, whining a bit, but trying as hard as he could be not to be seen annoying. He certainly didn't want for his favorite friend to hate him. "Okay…" he nodded timidly then.

Axel grinned, taking the blond's hand in his. "Let's go." He stated.

Roxas didn't ask any question and just followed his friend.

They arrived in the ice cream shop.

Axel turned around, smiling at the blond. "Which flavor do you want?"

"Ice cream?" Roxas questioned, there was a big hint of happiness in his voice.

"Yep. I have enough munny to buy one scoop."

"Axel has munny?"

"Yes, Axel has munny." The redhead chuckled. Of all the time possible, the blond had decided to speak of him in third person. "And Axel is giving Roxas the permission to choose the ice cream flavor." He grinned brightly, slightly amused at the way he was speaking.

"Ice cream!" Roxas beamed, flailing and jumping in joy. He ran to the front and watched the wide varieties of ice cream flavors that were displayed before him. Orange, oreo, chocolate, mango, strawberry, kiwi, mint, caramel… "Caramel!" Roxas exclaimed.

Axel approached and nodded.

"Oh, are you two brothers? How cute!" the employee smiled. "What do you two want?" she asked kindly.

"A scoop of caramel." Axel smiled.

"Where are your parents?" she asked when Axel handed over the right amount of munny.

Roxas was saddened.

"They're waiting for us in the playground. Let's go, Roxas." Axel smiled, taking the cup of ice cream and went off with the little blond. They sat on the bench in the playground vicinity. "Let's finish the ice cream first and then go to look for your parents." The redhead said.

"Okay." Roxas cheered, excited. He took the small spoon and scooped a small amount of ice cream, putting it in his mouth. He squealed at the sweetness. He loved caramel.

Axel laughed, happy and awkward. He knew he wouldn't enjoy the sweetness if Roxas was so happy about it. Caramel really wasn't his favorite thing in the world. He wanted to order chocolate. Chocolate surely wasn't as sweet as caramel.

Roxas scooped another small amount of ice cream using the small red plastic spoon. "Axel, aaaa!" he exclaimed happily, wanting to feed his friend.

Axel blushed. "I can eat by myself, Roxas." He commented, wanting to take the spoon, but the blond quickly take it out of his reach.

"Aaaa." The blond insisted, grinning widely.

Axel blushed even more before finally taking it into his mouth.

"It's sweet!!!" Roxas exclaimed, eating yet another scoop.

And it continued, with Roxas feeding his favorite redhead.

Roxas really loved sweet food.

And Axel cringed in its sweetness again. But funnily, he loved how sweet Roxas was.


When they finished their ice cream, the little two boys went to search for Roxas' parents again.

"There!" The blond exclaimed, immediately running off from the redhead. "Mommy! Daddy!!!" he waved.

"Roxas!!!" Roxas' mother and father immediately ran to embrace their child. An expression of huge relieve could be seen in their faces.

Axel walked closed, smiling. Happy that his best friend was happy.

"Where did you go, young man?" Father spoke.

"Don't you run off again." Mother reprimanded.

"I'm sorry…" Roxas apologized. "I… I… I meet Axel when I was lost. And Axel buys me ice cream and help me to find mommy and daddy!" he explained.

Father put Roxas down.

Roxas ran back to Axel, taking his hand in his, grinning.

Axel grinned back.

"So, you're Axel?" Father asked.

"Roxas' best friend." Mother said.

Axel nodded.

"Roxas is always talking about you."

Roxas flushed. "That's because I like Axel! I like Axel very much!" he tackled his favorite redhead. "Axel and Roxas are best fwiends!"

Axel chuckled awkwardly before laughing. "Yes, we're best fwiends!" he teased his favorite blond as usual.

"Best. Friends!" Roxas shouted, annoyed.

Axel laughed again.

The sun was beginning to set and the horizon turned orange.

"I have to go back to my Dad." Axel spoke, waiting for Roxas to get off of him.

"But…" Roxas pouted. "I want Axel to stay." He hugged his best friend close.

"Now, now, Roxas. Axel's parents will be worried if he's gone for too long." Mother interjected.


"Axel can always visit our house sometimes." Father smiled.

"Maybe Dad will take me there." Axel said.

"Really?" Roxas asked, eyes beaming with hope, staring into Axel's emerald eyes.

"Weawwy." Axel grinned, teasing again.

"Pwomise!" Roxas exclaimed, intentionally missing his 'r's pronunciation. He took out his pinkie.

"Okay." Axel hooked his bigger pinkie to Roxas'.

Roxas finally got off of him.

"Bye, Roxas." Axel waved before going away.

"Where are your parents, Axel?"

"My Dad is around here… there." Axel pointed to a silhouette that appeared. "See you tomorrow, Roxas." The little boy said before running off.

"Tomorrow!" Roxas waved happily, watching as his best friend walked away, disappearing, carried off by a tall figure.

"Okay, Roxas. Let's go home." Father said, taking Roxas up.

And the two families went away—going separate ways, but heading to their houses.

"Okay!" Roxas cheered.


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