James's POV)

Ok so Sirius has been here for a few days…but he wont listen to us. We keep telling him, we love that you are here, your fine here. You know he just wont listen to us. He wont unpack his trunk, its like he is waiting for us to say 'hey you over welcomed your stay… now get out' we don't want him to leave. We don't know how to get through his head, and he is very stubborn, the both of us are.

I walked into our room to see Sirius sitting on the bed…again. It really does look like he is waiting. He is just staring at his trunk…like 'get ready 'cause we are about to leave'. I walked over to my bed and looked at his trunk with him.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"What are YOU doing?" I asked back.

He just shrugged.

"I know what your doing. Your waiting." I said, he didn't reply. "What part of WE WANT YOU don't you understand?" I asked.


"No you look Sirius, we want you ok, if we didn't you wouldn't be here. Why cant you just accept that. Ok you were fine the first day, and you were fine when you were here these past four years…just why?" I asked.


"Because isn't an answer, its an excuse." I said.

"James of course I am waiting…ok…its just this is not my family…this is yours." He said.

"No its not…its ours. Ok." I said.

"Will it make you happy?" He asked

"Yes." I said.

"Ok fine."

"You want dinner?"


"Race ya."

"1." He said.

"2." I said.

"3." We both said as we took off. We were tied till he shoved me, good thing my parents charmed everything non-breakable, soon we were in our animagus forms…we looked hilarious…soon we saw an snowy white owl that gave us the 'look' and we knew it was my mom…great…we usually do this stuff…but today my dad is having people from the ministry over…yay…so we have to behave. Soon we were back to normal and my mum was glaring at us."

"Sorry." We said.

"Its fine. Just next time do it when the ministry is not to come over. How are you feeling Sirius?"

"I am ok Dorea."

"Ok." She said.

"Mum…when are they to be here?" I asked.

"About an hour and a half go get ready…Sirius we have some robes on your bed."

"Yes ma'am." He said as we went upstairs to my room. I went to be wardrobe and got out my dark blue robes that have the potter crest on it. We had redone them a few years back, they have a phoenix, and an white owl at the top of the golden P then under it is a stag, and a large black dog. The phoenix is my dad, and the owl is my mum, then me the stag, and the dog is Sirius.



"Umm…what is this?" He asked referring to the robes, they looked just like mine.

"Robes." I said slowly.

"No, I mean the crest…that's the Potters…and what does is it mean?"

"Ok well one, since you are apart of the family, you need to have family robes, and well, the meaning is, we are different but we make up a family. The animals are us."

"But why give me…"

"Because like I said your family, and to prove it, there's you." I said pointing to the dog.

"Wow…thanks." He said.

"Sirius we need to talk." I said, he automatically looked at his trunk. "No, its not about that. Look ok, you are our family." He looked down and wouldn't look at me, so I forced his eyes into mine, "You. Are. My. Brother. My. Parents. Son. And. You. Are. Not. Leaving. You Will. Get. That. Through. Your. Stubborn. Head. Now." I said.

"I believe you." I knew he would if he looked into my eyes. No one can read us like we can.

"Now lets get dressed." Soon we were both dressed and we looked at each other. We looked exactly like twins. We have the same build and we were the same height and our hair is long, to where it reaches the crook of our neck. My eyes were hazel they never really change color, and his were stormy grey to wear they looked hazel, our voice is the same also. Only difference is, I have glasses.

"Hey Siri." He knew I had something in mind by my voice, its what we call our 'prank voice'.

"Yes Jamie." He asked in the same voice.

"I have an idea."

"As do I."

"At the same time."

"Twins." We both said.

"Ok come here." I said as I pulled him into my restroom. "Can you do my hair." I said as I gave him a brush and muggle products and magical products.

"Yes I can. But your glasses."

"Hello, its called contacts." He knew what they were considering I explained it to him and I put them in.

"True…maybe we should do this in school, one day I fix your hair, the next we mess mine up."

"I like."

"James we are geniuses, I wonder if Mooney and Wormtail will be able to tell which is which."

"I doubt it. Ouch." I said as he pulled my hair.


"Its cool."

About ten minuets later he was done. It looked exactly like his. Parted down the middle to wear our bangs were pretty long and longer to shorter.



"Come here." I said and he came back into the bathroom.

"What's up?"

"Look into the mirror with me" We turned and looked into the mirror and you couldn't tell which was which.

"Oh wow."

"We really do look alike."

"Boys!" My mother called us down as we heard the door open.

"Ready?" I asked.


"Remember call my mum, mum and my dad, dad. My parents have to figure us out also and when they say one of our names we both look to who's talking to us"


"Oh and put this on." I said as I handed him a necklace with a dog on it.


"Well when you have it on, and I have mine." I said indicating to my stag one. "We can talk to each other in our minds."

"That's wicked." He said as he put it on.

"Lets go." We walked side by side and went downstairs. When we got down there, there were about five other guys there, two girls and three guys and they all looked at us, including my parents, like what the bloody hell.

"Charlus, you didn't tell me you had twins." The minister said.


"Yes sir, we are." Sirius and I answered.

"Lets see. Which is which?" He asked.

"James." I said to Sirius."Sirius." He said pointing to himself.

"Sirius." I said pointing to him again.

"James." He said pointing to me again.

"Just call whatever and we answer." We said at the same time.


"Umm…may I talk to my sons in private." My dad asked.

"Go right ahead."

"Boys your room please."

So we walked up to my/our room and sat down on the bed.

"What are you doing?" He asked calmly.

"Being ourselves." We answered.

"Ok well, you could be twins. But, fine." He said.

"Thanks dad." We answered.

"You guys aren't going to make this easy for us are you?" He chuckled.

"No sir." We answered.

"Ok go downstairs." He said.

When we got downstairs we went and sat in our usual seats. Our dad at the head, then the minister in the right next to him, my mum on the left, then Mrs. Ladley next to my mum, then Mrs. Liley. Then at the end there were two chairs where Sirius and I sat. Then next to the minister was Mr. Balmy and Mr. Dander. Soon we were all eating.

"Boys?" We bother looked at the minister.(They answer at the same time in all of these)

"Yes sir." We said.

"What year are you going into?"


"What house?"


"What is your favorite thing to do.

"Pranking and Quidditch."

He's trying to trick us.

Yeah not working

Ok he's going to ask us what

Position we play Just say seeker and beater


"What position do you play?"

"Seeker and beater."

You cant break us

Look at dad's face. It looked like he was trying hard not to laugh, same as mums.

He finds us funny

Go us

"Well…" The minister said as he turned back to my dad. Soon dinner was over and we were in the living room.

"Ok James go put your glasses on, we have something important to tell you and Sirius." We were both about to go when, "Only James."

"Which one is which?" We asked, he walked over to us he tilted my head up and looked into my eyes.

What the bloody hell is he doing

Trying to see which is which, he will know to


Then he went to Sirius, he tilted his head up, at which Sirius flinched, he looked into his eyes.

"I know which is who, now go get your glasses, I guess both of you." We walked upstairs.

"Now what?"

"There always has to be an end of a prank, and here it is, plus it sounds pretty important."

"To true." I grabbed my glasses and look at Sirius, the I gave them to him and he put them on.

"Lets go."

So we walked back downstairs and looked at them.

"James put your glasses on." My dad said. "And don't even try it." He said as we both opened our mouths.

"Fine." I said as I took out my contacts and put them in my case then put my glasses on.

"Now really introduce yourselves." He said.

"Hello, I am James potter."

"Not yet." Sirius said, I looked at him like he was mad, then it made sense when he messed up my hair. "Now he is, oh yeah and I am Sirius Black. Umm…sorry for the prank."

"Its ok lads, you did very good."

"Thanks." I said.

"Thank you sir."

"There is no need to be formal."

"Oh, umm, sorry."

"Its fine, now I heard your father had some news."

"Thank you, Sirius, James, we need you to sign this." My dad said referring to the paper in his hands.

"Umm, sir may I ask what it is?" Sirius asked.

"Of course, these will officially let us be your guardian. And maybe once you get use to us we can adopt you."

"Really, but what about my parents?" He asked.

"Well, the minister said that if you tell him the reason why we don't have to get their signatures…or we can get them."

I looked at Sirius and he was looking the Minister straight in the eye and said simply.

"I was abused."

"What…how can you be so calm about it?"

"Well, the Potters have always considered me as a son, and they helped and it really doesn't bug me so much." He said.

"Cool now that we have that out of the way, not trying to be rude but I kind of want a brother, and finally Sirius can believe us when we say we want him…so where's a quill?" I asked.

"Umm…here." The minister said, I took it and the papers and went to Sirius, we looked at the papers and already saw my parents on there. I signed them and then Sirius did. I handed them to the minister and he took them.

"Its official."

"Yes!" We yelled.

"Oh and by the way, can you not tell any Hogwarts staff or student about our prank?" Sirius asked.

"Why might I ask?"

"Well you see we are the Marauders, we prank, every prank is from us, and we want to prank them all year."


"You know I always liked you." Sirius said.

"And I always knew you were different from your family."

"Thank you, that is like a major compliment."

"Boys, I see you are wearing your pendants." My dad said.

"James these are pendants?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah…sorry we didn't have time."

"No its fine."

"Well here." My dad said handing us each a box, we opened them to see three pendants a phoenix, and an owl, I had a dog, and he had a stag, they were all like each others. "You two were only able to talk because you were right next to each other, if you are five feet from each other it wont work, now if you have the pendants we can be here and you can be at Hogwarts and we will be able to communicate, shoot you can be on the other side of the world, and if you are in trouble we can apperate through any type of wards, and they are charmed to only work for you and you only."

"Wicked." We said as we put the charms on.

"Yes, but no cheating on tests, exams, and what not."

"Yes sir." We said.

Yeah right


"You don't believe us." We said.

"Not a chance…now say goodnight and go to bed."

"Fine…goodnight." We said as I walked up to my parents who gave me a hug and a kiss, then they looked at Sirius.

"Umm…yes?" He asked.

"Well come here son…unless your to old." My dad said.

"Oh…sorry still trying to get use to this." He said as he came up to us and they gave him a hug and kiss.

"Goodnight boys." They said as we walked up the stairs.

"Actually…it goodnight twins." I said as I messed up Sirius's hair.

"James!" He yelled as he chased me up the stairs.

"Sirius…" I said as I ran.


"We're going!" We said as we went up stairs and got ready for bed.