A New Chance

"Is it finished?" The dark haired female asked.

"Just about." The other almost pink haired boy replied. "Done." He said, holding up the objects in the dark for the girl to see. The light from the one small window reflected on the object.

The girl on lookout came running in, her dark red hair looking slightly windblown from her run. "Hurry up! Someone's coming!"

The black haired girl grabbed the objects immediately and placed them in the wooden box. She then lifted up one of the floorboards and placed the items under it. A white portal appeared as the black haired girl used her powers to make it. The boy ran through and then the red haired girl, pausing as she watched her friend place a note on top of the box. "C'mon! Hurry!"

The girl nodded and placed the creaky floorboard back in the ground before running through with her friends.

A small sniffling was already being heard along with footsteps just as the portal closed. Then, once they were gone, the reason for the small sniffling turned the corner. "Hello? Is anyone down here?" She asked quietly, not really in the mood for a fight at the moment.

No one replied. Instead she continued into the dark of the room, glad of the space from her friends. Everyone had been trying to console everyone about what had happened, though what she really needed right now was just some alone time. The girl's foot creaked on one of the loose boards. She took another step forward off of it before sinking to the ground.

Her chest felt like it had been ripped open, like someone had torn out her heart, mangled it, and then returned it. It was one of the most horrible feelings she'd ever had, and yet it wasn't completely undesirable. Right now all she wanted was to be berated and scolded for not being able to prevent what had happened. Leaving . . . she couldn't even think about it.

Finally she looked up and saw something glittering in the floor boards. "What the-?"

Hesitantly the figure gripped the wood piece and pulled, surprised at how easily it came up. Tossing the wood aside, she picked up the object out of the dirt from the ground. Dusting the dirt off of the bottom, she placed it on her lap and a piece of paper drifted to the ground. Very carefully she picked it up and unfolded it, smoothing out the creases. The handwriting was interesting, but what was even more important was what was written on it.

I know what happened, you don't have to be afraid. Trust me though, you used to remember who I was. The potion isn't going to last long for me, but this one in here will be permanent. A year ago, you met me. And you will know that I'm the only one who can help you. Please trust me and take the one that has your name on it. Otherwise history will repeat itself, and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it. Make everyone take them. Including him. Please.


A friend.

Raven stared in disbelief at the note before folding it back up and opening the casing. Inside five bottles all labeled with names and filled with clear liquid were behind held by a velvet lining. She carefully picked one up and held it to her point of vision. What did she have to lose? Uncapping the bottle, she opened her mouth and tilted the bottle, spilling every drop of the unknown substance down her throat.

Earlier That Week

Starfire pushed the edge of the spoon in a circle boredly. "Please friends, why is today most . . . boring?"

"Because Star." Beast Boy answered, his head hanging off the edge of the couch as he sat upside down. "It's hot, there's nothing to do, and nobody can come up with anything fun to do."

Cyborg was in a similar position as his friend, except lying on his back. "What he said."

"Oh." Starfire replied sadly. She brightened slightly as Robin entered the room. "Hello Robin." She sighed.

Robin look slightly surprised at her reaction. Then he noticed the other four people in the room. "You all seem awfully cheery today."

"Dude, don't even." Beast Boy responded. "None of us are in the mood."

"Then what mood are you all in exactly?" Robin continued, walking over to the edge of the couch.

"Bored." Three people responded, each from different locations of the room.

At that moment, Raven stood up and left. "Where are you going?" Robin asked.

"Up on the roof. The energy in here is making me tired and I can't concentrate properly." She responded.

Beast Boy rolled off the couch then and turned back to her. "Mind if I come?" She shrugged and both then left the room.

The moment the door shut and they were positive the two were out of hearing range, Cyborg said. "Okay is it me, or have those two become awfully chummy lately?"

"What do you mean lately?" Robin challenged.

Starfire nodded. "It appears that they have been like that for almost a year now. Not recently."

Cyborg sat up now. "Yeah. Does anyone remember the exact time?"

Starfire picked up the spoon head and placed the edge on her chin, thinking. "I believe it was around the time that we all seemed to have a slight relapse in mind patterns, and when Raven disappeared."

Robin frowned, remembering the annoying feat. "Yeah, I wonder why that happened. I mean, all of the sudden we realize Raven wasn't there. Where did Beast Boy find her again?"

"In the basement." Cyborg responded. "She didn't even know why she was down there in the first place. It kind of made me wonder if someone was screwing with us, but why take away our memory and not do anything?"

"Agreed." Starfire got up and put the spoon on the counter and turned the water on, placing her hand under the water as she waited for it to become hot. "But we are getting off the original subject. Since when have our two friends become so . . . close?"

Cyborg shrugged as he yawned and layed back down on the couch. "Beats me."

Robin sat down next to his half-robot friend. "Ditto."

The tower alarm then went off and the room began flashing red. In a few seconds Beast Boy and Raven were in the room as well and all five rushed to the computer. "Who is it?" Cyborg asked as Robin began punching in keys.

Robin's eyes narrowed as the symbol appeared on the screen. "Slade." He growled. "Pack your things Titans, we're going on a field trip."

And you thought I'd leave you? All alone with no clue as to how Raven and Beast Boy end up together? Oh come on people! I'd never do that to you! Trust me though, the mystery figures will be revealed, and one of them will be there to explain everything. But with all that I plan on doing, there's a very healthy chance she won't be making it out of this mission alive.