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(Two in One)

Part 1
"Together Forever"

"Raven . . ."

She looked up at the sudden change in Beast Boy's voice. "Yes?"

He looked sickeningly nervous. She could smell the wreak of fear coming from his body and she began to feel nervous herself. By this time the two were now seventeen. Raven was afraid he was going to break up with her. She stiffened slightly.

Beast Boy got up from his chair and knelt before her, making Raven's eyes widen very dramatically. "W-What are you-?"

"Raven, we've been dating for a couple years now and, I know we're both only seventeen but . . ." He looked up from the floor, the intensity and seriousness in his eyes throwing Raven off all the more. Beast Boy was very rarely ever this serious with things. The only thing he was serious about was their relationship but even then, he enjoyed teasing and taunting Raven.

The half-demoness shivered to remember what he'd looked like when fighting for her during that incident those years ago when he'd been chained to the wall. While going back to hide the evidence of Ella existing or that incident even happening, Raven had found the tapes. All of them. It was odd time to remember that decision, but she remembered it nonetheless.

Raven remembered that moment of staring at the tape in hand, knowing she could forget that ever happened but wanting to know oh so badly what he'd done. It was morbid but she was curious. How far had he gone? Raven remembered popping the tape in, putting it on mute in the main room at three in the morning. Nobody, not even Beast Boy, had interrupted that horrible moment of her seeing the security cameras. Ella never showed up on it, just the men. The men working had been killed in the collapsing of the building. The few hundred (thousands had been employed) explained that they wouldn't mention it. None of them even existed in the records from taking on different identities. The Titans had been blackmailed basically into letting them go, but they didn't really care all too much. It wasn't like they had any evidence anyways, since all the tapes had to be destroyed and the snow had washed the fingerprints away.

Raven had eventually confronted Beast Boy later about the tape.

Beast Boy had been sitting in his room, all alone and simply comfortably lying down. He wasn't doing anything but thinking about Raven, and the villains, and Raven, and how his friends had handled themselves in the latest attack today, and Ra-.

There was a knock at his door. He sat up. "Come in." Raven slowly opened the door, looking guilty and staring at the floor. Beast Boy sat up straight, formerly slouching. "Raven? What's wrong? Here, come sit with me."

Beast Boy was on his feet in an instant, leading her to his bed. She sat down and he wrapped his arms around her in comfort, wondering what was wrong but mainly focused on making her feel better. If she told him what was wrong, that was a bonus.

"Beast Boy . . ." She said quietly, her hands removing from her cloak. He looked down at them. His eyes widened and then furrowed in confusion when he saw what she held. "I . . . I . . . I didn't know."

"Raven?" He took the tape slowly from her shaking hands. She looked terrified until she saw him put it down and hold her hands in his. "Raven? Its okay. Calm down first. Nothing can be that bad, right?" Raven's eyes began to water. His widened and he leaned in closer. "Right?"

"I didn't know that you . . . and it was so terrible . . . I was so mean to . . ." She couldn't finish her sentence, she just kept shaking her head until her hands glowed black. Beast Boy, still holding her hands, felt a head surround every place her powers touched him. It was a tingling heat, like being kissed by sugar*. He saw the tape shoot into the DVD player and the TV turned on, playing it before he could blink. Her aura then disappeared and he reluctantly let his gaze follow hers, towards the screen. His jaw dropped.

"W-Where did you get this?" He breathed, seeing himself on the screen. But it didn't look like him. Not at all. There was so much hatred and fury and so many things he'd never seen on his own face before. He was terrified. Of himself.

Then how did Raven feel?

He turned back to see her looking ashamed. She looked at him. "I was . . . I found it in the wreck . . . I wanted to know-."

"Ssh." He breathed, wrapping his arms around her. He hugged her as close to him as possible and she began crying silently into his chest. When she was finally done he kissed her head. It took hours. By now the tape was done and they were both doing their best to ignore the static from the TV. Raven was getting a headache from it when she heard a shattering sound, making her pull away from him to look at the now silent TV. It had a large crack in it now, like a spiderweb. A shoe was next to it. Beast Boy grinned proudly.

She gave him a dry look. "You know Robin's not going to be happy you broke that."

He shrugged. "Oh well." He stood and pulled the tape from the VCR forcefully. He then proceeded to snap it in half on his knee, which amazed Raven further. He turned to see her staring. "What?"

"I . . . didn't know that you were that strong." She said blinking and trying to compose herself. It wasn't working. Beast Boy's eyes widened and then he smirked, seductively.

"Why does it matter, Raven?" He said, tossing the broken pieces of the ruined tape aside as he sat back down on the bed next to her. Raven leaned back a little, her brow rising in question of his actions. "Do you like that?" He then leaned in closer, his hand tracing to her back and pressing her closer to him. He breathed in her ear, very roughly in a way that made her spin tingle. "Does that turn you on?"

She blushed. The two spent the night in Beast Boy's room. Although unfortunately, both remained dressed the whole time.

Raven blinked away the memory as Beast Boy continued talking, the blush that threatened her normal skin discoloration receding as her beloved kept nervously at what he was trying to say.

" . . . And, I know I love you, and that you love me so . . ." he sighed, taking in a deep breath for courage. He suddenly pulled something from his back pocket, slipping it onto her finger. "Will you marry me when we're ready?"

Raven stared at the small band on her finger. It wasn't giant and gaudy, like those other women would prefer. The kind who liked to show off their rings to rich, snobby friends and rub it in their faces until someone else came a long with a larger and more expensive ring. It was simply and modest. Elegant.

She couldn't have loved it more.

"Beast Boy . . . this is." She was shaking her head in disbelief.

Beast Boy rose, smiling a little and sat down next to her on the roof. "You remember this is where I said I liked you? Well, this is where I asked you to . . . well, technically, its not an engagement ring, more like a um, pre-engagement ring." He concluded, satisfied with his explanation. He then felt a little nervous. "You do like it, right?"

Raven looked up at him and smiled. "Yes Beast Boy. I do. And I would very much enjoy being your future-fiance." She kissed him on the mouth and then pulled away. "When we're ready."

It turned out ready was three months after they'd both turned eighteen. Beast Boy bought another ring, and the two announced it to the Titans before taking it to the public. The wedding was held at the tower. On the roof, they'd both insisted. When asked why, they just smiled at each other and changed the subject.

The honeymoon was a whole different story. For, about, oh, a couple years or so after marriage . . .

Part 2
"The Beginning"

Raven was pregnant. She had been for about nine months now.

She'd been in labor for a couple hours.

The boys had been kicked out for . . . obvious reasons. That did in fact include Beast Boy, even though he was the father. Recently their friends had made more fun of 'process' then 'outcome' but none of that mattered at the moment. All of the adults were in the room but Beast Boy was the only one pacing in an annoying manner.

"Beast Boy, man, I know you worried but seriously, calm down!" Cyborg snapped, finally shouting at his friend. In truth, everyone was annoyed but he was the only one to say it. All of the female Titans were allowed in the hospital wing, plus a few nurses and doctors.

Realizing what he was doing, he sighed and sat down. "Sorry guys just . . . nervous."

"It's okay, man." Cyborg replied, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"And it's not like it hasn't happened before-." Nightwing began, reminding his friend of their past memories. "I'm sure she'll be-."

The doors opened. They all looked up to see Starfire, looking a little tired but smiling nonetheless. Starfire had dawned more . . . appropriate attire over the years. She'd reverted back to her Tamaranian Princess outfit, realizing just how inappropriate she was dressed on Earth terms as she grew to be a young lady. It wasn't that much of a change and Nightwing certainly didn't mind. He didn't want anyone taking peaks at his girlfriend and now wife.

"Beast Boy, you may come with me now." She said. "She is almost here and Raven has asked-." She'd hardly spoken when Beast Boy was up, ready to go. Starfire began leading him down the hallway towards the room where Beast Boy heard a lot of noises. He was nervous, but then again excited at the same time. Starfire opened the door and Beast Boy visibly paled at the sight.

Raven looked like she was in pain. A lot of it. But surprisingly . . . she wasn't screaming or sweating (well, not a lot) like those women he'd seen in all those movies. She was just looking like she was . . . having a shot or something. Maybe it was the drugs. Who knew? He ran to her immediately, taking her hand in his. She opened her eyes and smiled weakly at him.

"A-Are you okay?" He stuttered, unsure of what to ask a woman in labor.

Raven nodded, her voice cracking a little. "Yeah. Just a little difficult. Nothing a half-demoness can't handle though, right?"

He frowned at her. He didn't like it when she referred to herself as 'not really one of them' but now was no time to argue about her heritage. Some nurse shouted. "I see a head!" and Beast Boy was suddenly fearful again.

"One more push, Raven! You're almost there!"

Raven squinted her eyes shut then, took a deep breath, and then Beast Boy felt her squeezing his hand, which he squeezed back in turn. She gave a small hiss of pain and she had barely started when suddenly, a violet-blue light filled the room. Everyone, including the doctors and Raven, looked up in shock. But the head doctor snapped out of it immediately and remembered he was now holding the baby. The baby itself was glowing white, it seemed. The doctors nor the nurses had ever seen anything so odd and they were trained for this kind of stuff. They'd all given birth to multiple 'super babies' but none were quite as special as this one. It took but a moment to recover though.

"It's a girl," the nurse said, wrapping the baby in a towel and handing it to Raven. Beast Boy had his arm around his wife now, and both leaned in to look at the child that yawned, as if the experience had tuckered her out as well, before it's eyes opened. This in itself was unnatural for a baby but the replica of a certian parent's eyes that looked back at them was also amazing in itself. The color was truly fascinating, not to mention the child was still glowing. It's outer-line of the eyes seemed to be silver and have flecks of stars across it. Then, gradually, the light began to fade and Starfire, holding the camera (and only taping the baby and parents, of course. No delivery part was required or asked for. In fact it was specifically banned from filming by both parents.) as she taped, smiled. When the light had completely gone Raven smiled at the little girl in her arms with the ready coat of what seemed like black hair across the baby's head.

"Hi, little one." She said, to the baby. It was a precious moment between parents and offspring that was priceless. "We've been waiting for you."

"Yeah, for a long time." Beast Boy added, stroking the babies head with his hand. It giggled at them.

After another moment or two, the child was taken. Things were cleaned, others sewn back up or cut and tests were done. A few days later, Raven was back in top shape and allowed out of the hospital wing. It seemed Beast Boy and Raven were born parents. But we're getting ahead of ourselves now. For that's not all that happened.

After the baby was once again returned to the mother, and most of the Titans had been cleared out of the room, Starfire led yet one more person in. Only one nurse remained and the family was still inside, adoring the baby.

"They're in here," Starfire said, although the intruder was not paying attention. The parents of the new addition to the family looked up and grinned.

"Is that . . .?" The intruder asked, gaping in shock.

Raven nodded, "Do you wanna see her?"

The intruder could do nothing but nod dumbly, and Starfire left, smiling to herself and going back to the rejoicing done in the other room. They stepped forward and Raven held her arms out so they could take the baby. It turned out they were very good at holding babies and they laughed in disbelief.

"What're we naming her?" The intruder demanded, excited as she looked up at them. "What's her name?"

The parents shared a look before Raven said. "We're naming her Dekka." She smiled at her husband before looking back at their daughter. "Her name is Dekka."

Beast Boy clapped a hand on the intruder's shoulder. "What do you think, Ella?" He asked his oldest fourteen year old. "You like her?"

Ella grinned and nodded. "She doesn't have my eyes, though." She walked a little closer to the light. "Or my hair."

"Nope," Beast Boy replied. "She's got blue hair on this one. And a darker shade of green then mine though."

"Wonder what her power is," Ella said, wondering out loud.

"Well, whatever it is," Raven said, kissing both daughters. "She can't be as much trouble as you and your friends."

A Few Years Later

Dekka was twelve now. She had friends of course. She was actually the second oldest of the seven. Their ages varied.

"Dekka!" Sparrow shouted, running after her friend. Dekka turned, seeing her friend flying from excitement. Dekka ducked, barely missing her friend running into her. Sparrow rebounded, though, and was soon right in front of Dekka. "Dekka, Lolly is looking for you!"

"What does she want?" Dekka demanded, pushing her hair behind her ear. Dekka was tolerant of her neice but still, she constantly told her parents Lolly was . . . difficult to contain. Especially when she was disguising herself as a different person every ten seconds. How was a girl supposed to know who was who? Mason and Ella owed her at least ten favors for baby-sitting duty.

Sparrow shrugged. "Dunno, but Kyle said-."

"Next," Dekka wasn't fond of the creation between Speedy and the normal female he'd married. Sparrow was Jericho and Kole's, which made all of the children experts in sign-language and other various languages.

Now Argent's, on the other hand.

"Denis is looking for you too." Sparrow added, more teasingly. "You know, he-."

Dekka pulled a deck of cards from behind her back, which were glowing blue around them and flashed them at her friend. Sparrow jumped and waved away the blue smoke left behind and then realized her friend was no longer there. She frowned, shouting into the darkness, "Very funny!" In the empty space around her, laughter was heard. Sparrow huffed and skipped after her friend, now in a pouting mood.

So I went second generation with Ella and THIRD with Dekka. Whose a beast? I am! By the way, Dekka's name is a joke. Dekka is pronounced deck-a as in deck-of as in deck-of-cards hence, her powers. And the others we won't even get into but, my apologies everyone, no more stories for this one. No sequels anymore, this is the end.

And HAHAHAHA! You thought the baby was Ella! Nope, second child. Rae and BB can't keep it in their pants, sorry.