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Ikari Lee: The Green Beast

Chapter 1

Who am I?

Rock Lee, the Handsome Green Beast of Konoha, had been called many things during his 11 years in the village of Konoha. He had been called weak, weird, and eccentric. He had also been injured, healed, crippled, and rejected an inhuman number of times by the girl he loved. But, in the end, he was part of the village. He knew he was an orphan, who knows from where he had come from. He had been found at the age of 3, with a bad case of amnesia. He had always known that he wasn't from the village. He wasn't able to mold chakra like the other ninjas, in fact, he wasn't born to be a ninja at all! But, after 11 years, no one was able to deny that he was one of the most powerful genins, and maybe even more powerful than most chunins! By now his speed, brute strength, and accuracy were more than enough to compensate for his inability to perform ninjutsus and genjutsus. Up until recently, it was common to say that Rock Lee, wasn't acknowledged by the village, HE made them acknowledge HIM, up until the point of forcing all his fellow ninjas to respect him. And it was because of this, that he never doubted himself, that he never doubt who he was... that is, until today.

It was a normal morning for Lee. He woke up before the sun was up, made his routine warm up exercises (which usually consisted of an inhuman number of flexions and push ups), and then ran his usual inhuman number of laps around the village, all before the sun fully showed itself. He was in his final lap when Gai-sensei called him. This was not unusual for Lee because every now and then Gai would give him an extra training to do or taught him a new move. But what was unusual about today was the sad face Gai-sensei was making, it was as though someone important to him just died.

"Lee, I have something very important to show you"

Lee nodded and followed his sensei to an old cabin, deep within the forest of Konoha. The walk was silent, and this was slightly unnerving (I mean, come on, we're talking about the loudest people of Konoha). Suddenly, Lee couldn't take the silence anymore, Gai-sensei never spent that much time in silence (His previous record of not talking is of 2.3 minutes).

"Gai-sensei, is something wrong?"

By now, they had just reached the cabin.

"I'm sorry Lee, but after all this time, I think it's time for you to know about your past. I was too selfish for not telling you the truth. It's just that we didn't know what to do when we found you 11 years ago. Please, come inside and take a look at who you really are..."

One week later...

"All normal lines are out of order due to the current state of emergency."

At the sound of the recorded machine, the young boy hung up the phone. He was awestruck at his arrival in a city so big and complex like this. So much was his awe, that he took a lot of time to realize that the city was empty, and now, the person who was supposed to take him to his father was late! Lee hated being late! Reaching for the photo that was under his belt, he took a glance of the person who was appointed to pick him up. A young woman, maybe in her late 20's, beautiful, but the way she was posing in the image was somewhat startling for him!

'Just what kind of people live in this city?!'

While thinking of all the possibilities, he caught something with the corner of the eye. It was a girl, a young and pretty girl. She was wearing an school uniform, she had pale skin, and her hair was blue color. But, her most distinguishing feature was her red eyes. He stared at her, but not as much as he would've wanted, because at that moment the sound of scared birds made him turn around. When he turned back to stare at her again, she was no longer there, and then all hell broke loose.

An inhuman roar made him turn to face the outskirts of the city, where he saw something born from the nightmares, a giant monster, with pitch black skin and bone-like armor. Lee didn't cowered at the sight of it. Instead, his training kicked in, starting to study the monster. That is, until he heard the sound of incoming helicopters, which distracted him.

"What the?... did I entered a war zone by accident?!"

Just then 2 missiles from the helicopters flew past him, and flew in direction of the monster. He followed the path of the missiles with his eyes, until they suddenly exploded just before getting to the monster.

"What was that? A barrier?!"

As he spoke to himself, the giant slashed a helicopter, using some kind of energy spike that came out of it's hand, destroying the helicopter and sending it towards him, landing by a few hundred meters of his current position. At first he thought on helping the pilots out off the helicopter, but after seeing the giant landing over the machine he decided that giant monsters were out of his league. However, before he could start running to a better spot, a blue sports car had already stopped in front of him and the passenger door opened, revealing the driver.

"Ikari Shinji?!", the woman shouted, she was the one from the photo.

'I guess I have to stick to that name for the time being', Lee thought. "Yes, are you Captain Katsuragi?", the boy replied in both calm and polite manner.

"Yeah, that's me! Now hop in, we have to get out of here now!"

She was in such a hurry that she didn't noticed the speed that Lee used to get into the car. She only raised the speed of the car and started to drive like maniac. Lee assumed that it was due the giant monster nearby. After getting some distance between the monster and themselves, the woman started to talk to the boy.

"Sorry that I'm late! I had some... problems getting through. Why today of all days had this to happen?"

Taking a better look at the boy, she realized he was much more taller than she expected. He looked more like a 16 year old teenager than a 14 year old one. He was also wearing a green spandex outfit that was showing his well developed and athletic body. However, she also noticed his bandaged hands and arms, which stopped her from saying that he looked weird, because if he was a boxer, she wasn't in position to made him angry, not right now anyway. Suddenly, Lee spoke up.

"Captain Katsuragi, care to explain what is happening, because I'm sure that giant monsters are not a common sight here". 'Not that I haven't seen one before', he added mentally.

"Well, don't laugh at this, but we call it Angel, in fact---"

"Strange, why would the army stop the attack, did they gave up?", Lee suddenly interrupted her

At his remark, Misato stopped the car, and used her binoculars to take a look at the battlefield and gasped.

"OH NO!, they are dropping a N2 mine!"

Before Lee could get a chance to ask, a massive explosion happened. The light from the bomb was intense, and the sound was deafening. Misato was about to pin down the boy, when she felt a pair of very strong arms holding her. The shock waves hit the car, making it roll up to the edge of the way, but the interior of the car was empty. Misato was still wondering about what just happened. One moment she was about to shield the boy from the impact, the next second, she was being held bridal style by the boy, behind a big rock that was just big enough to shield them both from the shock waves. After a few seconds of staring at her savior, Misato's mouth started to move,

"What?... When?... How?" (Not coherently of course.)

Then the boy turned to face her, with concern on his face,

"Are you ok, Captain Katsuragi?"

After a few more seconds of being mesmerized, she replied,


"Huh?" said a confused Lee.

"Just call me Misato, and I'm fine... I think... thank you." Misato continued.

Now, seeing that she was fine, he allowed her to stand, then Misato started to see her surroundings, and noticed some startling facts, like the distance between the rock and the car. 'Those are more than 50 meters, how could he took me here before the shockwave could hit us?' she thought.

"Oh well," she sighed, "Now we're going to have to roll the car back on the road to continue". Misato stated, knowing the trial they were going to go trhough to put the car on its wheels.

But, before she could ask if he would lend a hand, he walked to the car, and, to add more uneasiness to her damaged nerves, he made the car roll without much effort, then he turned to look at her.

"Shall we go now?" he asked, with the cutest and goofiest smile she had ever seen.

Back on the road and some time later...

"Misato-san", said Lee, whose was now eye twitching.

"Yes?" was the reply of a smiling Misato.

"I understand that we are in a state of emergency, I understand that you have some military rank of some kind, and I understand that we were in need of a spare battery for the car to keep moving..." said Lee "But, what I don't understand is why you took enough batteries to light up a lighthouse!"

Misato groaned, she had never liked being lectured, and being lectured by a 14 year old smart-mouthed-dressed-in-green-spandex kid, was much worse. So, she decided to avoid the topic by picking the car phone, which was ringing at the time. After a few greetings, the conversation seemed to end with this statement,

"Sure, Don't worry! His safety is my top priority. Prepare a train car for us. An express one, please. Yes of course, I'll bear the full responsibility for him, it was my idea to meet him in the first place. Later!" Misato was smiling again, unknown to her, this particular boy wasn't one to let things slide.

"Misato-san, ignoring a person to avoid a conversation is impolite, but doing it to avoid ones responsibility is very unyouthful!"

Misato pondered at this statement as hard as her brain allowed her, she blinked once, twice, thrice..., 'Unyouthful? Doesn't that mean not young?... did he just call me old?...DID HE JUST CALL ME OLD?!' At this point, a vein popped in Misato's forehead.


And with that she drove her car as fast as she could go, going from one side of the road to another, in a way that the boy decided was very unsafe and unhealthy.

"Misato-san! Please control yourself!"

After some more of Misato's angry and reckless driving, they arrived at the train station alive and in one piece..., On board the train they were descending into a tunnel toward their destination, NERV HQ.

"So, this NERV thing, is were my father works, right?", Lee asked nervously.

"Yes, NERV is a secret organization directly attached to the UN, the Commander has a very important project under his wing, remember the Angel?, well, we have the only thing that can battle it... nervous to meet your father?" she asked.

At that question, the always happy face of the boy dropped a little.

"Not really, it's just that I don't remember him, and I really don't know anything about him at all."

Misato was taken aback and tried to sympathize, "Sorry, didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable Shinji. I guess that after 11 years of not seeing someone, naturally it would have that effect on everyone, but, I'm sure you must have to have some memories."

Lee turned to face her, and smiled again before explaining, "Misato-san, I didn't know that my name was Shinji until one week ago, let alone know that I still had some family left."

At this statement, Misato froze, in front of her, was a boy who was stripped from his identity, and in spite of that, he seemed happy. She hopped that whatever speculation he had of his father, wouldn't put him under heavy depression.

"Did you get your ID-Card?..." Misato asked hoping to change the subject.

Some time later, and a few wrong turns...

Misato and Lee were in the elevator. Misato didn't knew what to think, on one hand, the boy was annoying to no end and nothing escaped from his sight. He criticized her driving skills, her greed, and now, her sense of direction, and to add the cherry to the top of the cake, he also pointed out that she had been holding the map upside-down the whole time. On the other hand, he was very polite and gentle. During all his remarks, he never once took the chance to mock at her. Even now he was silent, without finding the need to remark the fact that she was lost. This was giving her a hard time, that is, until the doors of the elevator opened. On the other side of the opening doors stood a blonde female, with a very annoyed face, she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit under her lab coat.

"You have to tell me how you do it, Misato! We are short of hands and time! Don't tell me you got lost again...", said the blond woman who was obviously very angry at Misato.

Misato couldn't help but to feel the weight of being lectured again.

"ARGH! SORRY!", Misato finally shouted, unable to take the lecturing anymore.

This made the blond woman feel more relaxed, "It can't be helped I guess... So, is this the boy we were looking for?", the blond asked.

Misato, feeling more comfortable with of change of topic, replied, "Yes, this is the 'Third Child' according to Marduck's report."

Lee couldn't make sense of the title they had given him. But, despite of the bad feeling he had about all of this, he decided to be polite and introduce himself.

"I'm Ro... er... Ikari Shinji, pleased to meet you"

The blond turned to face him, noticing his stuttering.

After a second of thinking, she replied, "Dr. Akagi Ritsuko, pleased to meet you too, and don't worry that much about your name, I already have your profile. I'm fully aware of the fact that you barely discovered your true identity, you'll get used to it with the time".

Silently, he followed the bickering women. While walking through the corridors, he tried to memorize the layout of the building. It was a real emergency apparently, and as they walked Misato and Dr. Ritsuko talked about a Unit-01 (whatever that was) which had a minimal chance of being activated at all. There were also a lot of technical terms he didn't understand, mixed in with some barbs. Finally they reached a pitch-black room. Since he was trained in the ways of the ninja, he didn't need a light to notice his surroundings. The liquid below the catwalk, he knew it was not water. It smelled like blood mixed with something else. He also noticed another presence, something big. Just as he was about to fix his sight towards the direction of the presence, the lights turned on, and he saw it...

"This is the Multi-purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine EVANGELION, developed in secret to fight the menace of the Angels, the last hope of mankind!" Ritsuko explained, with little or no pride in her voice.

But all Lee did was just stare. That is, until he was able made his mind verbal.

"It's a demon... and it's purple..."

At his statement, a vein in Dr. Ritsuko's forehead popped out. But before she could made her point, another voice interrupted her.

"It's been a while.....Shinji"

The voice felt like icy water to Lee. Turning around, so he could face the man, his mind was flooded by his lost memories, his long forgotten memories from the days when he was 3 years old, before he started his life in Konoha. He saw himself sobbing, and his father walking away, telling him that he was useless, that he was to blame for his mother's death. That memory took only half a second to be processed, and it awakened a feeling that he thought he would never have, 'HATE'. His eyes hardened, his muscles tensed, his jaw clenched, he growled quietly (although he didn't notice it), and along with that, he began emitting as much blood lust as Sabaku no Gaara. Misato and Ritsuko were paralyzed with fear and were unable to think. only Gendo's self control allowed him to keep facing the now angry boy.

"Why?" Lee asked. "Why did you call me?" he asked again.

"Because now I have a use for you. You are going to pilot the EVA and to fight the Angels." Gendo replied.

For a few seconds, the ambient tensed, until the boy came back in control, decreasing the killer intent, then he decided to talk. "Only for that?!... You know, for a moment there, I really thought that after 11 years of being lost, you felt sorry for dumping me! But, you know what?! You haven't changed a bit! So, forget it! I'm going back home, to my family and friends. At least I'm important to them! You stay here and root or you can go and tell that demon that I'm not going outside to play with it."

"SHINJI!!!", Misato shouted, only to get interrupted by Gendo.

"Very well, have it your way." Gendo said. He didn't expect to see his son so strong minded. His plan to break him didn't work, but everyone is manipulable (at least in his mind). It was only a matter of finding the correct incentive. Turning around, so that he could speak into the intercom, he spoke loud enough to be heard by the people in the EVA cage. "Fuyutsuki, bring in Rei... she is still alive... the spare proved to be useless."

Just as Lee turned around to leave the doors to the EVA cage opened. Two men came in pushing a gurney with a badly injured girl. She was so badly injured that it broke Lee's heart, and a new wave of hate for his father took over him. His hate was so great that a word that he thought he would never say, came out of his mouth in the form of a savage yell.

"YOU BASTARD!!! HOW YOU DARE TO DO THIS TO HER?! I WON'T ALLOW IT!!!", he moved with unholy speed toward the gurney, knocking away the people pushing it. He recognized the girl immediately. She was the same girl he saw before meeting Misato, but that wasn't important right now, "Ssshhh, everything will be alright, I won't let them harm you anymore." he reassured her, it was his duty as a gentleman to protect this girl. But, to Rei, it was something more, even when she was stripped of all emotion, she felt her heart pounding faster. This boy was emitting an aura of affection that was unleashing a brutal attack to the ice walls of her soul, but to Gendo, this sight was a signal of his victory, he just needed another little push.

"It's either you or her."

Before Lee could reply, the "Angel" made it's opinion heard. There was the sound of an explosion, causing the room to shake. In order to prevent further damage to Rei, Lee took hold of the gurney. Then the sound of debris falling made everyone in the cage gasp. Debris was falling toward the kids, Lee turned to look up, and made the calculations necessary to intercept the debris. But, never got the chance to do it, because a purple blur came between them and the debris. It was the hand of the EVA protecting them, and upon seeing this, he made his choice.

"Fine, I'll do it, but this girl will be properly attended to, and if upon my return she is not in bed and well treated, not only I will leave, but I'll also have your head, understood?"

A few minutes later...

Lee, now inside the entry plug, was grateful for not being claustrophobic. 'Ok... now, how does this diabolic thing work?, geez, I bet I will do better alone than in this thing'. During this train of thoughts, he heard something he didn't like, it was the sound of the entry plug being filled with the strange liquid he saw outside earlier.

"Excuse me, Dr. Akagi, but is this your idea of how to get rid of me?" Lee asked in an annoyed tone. If he needed to escape, the plug would show little resistance against him.

"Don't worry. After your lungs fill with LCL, it'll directly supply you with oxygen. You'll get used to it after a while." Ritsuko tried to reassure him over the intercom, but she failed miserably.

He tried to hold his breath for a while, but he had to give in eventually, and the LCL filled his lungs when his lungs screamed for fresh oxygen. To his surprise, he really was able to breathe, but...

"Ugh! This is horrible!" He complained.

"Quit complaining and suck it up! You're a man, aren't you?" Misato tried to reprimand him.

"Misato-san, this smells a lot like blood, so, don't tell me that's not disgusting. By the way, Dr. Akagi, I think it's time for you to tell me how this thing works, don't you think? I mean it would be very bad if I engage the monster without knowing what to do." Lee said. Which was true, up to now he was still clueless about what the functions were of Unit-01.

"Don't worry too much about the controls. You've synchronized with the EVA, so, try to think your movements", Ritsuko explained.

"So, basically this thing is going to do what I think it to do?" the boy asked with a smile.

"That's what I said, Shinji." Ritsuko replied.

After hearing this, Lee closed his eyes, and tried to focus. 'To master a weapon, a shinobi needs to use it as an extension of the body, and this, is just that, a weapon'.

"Success! The EVA-01 went online for the first time ever!" Ibuki Maya, Ritsuko's assistant, reported, as she read the data from the screen, but gasped afterwards. "Sempai! The sync rate is at 65.8%!"

"WHAT?! That's impossible!" said an awestruck Ritsuko. She had been spectating a high sync ratio, due to the secret inside the EVA, but this, this was beyond her reasoning.

"All values of the harmonics are normal. Everything is under control. We are ready to launch," Maya concluded her report, and at once, the EVA was being readied in the catapult, and Misato decided to say some final words to Lee before he was catapulted.

"Shinji, are you ready?" Lee turned to see the monitor, still unused to that name,

"As ready as I'll ever be, Misato-san", he replied,

"Ok, please, comeback in one piece" At Misato's concern, the boy gave her a goofy smile. "Ok, LAUNCH!", Misato finally commanded.

At the superface...

Several things were expected from the EVA and the boy, like a first step, or an stumble, but what they saw was clearly not expected. The moment the EVA got free of the restraints, it took something that looked like a battle stance. It was standing completely straight, it's left leg was in front, making it stand sideways. It's right hand, closed, was behind it's back and it's left hand was being held in front of the EVA in an open like fashion, with the palm facing the face of the EVA. In the bridge only one person was able to barely recognize the stance.

"It looks like the strong fist style" Maya said.

It was no secret that she was a fan of the martial arts, so the other personnel on the bridge didn't say anything, until the EVA started the attack. It ran toward the Angel, but it didn't run as anyone would have expected. It ran diabolically fast, in a low stance fashion, the right hand still on the back, while the left one was being held to the side, almost touching the ground. The Angel must have being scared, because instead of waiting for him, it decided to shoot it's eye beam. But the EVA evaded it by changing course to the side, only a little, and then kept running toward the Angel. This move was great enough to surprise everyone on the bridge because not only was he able to dodge the attack, he didn't lose the momentum, the speed or the coordination. The word 'impossible' was sounding with much more frequency in the bridge. Just then, they heard a battle cry coming from the EVA, thanks to the open comm link.

"KONOHA SENPU!!!" (Leaf Whirlwind)

The EVA leaped, and made a spinning action that ended in a kick, the kick was less impressive than effect it had on the Angel, because instead of only being knocked out, it was projected with such potency that everyone in NERV had their jaws on the floor. Then to add to their surprise, the EVA not only ran after the Angel, it passed the Angel by several kilometers, when it came to a sudden stop, changed to a lower stance making it's the right fist visible. He was ready to receive the incoming Angel, and then, another war cry.

"KONOHA GORIKI GOKEN!!!" (Leaf Powerful Strong Fist)

The fist of the EVA connected with core of the Angel, with such strengh that not only did the core break, it produced a sounded very similar to the one of the thunder, and then the Angel exploded. It had self-destructed, unable to do anything against the might of the boy and the EVA. Meanwhile in the bridge, no one was able to believe what they had just seen.

"This... was not as planned... do you think this will change the scenario?" Fuyutsuki, the vice commander, asked Gendo,

"This is not as expected, but, there will be many other chances for the EVA to be awaken, but for now we'll have to be patient, and wait". Gendo replied.

Now, on the screen in the bridge, the image of the EVA, was walking triumphantly, then changed to the image of Lee's smiling face.

"WOW! At first it was hard to move, but then it became easier and easier to move! By the way, how is Rei-san?" Lee asked, without a trace of fear or agitation on his face.

Ritsuko's brain was still trying to process what just happened. 'From where did this boy come from?'.

But before she was able to say what she had in mind, Misato said, "She is being treated in the medical wing, thank you Shinji, for saving us all",

Then Lee spoke once more, but this time without his goofy smile, "Lee, just call me Lee. I haven't been called Shinji in 11 years, and I prefer the name that the people back home gave me. However I'll take my family name, as a memento of my mother."

Misato was surprised, as well as Ritsuko and Maya, to Gendo this was an insult, but Misato decided to accept Lee's will.

"Very well, thank you and welcome, Ikari Lee"

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