Bad Home, Good Memories

(Sirius POV)

"You revolting, HORRIBLE, piece of scum…I cant believe I had YOU as a son. You mudblood lover. Blood traitor." My 'mum' yelled. "You're a waste of blood. Purebloods are suppose to be proud! We are better!"

"BETTER!" I roared. "YOU are NOTHING! YOU cant say ANYTHING to me about being PROUD or BETTER!" I yelled.

At that I felt something collide with my head…it was my 'fathers' cane. Here we go again. The abuse. Ever since I have been sorted into Gryffindor at my school they have abused me. Only my best friends, James, Remus, and Peter, know. James knows WAY more because he's my practically my brother I am sixteen and my name is Sirius Black. I hate being a Black. I have always been different even when I was little. I always hated their ways. I always hated them.

"You will NOT speak to your mother that way!" My 'Father' yelled hitting me with every word. Soon I felt unbearable pain…it was a cruciatus curse. I didn't scream even though it hurt SO much. Then I felt numerous of dark spells come at me. Soon after what felt like an eternity it stopped and they both kicked me one last time before leaving.

I limped up to my room and went to my bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw myself. I had cuts all over, bruises and blood. I took a shower and sat on my bed.

"Padfoot?" I heard my mirror on my bed side table say.

"Prongs?" I whispered.

"Yeah it me grab your mirror." I did as I was told. James and I made these mirrors second year, if we were in separate detentions we would use them. We especially use them during the holidays. We were close, we were brothers. He has been my best friend since we met on the train. People mistake us for brothers which isn't really hard to do considering we both had black hair, I had grey stormy eyes and he had hazel, we were a month apart me being older, and we ALWAYS say things at the same exact time. We are close and you NEVER see one without the other. Except during the holidays.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey…are you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said, thing is I could lie to anyone and they would believe it…except James…he could do the same.

"No your not…how bad was it this time?" He asked.

"Not as bad." I answered.



"Are you sure your ok?"

"Of course."

"You do know that if ever need a place to stay…we're here." When he said 'we're' he means his family. His parents always treated me like a son…if James and I got into trouble they would be up here telling us both off, then they would hug us and tell us they still love us and everyone makes mistakes. Even when its just ME who gets into trouble they are still up there telling me off and hugging me.

"Yeah…I know." I said.

We talked for a few more minuets and then said good night, we always kept our mirrors on just incase one of us needed each other so I set in to my bedside table as he did his so we could see each other. Soon I started thinking…about the Potters.

I was on the train looking for a place to sit. Soon I saw this boy with messy black hair and hazel eyes. His name was James Potter as he said. I told him my name. People usually went ballistic when they heard my name…he didn't. We talked and ended up having A LOT in common. That was the beginning of our friendship. Soon we were inseparable.

That has always been my favorite memory, the Potters never judged me because of my last name and I am forever grateful. I went to their house during the summer and ever since they had always been there.

I walked off the train and automatically I was pulled to the right. It was just James. Next thing I know we stopped. I looked up to see two people, the women had black hair that curled under with brown eyes she was around 5'5 and the man looked EXACTLY like James jet black hair that went everywhere with hazel eyes and was about 5'9. I automatically knew they were James parents.

"Hey mum, hey dad. This is my best friend Sirius Black, he's in my house also, Sirius this is mum and dad." James said all in one breath.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." I said holding out my hand.

"No…" James dad said…I knew this would happen, all because of my name. "It's a pleasure to meet YOU." That shocked me he said this as he grabbed my hand and shook it. "My name is Charlus Potter and this is my wife Dorea." He said.

"It's a pleasure." Dorea said engulfing me in a hug. "You'll have to come over soon." She said.

On that day I found a family. I went to their house and all they ever did was treat me like a son. In second year on the summer holidays they saw a bruise. Then they saw A LOT more. Soon they asked and I knew I couldn't lie.

James and I had just gotten inside after playing some Quidditch. I was wearing a cloke all day so no one could see the very few bruises on my arm and I took it off forgetting all about them. Soon Dorea saw them and asked where I got them. I told her part of the truth I got them playing Quidditch to roughly. Then I yawned and my shirt went up a little and she saw the small of my back…it was mostly black. She let it go and I was thankful. After lunch though she pulled me into their Library and told me to tell her what was going on. I told her everything, soon Charlus was home so I asked them and James if we could talk and Dorea and I told them what was going on and ever since then they always made sure to treat me like James even more. They wanted to tell someone but I begged them not to so they agreed.

They really are great people. They are pureblooded also just WAY different then most. I am SO thankful to them. I remember the first time I actually got into trouble with James and they came up.

We were waiting in Dumbledore's office. We were there because we hexed Snape. It wasn't harmful just made boils go EVERYWHERE on him. They had sent home letters to BOTH of our parents and told them what had happened. I had just gotten a Howler from THEM as I now put it. They were telling me that I was a freak who was a waste of blood and that I needed to die and blah, blah, blah same old, same old. Soon I heard the fire roar to life and saw none other than the Potters.

"Care to explain?" Charlus asked.

"Well…Snape was saying A LOT of rubbish…" Started James.

"And we tried to ignore him…"I took over.

"But the bloody git wouldn't leave us alone…"

"So we turned around and told him to shut up…"

"Then we turned around and started to walk away…"

"Then we hear him say some curse…"

"And we put up a shield…"

"Then we both said a boil spell…and it worked to." We both finished.

"Well it wasn't the right…ok so you did handle it right…except for the spell." Dorea said.

"We're REALLY sorry." We said.

"We know" Charlus said. "Sirius have you heard from you parents yet?" He asked I just nodded. "What did they say?" He asked I handed him the letter because it didn't want to burn…they never do.

Dear Freak,

We decided to write this considering your not worth it . You are a shame to our family and filth and I wish I never had you. You are a disgusting, revolting, piece of rubbish that we should have NEVER had you. You have no right to live. You are a disgusting mudblood lover blood traitor, and we all HATE you. And we wish you would DIE.


Your unfortunate Mother.

He passed the note over to Dorea who looked horrified at it.

"They really said this?" They asked.

"Yes ma'am." I said.

"That's horrible." She said.

"That's them." I said.

"Well just try not to do it again…pranks I don't mind and the only reason we're up here is to make sure you kids are ok…are ya'll?" Charlus asked.

"Yes sir." We answered. Soon we were in hugs. Them saying its ok and everyone makes mistakes. Then they left.

That was my first time feeling that…loved. We did get into more trouble but they always came, I got a howler and they came and talked to us. I also remember the first time I got into trouble…WITHOUT James.

I was in third year and Snape had decided to pick a fight with me because James wasn't there. I was already having a bad day and he didn't help. He said things and kept going…all about how Regulus was SO great and more. Soon I turned around and grabbed my wand. He did the same. Soon we were dulling. Then I accidentally blew him into the wall and he was knocked out, and that's how I ended up here. I knew they sent a note to my 'parents' because I just got a howler. What I didn't know is how the Potters found out because the fire just roared to life and out stepped the one and only Charlus Potter.

"Sirius are you ok?" Charlus asked.

"Yes sir." I said.

"Did you get hurt?" He asked. I hesitated before saying.

"Yes sir." I knew he hated being lied to.

"Who started it?" He asked.

"Him." I said.

"Would you like to explain more?" He asked gently.

"He…he…he just wouldn't shut up. He kept saying how Regulus was SO awesome and how he ended up with a git of a brother like me. And how the family is SO much better when I am gone and how they hate me. That didn't hurt because I hate them. Its just…I…I…I asked him to be quiet and leave me alone and he kept on going. Then he said stuff about muggleborns and Half-blood's and I couldn't take it. I took out my wand and I just pointed it at him, I wasn't going to use it. Until he started throwing curses at me and they were dark curses so I just threw up shields and I was losing energy because shields are tiring so I said expelliarmus, I just meant to get his wand but it was to strong and he flew into the wall and blacked out." I explained.

"Hey its ok.' He said gently that's when I realized I was crying. I usually only cry when its big and its only to James. I felt myself being lifted up and sat on someone's lap and I knew it was Charlus. He rubbed my back gently and just let me cry it out.

"I-I'm so-sorry…I-I just d-didn't w-want to disa-disappoint you." I cried.

"You didn't…why not?" He asked.

"Be-Because you were the fa-father I ne-never had." I said quietly still crying onto his shoulder and that's when I felt him hug me tighter and closer. "The th-thing is th-the only re-reason it hu-hurt was be-because its tr-true." I said.

"No it not you're an AMAZING boy…and I am VERY proud of you…your like a son to me…don't let that get to you because we want you and we care about and we love you. James loves you we all do he's been asking is why cant we adopt you…when he talks about you he doesn't always use Sirius he says my brother because that's what you are." He said…and that only made me cry harder. "Let it out Sirius, let it out." He said and I did, I let everything out. The abuse, the name calling, just everything

"How did you know?" I asked. "That I was in trouble?"

"Well James, Dumbledore, and I had a feeling." He replied.

"Wait Dumbledore?" I asked.

"Yeah I told him if James or YOU gets into trouble to owl me, and my feeling only go toward my family." He said. "That's how I know if you guys are hurt, into trouble…anything." He said.

"But I'm not…"

"Yes you are." He finished pulling me into a hug. "We all make mistakes but I will ALWAYS love you. And you may not be my son by blood…but you're my son by heart." He finished.

That was when I felt REALLY loved they have always been there and always will be.

"Padfoot?" I heard someone that only be James.

"Yeah Prongs?" I asked.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah…just thinking, are you?" I asked.

"Yeah…just thinking also…what are you thinking about?" He asked.

"At the same time."


"Memories." We both whispered.

"Pads…" He asked.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"How do you do it?" He asked and I knew what he was talking about…how do I get through the abuse.

"I may have a bad home life…but I have an awesome brother named James and awesome memories from him." I said.

"Bad home, good memories." We bother said as drifted into a deep sleep.


Ok so this is my first Harry Potter fic. I know summary sucks. But I always wondored how they really lived and what that night was like so this is what I thought. Its going to change POV's a lot but its mostly going to be James and Sirius's. This is NOT a slash. The slanted is flashbacks but you probably already figured that out. I know I am bableing. But umm...if you have any ideas or comments or questions just tell me. Please review.