E/O Challenge: "Sheet"

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, this story is just hopeful speculation about characters in which I have a lot of emotional investment, for some reason…

Warnings: Spoilers for Lucifer Rising. This is actually a sort-of excerpt from my upcoming one-shot tag…also, suspend disbelief about the Impala being there. She must have followed them. I'll believe it if you will. 100 words on the dot!


They have never moved so fast in their lives.

Dean somehow finds the Impala, shoves his barely-lucid brother in the passenger seat, and takes off before the – thing – in the church can become substantial.

He glances at Sam. His brother is white as a sheet, hasn't spoken a word since Dean unceremoniously dragged him out of that place. Hasn't looked so – vulnerable – since he was dragged (also unceremoniously) from a different building filled with all his hopes and dreams.

At least they are together now. Of course, Dean thinks bitterly, the family that brings about the apocalypse together, stays –

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