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Chapter 50


Lee began to activate the EVA systems, as fast as he could, still being cautions on any anomaly on the behavior of the Behemoth...

"I'm taking control over this, are you going to cause me any trouble?" Leliel asked to Gendo's soul, her cute features were unable to mask her despise, hate, and aggression, as if she was ready to her him say yes, so she could destroy him

"I will not, I submit" Gendo replied, lacking any will, he wanted to cooperate, and if doing nothing was the way to help, he'll do it

"EVA systems on and ready to go, synch rate is well over 90%, Energy levels on green" Maya reported, still checking even the smallest of the fluctuations

"Good luck out there, son" Yui added, with her finger still over the emergency ejection button, ready to save her son should Gendo decided he wanted a new body, or just make the EVA go offline

"Don't worry, mom. Everything will be alright, I have my own Angel Guardian to keep a check on... him" Lee replied

"Very well, get ready for the catapult, we are launching you now" Yui added, she didn't like the idea, but it was what had to be done

"No need, Leliel can make it faster" Lee interjected with a goofy smile, making Yui face fault for forgetting the skills of the Angel of Justice

Out in the battlefield...

Shukaku was a being only focused on fighting and destroying, born to enjoy the carnage and a good battle, but today was different, for the first time on his existence, he was fighting to earn his freedom... And his foe was one that clearly outclassed him, not that he will allow the Savior to know that

"Is that all? For one so big, you are far too weak!" Shukaku taunted, and then evaded another punch, the only reason for him not being any more injured, was due to his body being of flowing sand, fortunately, The Savior was too busy trying to hit him to notice such factor

"Damn you, Demon! Stay put so I can smash you!" The Savior roared in frustration, not wanting to use more energy without absorbing Adam and Lilith first

"You should try harder before asking for such favors, old man!" Shukaku replied in his best mocking voice, evading yet another punch

Suddenly, both beings felt something approaching, something big and angry, and nearby, a hole in reality was broken, and from inside it, the Green Behemoth, the EVA-01, emerged.

"Sorry for being late!" Lee shouted, and then turned to look for his companions, Touji, Hikari and Kaworu were knocked down, their EVAs mangled together due the chaotic impact. Rei's EVA was impaled on the ground with the Shishioh blade, and even when she was only one of the multiple clones, Lee felt sad, for him she was just as real as any other person, and he will mourn her... after revenge her

"Shukaku?" Lee asked, noticing that the behavior of the sand raccoon was not the one of the Kazekage

"Gaara is fine, in fact, he is having some quality time with his mate" Shukaku replied, his voice denoting that he was going to tease the sand user to no end on the days to come

"So, they finally send their champion. Too late. Without your friends, you won't be a match for me!" The Savior shouted, while trying to grab Lee, such move was futile, for Lee moved at unmatched speed

"You will pay for what you have done!" Lee shouted while running on the arm of the Savior, aiming for it's head

"KONOHA DAI-SENPU!" Lee shouted, while dealing his special triple kick combo, shattering the core on it's forehead

"AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!" The Savior screamed on pain, whatever hope he had on controlling more spawns was lost, for the control came from the core on his head, and this allowed Shukaku an even easier time with the spawns

"ENOUGH! You have been a pest for long enough! I won't lose my time with you!" The Savior roared, and then unleashed a massive energy wave, sending Shukaku and the other EVAs away, and throwing Lee savagely to the ground

"That was... strong. But why didn't he use it from the beginning?" Lee asked to no one in particular

"Lee, can you hear me?" Kaworu's voice sounded on the intercom, remembering Lee that he still had friends to defend

"Yes, I can hear you, Nagisa-san. How are Touji and Hikari?" Lee asked, while making the EVA rise to it's feet

"They are fine, already going back to NERV for quick repairs. Lee, you need to listen to me, the Savior is incomplete, it need to absorb Adam and Lilith to become the vessel of the outer god, and bring what you call third impact" Kaworu reported, in a very stressed voice

"But Adam is no more, and Lilith can't be released without Gai-sensei's blood" Lee replied, not understanding the ex-angel

"I didn't know about Lilith... Anyway, The Savior is consuming the energy of the soul of Kheel, but, if he reaches NERV, and does not find what it is searching for, it may self destruct, destroying half of the world" Kaworu continued, and now Lee understood what was the current problem

"That is bad, I can't allow that to happen!" Lee shouted, getting ready to bring the fight to a whole new level

"Our best bet is to make it waste all it's energy, so the explosion will at most destroy only Tokio-3, wich can be evacuated successfully in very little time" Kaworu added, his plan was sensible enough, more with the Savior now slowly advancing toward NERV

"Lee, what he says makes sense! Tire that thing enough, and when he reaches Terminal Dogma, we'll let it self destruct, so it causes the less damage possible" Misato voiced her opinion through the comm-link, but Lee only scoffed

"That is unacceptable" Lee replied, freezing Misato, Ritsuko and Maya, even Kaworu couldn't understand. But to Gai, Yui and Rei, it was as obvious as his liking for spicy food

"I made a promise. I promised to protect this city, to protect everyone who lives here, and to protect my beloved ones. That's why I will not stop until this monster has been reduced to less than ashes, until I have avenged my precious Rei!" Lee continued, getting fired up, getting ready to unleash the lasts stages of the Hachimon Tonkou

"What he says is right, besides, the evacuation won't be complete, and he won't accept any kind of sacrifices" A weak signal was heard from the downed form of the EVA-00, signaling that that Rei was still alive, although by the sound of it, not for long

"Rei..." Lee muttered, it was hard for him, to her his beloved girlfriend in such an state, even if she was only one of the multiple clones

"Fine, then send the Savior to hell, I'll save your girlfriend, so you can focus only on your target" Kaworu suddenly said, earning the approbation of all the other pilots

"Fine. As your commander and mother, I authorize this operation, I authorize you to use all your youthfulness and destructive force against this threat. Mind no collateral damage, mind no repercussions to the EVA, LEAVE NO TRACE OF THE EXISTENCE OF THAT THING!" Yui gave her order, with so much fire on her eyes, that the rest of the staff pitied the Savior

"Lee. As your instructor and father figure, I allow you to use your most secret techniques, and to unleash all your might and fury. Mind no moral restrictions, mind no judgment of character, LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT THE PATH OF THE YOUTHFULNESS IS THE TRUE KEY TO VICTORY!" Gai boomed, his flames of youth filling the bridge, washing away any doubts. Suddenly, Gai and Yui crossed their sights, and went for a final shout of youth

"GO! LEE!"

Starts playing "Hagane no Messiah" by JAM Project

"YYYYOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHH!" Lee replied in kind, and at once, he began to open the celestial gates

Gendo felt Lee, his memories, his power and his determination, in just a few minutes, he has come to adore his son, the true man that he wanted to be. At the same time, his shame grew exponentially, this was a true hero, and he was the one who blocked his way at every step, this was a Messiah, and he had acted like Judas

"Good, if he opens up to the seventh gate, he will be at the same level of the Savior, altough with more control and skill, the chances of winning are great" Leliel said, more to herself than to Gendo. Gendo was not a fool, thanks to Lee's memories, he knew that opening the eight gate to ensure success would mean his death, or being absorbed again... But he wasn't going to let some minor chance to endanger his son, not if he could do something to help

"And if he uses me as fuel?" Gendo asked, sounding serious and determined

"Say what?" Leliel couldn't hide her surprise, this was obviously unexpected

"It's possible for you to use me to open the eight gates of the EVA? That way Lee will have the full Hachimon Tonkou power to destroy the Savior, without suffering any of the side effects of the technique" Gendo explained his idea, and Leliel watched him with calculating eyes

"So you'll suffer the ill effects instead of him?" Leliel asked, just to make sure of Gendo's point

"Exactly" Gendo replied truthfully, there was no point on telling lies to the Angel of Justice

"This act won't redeem you" Leliel added, dead serious

"I don't care" Was the last answer that Gendo gave

The Savior was tired, very tired, fighting off the EVAs required of most of it's energy. Kheel's decadent soul was at the verge of despair, at this rate, he won't become god, and all the plotting and sacrifice will be for nothing, so, he decided to simply reach for the goal, after that, he will make sure to torture the EVA pilots. Such thoughts were put to a stop when he felt a sudden rise in power, coming from the Green Behemoth that he had just left behind on the ground. The Green Behemoth turned red, and gained a fiery and savage aura, Kheel felt the different rises in power, everyone of them rising Lee's power exponentially, and by the seventh, it was the same power that the Savior had, but without the already low energy reserves

"Impossible, a human can't reach the power of a God like me!" The Savior panicked, it was ready to fight lesser beings, not an equal

"Lee, I'm going to open the gates of the EVA, don't worry, it won't affect you, it will only allow you to have the power of the eight gates!" Leliel said to Lee

"But, will you be alright?" Lee had to ask, for he wasn't sure what would be the effects on an Angel, or the EVA

"Don't worry, no harm will come to me" Leliel replied, and by feeling Lee's approbation, she forced the opening of the celestial gates. The shock wave was brutal, the rise of power, insane, the body of the EVA turned silvery, and the aura bright golden

"NO! IT CAN'T BE! I'M THE ONE WHO HAD TO BECOME GOD! NOT YOU!" The Savior fell on total terror, Kheel thought that he knew what was to feel the power of a god, but now...

"ORA!" Lee's battle cry was heard almost a second after the hit connected. The entire chest of the Savior became fractured, and the core got pulverized. In the bridge, no one was able to find their voices, even Gai was speechless, that was not a punch physically possible

The Savior sailed with brutal speed, crossing half of the ocean by the time it registered being hit, and that just half a second before getting hit again

"TAKE THIS!" Lee suddenly kicked the Savior's back, sending it truly high into the sky, no one even registered when Lee reached him to do this, neither when he unleashed his next attack

"URA RENGE!" Lee connected with the Savior, impulsing it even higher until they passed through the atmosphere

The Savior, now a broken body, was still trying to understand the situation, it was supposed to be a God, something to bring judgment on humanity, and rule for all eternity... Then what was the third child? Why was he able to do this to it? What kind of being was he to achieve what it, a god, could not?

"A being... Greater than a God..." The Savior managed to mutter, just as it helplessly saw Lee coming for the final attack, an attack that thanks to not having the resistance of the air, most likely will be delivered at the speed of light

"SADAME NO RENGE! (Lotus of Destiny)" Lee shouted his final technique, the EVA became a blur... no, a beam of light, he began to pass the Savior multiple times, so fast that the only evidence of said attacks was the light left behind, it was so fast that Lee attacked several times before the first line of light could began to fade, and he just kept accelerating. Ten attacks soon became a hundred, a hundred a thousand, and soon, it was pointless to count them, the Savior lost it's legs and arms, and chunks of it's body were torn apart with every attack, and Kheel couldn't help but to feel a pang of pride, he had been defeated by the Slayer of the Gods, was there a greater honor?

Down on the Earth, the pilots, NERV staff, and the people of half of the world, even on the Elemental Nations, were allowed to see something unbelievable on the sky. A giant Lotus flower made of light, slowly blossoming until it was fully open. It was as if God, the creator, were giving them a sign, something to renew their faith, it was beautiful and awe inspiring.

Stops Playing "Hagane no Messiah" by JAM Project

When the lotus opened to it's fullest, in it's most beautiful moment, it collapsed on itself, exploding, and forming a mini sun that lasted for a few seconds. The entire planet trembled, slightly moving out of it's place, earthquakes divided lands, and united some others, tsunamis fell upon uninhabited badlands, Volcanoes collapsed unto themselves, sealing them forever, while new ones were born, and when the light was gone, the face of the earth was changed again, but this time, maybe it wasn't for the worse...

"So, it is done" Gendo weakly said, his soul slowly banishing from existence

"It is" Leliel dryly replied

"I know, one good deed at the end doesn't was away a life of evilness, not mattering how big is this last deed" Gendo continued, giving a rare sincere smile

"No, it doesn't. Do you want me to tell something to Lee?" Leliel asked, if only as a small reward for doing something good at the end, the last wish of a dieing man

"No, it's better this way, it's the least I deserve, better to carry it with the little dignity I still have" Gendo finally said, and as he reached the end of his existence, Leliel decided that it will be better to focus on her vessel

"Lee! Son! Are you ok? Please answer!" Yui's voice sounded through the comm-link, albeit weak due the distance

"I'm here mom, although... I will need a lift... hehehehe" Lee's apologetic voice was better than anything Yui could have received, her baby was alive and well... And Rei will not go on a killing spree

"Don't worry, my baby, that can be arranged, everything ok up there?" Yui asked, she knew that all the others wanted a moment at the mic, but no one challenged her

"Everything is alright, I have air for a month, although I'll be grateful if the lift doesn't take that long" Lee joked, he was in no immediate danger, but it was like being inside Leliel again, but with a better view, for he never imagined being able to look at the earth like this

"Lee, are you feeling right? And don't lie to me, I know you just used the eight gates!" It was Rei's turn now, and Lee couldn't help but to imagine Gai, Misato and Ritsuko crying for not being able to hold the mic

"I'm perfectly fine, well, maybe a little sore, but you don't have to worry. Leliel was the one who helped me with the gates, you can thank her later for keeping me safe" Lee replied, making Leliel blush on his mind

"Will do. Please be safe, we'll make sure to send the lift immediately" Rei added, and Lee couldn't help but feel pity for those who will come for him, being bossed around by his mother and girlfriend

"So, it is done. Peace at last, and a beautiful world to enjoy" Lee finally said, wondering what the history books will tell about him, his girlfriend, and friends. Unknown to him, the world will NEVER forget what had just happened at the end of this war...


In a dark room, on unknown whereabouts, the presidents of all the nations were reunited. It was the first meeting of the first year of the new age. Some of the countries decided to began the year counting again, some even called this first year the year of the lotus, only a handful decided to keep the old counting. The presidents were reunited to discuss something rather important, the destiny of NERV. As grateful as they were for being saved from global annihilation, they felt that without an enemy to fight, NERV could turn their sights into world domination, so, they had to decide, but not before hearing the whole global report

"Well, let's begin. Russia?" The USA President asked, just as it was tradition

"Of course, some of the surviving satellites has shown very amazing facts, it seems that we owe NERV the correction on the earth axis, the explosion moved the earth just the needed distance and angle, stations and climate will return to normal in no time, this will surely help the world as a whole. In my opinion, NERV deserves to exist, although with some restrictions. Perhaps fuse it with the ONU?" The Russian President stated, much to the discomfort of the American President

"Your vote will be taking on count, Germany?" The American president asked now

"Right. The delay on handing back our EVA pilot was pardoned due to the last attack, although it comes to our attention that the carrier that was bringing back the pilot and the EVA was bombarded by terrorists, some rough faction of the Vatican. We will not condemn NERV for this, obviously this was a great loss for them as was for us, but I will vote for NERV to be dissolved, this attack on the pilots could ignite a campaign for revenge that could end in a new world war" The German president proposed, earning a smile from the American president

Deep into the elemental nations, Asuka was being recived with open arms by the people of Suna. Gaara was grateful, for she didn't freak out at the idea of ninjas, wars, and have to live in a desert, while the peope of Suna gave thanks to all the gods for sending such a strong woman who could tame Gaara, meaning next to no accidents with the sand

"This is NOT what I agreed to" Shukaku muttered, he was truly free in human world, just in the shape of a small demonic looking raccoon, with no other power than to scratch, bite and talk

"Don't complain, at least you'll have all the cookies you want" Gaara said to the small Shukaku, who gave a jump of joy, perhaps things weren't as bad?

"So, the second child is MIA, but, the report only says that NERV has four active EVAs, without the second child, the count should be five" The American president questioned

"Ah yes. Nagisa Kaworu, he is reported as dead. It seems that during the axis fixing, he was crushed by some debris, a most unfortunate destiny for a hero of mankind" Japan quickly answered, and explained that there wasn't enough remains of the albino to even make a proper funeral

Back in Konoha, one Nagisa Kaworu was showing his amazement, the village of Konoha was what he dreamed Eden should be, human development in complete harmony with the nature

"Amazing... your home is amazing and beautiful, a place worthy to protect" Kaworu said, earning a giggle from Sakura

"I'm glad you like it, I can't wait to take you to Tsunade-sama, and make you a citizen of Konoha" Sakura replied, smiling sincerely

"I hope it doesn't mean much trouble to you, this clean beginning is more than I could have wished for" Kaworu continued, somehow, Sakura began to look more pretty on his eyes

"Don't worry, if it comes to it, I'll marry you to ensure your stay" Saura suddenly said, blushing a little

"W-What? R-Really?" Kaworu stuttered, unable to believe his ears. Suddenly a pair of hands fell on his shoulders, one belonged to a scarred man dressed in black, the other to a young woman in a scandalous fishnet shirt and coat, and purple hair

"Of course they will kindly make sure you are not going to betry my village... Good luck and please don't die" Sakura said to the now scared Kaworu, who was being dragged by the smiling duo of Morino Ibiki and Mitarashi Anko

"If this is true, then NERV has much less power than we believed, perhaps it's not the greater menace we were told about" The Latinoamerican Representative said, making other reconsider their image of NERV

"True, thanks to NERV, half of our lands are now healed, fertile enough to produce enough food" The Chinese president added

"Do not judge yet, even if beneficial, the repercussions you are talking about were a mere accident, a side effect of the last battle, and not an act of charity, what is the current status of the pilots in Japan?" The American president asked again

"Of course. The two couples that makes the japanese children, have been granted special recognition, awarded as many medals and honors as possible, and allowed to get married. This of course is only a formality, for they have been returned to their respective homes, although they are ready for action should the need arises" The Japanese president answered, earning the attention of all the other attendants

Touji and Hikari were together in the bed, cuddling. They were happy, happy to be together, happy to be near their families, for all of them lived on the same building now

"Touji?" Hikari shyly asked

"Yes, Hikari love?" Touji replied as lovingly as possible

"Do you think we should start expanding our family? I mean, you know... I... love babies" Hikari explained, she knew he liked them too, but that was also a nightmare for most males

"Of course, Hikari, I'll love to have MANY babies with you" Touji replied, while leaning closer to her, their family will soon become an extend one, a feat prized due to the low birth rate

"Should the need arises?" The Italian president asked

"Does this means that NERV truly don't have any plans of disbanding in the near future?" The Britain Representative asked as well

"No. NERV has no plan on disbanding anytime soon, although thay wish to remain as world peacekeepers, working in conjunction with the ONU forces, and not as a military force on their own" The Japanese president answered without fear

Maito Gai was feeling like the most lucky guy on all the world, never before he felt so welcomed, of course he will change his name to Ikari Gai, but that was only a greater boon, for that will appoint him as Lee's rightfully father, making the harem something of a tradition

"It's not fair, I wanted to be the wife!" Misato whined, with fake tears on her eyes

"Don't complain, at least you've been welcomed into the harem with open arms" Ritsuko replied, while caressing her bloated belly

"You were welcomed too" Misato deadpanned

"But not with open arms" Ritsuko shot back

"True. In fact, I'm still making that genetic test, you had your affairs with that... animal, I won't take a chance" Yui interjected, still being hostile to the bottle blond

"If this baby is from him, I swear to you I will commit sepuku" Ritsuko quickly added, being so serious that it wasn't funny

"Geez! Why can't you be a happy go couple like Maya and Makoto?" Misato playfully asked, making the other women to laugh hard, for said couple had been lately seen playing TCGs and other otaku stuff with grater joy

"Does this have something to do with the parties searching for any remnants of the Savior?" The Russian president asked, making everyone go pale

"Most of the Savior was reduced to cosmic powder on space, but, there were bits of it destroyed here on earth, the parties won't stop until every inch of land had been thoughtfully checked, we will not take any risk on this matter, and until there is not a fully confirmation on this matter, there will not be any further discussion on disbanding NERV" The Japanese president spoke with a conviction and authority no one thought possible, and yet they knew, that he had the argument won

In a lone mountain, Uchiha Sasuke was searching among some debris, he was sure of it, he could feel it, the power, the evilness, it had to be his...

"Ah! There you are!" Sasuke finally cheered, among the debris, a small fragment of one of the cores was found, it wasn't like the rest of the debris, dull and dead, this one was bright, and pulsating

"Now the ultimate power will be mine!" Sasuke roared on victory, he will tame the powers of demons, he will become god

"But I can't take this to Orochimaru. No, he will take the power for himself, and I can't allow that... Perhaps if I infuse it with my chakra? That could work, that way I can get a feeling of what kind of power this wields" Sasuke promptly added chakra to the object, and in a heart beat, the object reacted, infecting him with it's power and corruption

"NO! NNNOOOOOOOOO!" Sasuke's screams of pain will not be heard, but his actions will bring another menace... but that is a story for another time

"As for the pilots, well, they will carry normal lives until they are needed again, of course this means that they will be training at regular periods, just not as intensive as before" The Japanese president continued

Winged Rei watched through the window, caressing her belly at regular times, she was the first, she was the main wife, it was obvious that she'll be the first to bear children

"Ok! Ten laps more!" Lee shouted from the park, being followed by 21 Reis, all of them happy and cheerful

"I wish to be there" One of the pilot Reis said from the side of the winged Rei, she was heavily bandaged, and using a wheel chair, she survived the fight with the Savior, but heavily injured

"You still need to rest, you better get used to being shower with affection, and be thankful we heal fast, otherwise you'll be dead and not here" Winged Rei replied with a voice full of love, for she also cherished the survival of her clone

"Well, at least I can keep caressing your belly" The injured pilot Rei stated, while reaching to caress the belly of the now sweatdropping winged Rei, some of her clones were more quirky than others

"Very well, so, it has been decided then. NERV will remain operative, but only as a defensive force, always acting along ether the UN or the JSSDF" The American president finished, and everyone had to agree

And thus, a new age of peace and youthfulness began. The End.

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