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The week after I spoke to Eric seemed to fly by. I couldn't help but wish for a little more time. I can't believe I admitted to his face that I love him. Then again, I couldn't believe that I forced him to tell me how he felt about me. It still seems like a dream that he said he loves me too. Maybe he just told me what I wanted to hear? Maybe it was another game?

I'll never know if he doesn't get his ass here soon. Pam had left for the weekend, claiming to want to visit her family's beach house one last time before they closed it up for the winter. Amelia promised me that she would be spending the weekend with Sam, so there'd be no interruptions.

Bill kept his distance, but I did give him a piece of my mind this past Wednesday after one of our classes together. As mad as I was with him, at least it was out in the open. No lies, no hiding… only honesty. I hope.

Bill told me that after Eric's talk with me, he came back to the room, eventually. He had sobered up by then and apologized to Eric for his outburst. I told him he should have been apologizing to me instead, which he did. I guess if Eric can sort of forgive him, I could to. We needed to be adults about the situation, and you couldn't get more adult than this.

Movie in DVD player? Check. Curtains closed? Check. Baby blue sweats and white tee shirt? Check. Looks like I was all set.

Right at seven sharp the doorbell rang. I pulled open the door and drank in the sight in front of me as my heart leapt up and down. "Eric. Come in, please."

His eyebrow hitched as he passed me. "Hey. You said to be here at seven."

Ooh, did he not want to be here? No, no. You can't think like that. I walked over and sat down on "the" loveseat and patted the cushion next to me. "Have a seat."

He was still eying me suspiciously, like I had something up my sleeve. Nope, not this time. It's just going to be him and me, alone, talking…and whatever else may come to mind.

"Are you afraid to sit next to me?"

He snorted and sat down. "Not hardly, but you never know what someone might be planning."

It was then I noticed that he was fumbling with something in his hands. It looked like some material. I was chuckling when I realized what it was.

I flashed him a sly grin and pointed. "Is that mine by chance?"

His cheeks tinged red. "Uh yeah. I thought you'd want it back." I took it from him and tossed it toward the stairs.

His hand ran through his hair a few times and rested on the back of his neck as he looked away. I closed my eyes and shook my head and sighed heavily.

"So, why did you want me to come over?" He was anxious to see what I wanted.

"I just thought we could continue our talk from last weekend." Or something else.

He took his time, and I was patient while he formed the words he wanted to say. "Sookie, I meant what I said. I'm sorry for playing games with you. It was wrong of me to toy with you like that. I hope you'll forgive me. I also know that I have no right to be jealous, but it made me crazy to think of you with any other guy. After we talked, I went back to my room and Bill and I had a long talk." He looked into my eyes. "I really am sorry about everything. I shouldn't have taken it that far."

Wow, I really must have done a number on him to have him do this 180. I rested my hand on his knee. "Eric, I will forgive you, if you forgive me for being with Bill. Please just don't do it again, ever."

The corners of his lips curled into a smile. "As long as you promise not to sleep with Bill again, ever."

I actually laughed. "Deal."

We sat there and talked about the games and why he did it. Deep down, I really did want to understand why. I tried to apologize again for my little revenge bit, but he held up his hand and stopped me. He was actually impressed that I played him like that, and that he deserved every bit of it.

Once we got everything out of our system, we sat there in awkward silence for a few minutes until I broke the tension. "Sooo, now what?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "How about we finish that movie?"

"Sure, why not." I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv and pressed play.

I thought that at least he acknowledged what he did was wrong. Now maybe we could get somewhere. I smiled at him and licked my lips. "Now, I believe the last time we were on this couch, you were sitting there and I was over here." I scooted over to the far end of the loveseat.

He had the funniest look of confusion on his face, until it registered. The last time we were on this couch was movie night. He smirked and we slid into place.

"Hmm, something's not right about this. Oh, I know. I believe my hand was right…here." He put his hand on my thigh and ran it up to where it met my hip. I reached over and gave his thigh a squeeze.

His thumb rubbed against the seam of my sweatpants, igniting a fire underneath. He leaned way over and his breath was on my neck as he whispered, "You're too far away. Move closer."

I scooted closer to him and turned my head so our lips met. The kiss was gentle, reverent, but grew passionate. My lips parted and invited his tongue to mingle with mine. My hand slid up and pressed against his bulge and he moaned into my mouth. He returned the favor and rubbed the flat part of his fingers into my sensitive area.

Screw the movie. I was hoping we could kind of tease each other until we couldn't take it anymore, but I gave up on going slow. I got up, turned and straddled his lap, grinding into him and finding his lips again.

We spent the next several minutes kissing and grinding to a feverish pitch. Our hands reaching everywhere they could.

"Sookie…" Eric moaned into my mouth and I groaned at hearing my name.

My breath hitched in my throat as he nipped his way down my jaw and to a very sensitive spot right behind my ear. "Uhhhh, Eric…" I pulled away and stood up, picking up his hand. "Let's go upstairs."

He raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure about this?"

I didn't even answer him back; I just tugged him along until we reached my bedroom door. As I opened it he ran his fingers over my right butt cheek and whispered in my ear, "So, I'm finally going to get to see that secret tattoo of yours?"

"Oh I think it might be making an appearance." I grinned and shut the door behind us.

I turned and we resumed our kissing. He was so much taller than me, and I had to reach up to kiss him. He realized the height difference and sat down on the edge of my bed, pulling me over his lap again. His fingers found the hem of my shirt and yanked it over me in one swift move. I returned the favor and relieved him of his.

I gasped as his fingers traced the lacy edge of my bra. "Mmm. I want to see those pert nipples of yours again. That was quite a show you gave me before. Care to give me another one?"

I placed my hand over his and removed it. Licking my lips, I leaned in for a kiss, but instead pushed him down so he was lying on his back. He propped himself up on his elbows to watch as I unhooked my bra from the back.

If he wanted a show, I was going to give him a show. With one hand, I held up the bra, and with the other I slid the straps down my shoulders. I covered my breasts as the material fell from underneath.

"Now now. Don't be shy my sweet Sookie. Let me see those beautiful juicy apples of yours."

I giggled and looked right into his eyes. "Did you want a bite?"

He gently pulled my hands away and licked his lower lip as it rolled over his teeth. He sat back up and cupped his hands around both breasts, kneading the fleshy globes. My head fell back and I moaned as he rolled each nipple between his thumb and index finger.

"Mmm, Eric. Harder. Pull harder."

He chuckled and closed his lips over one of them and suckled, as he pinched and pulled at the other one. The vibrations of his hums sent shockwaves down my body right to my clit, and I ground down on him harder.

"Eric…please." I could tell he was smiling as he switched positions with his mouth and fingers, lavishing the same attention again. My back arched into it, giving into the sensations he was producing.

When he finally pulled back, he pushed me to a standing position and rose to his full height. I shimmied out of my sweats and panties, but stopped him as he unzipped his jeans. I took his hands and guided them to the back of his neck and rested them there.

As I pulled down his jeans and briefs, I dropped to my knees and rested on my clothes in front of him. I looked back up into his eyes and licked my lips, as he stared down at me in awe.

"Sookie, you don't…"

I whispered, "Shhh. I don't do anything I don't want to do, remember that."

My fingers gently wrapped around his cock and I stroked it up and down a few times, always keeping my eyes on his. I wanted to watch his reaction as much as possible. It was such a turn on, and I was getting so wet from the lust that was radiating from both of us.

A drop of pre-cum leaked out from his tip and my thumb stroked over it rubbing it over the head. Whispered groans came from within him and I knew he was enjoying every moment. When another drop leaked out, I leaned my head in and touched the tip of my tongue to it. Starting with very small circles, my tongue swirled around his head until I enveloped it into my hot wet mouth.

"Ughh, Sookie."

I felt a hand come down and nestle in my hair, grabbing it lightly as my lips slid down his length and back up. I rested my hands on his thighs to steady myself and continued bobbing my head back and forth over him. His moans were eliciting moans from me, which caused him to twitch in my mouth from the vibrations.

I hollowed out my cheeks and increased the pressure of my sucking. "Uhh, yeah… like…that."

He brought his other hand down and steadied my head as his hips bucked back and forth. It was such an incredible rush, having him fuck my mouth. I didn't want it to end.

I licked the underside of his shaft and pulled back my lips a little to use my teeth. He growled and pulled all the way out. I looked up at him in confusion.

He chuckled. "I'm not going to last if you keep that up. My turn." He helped me to my feet.

"Oh but before I do…" he spun me around quickly and his eyes feasted on exactly what he'd been dying to see.

I heard him let out a hearty laugh. "Looks like I finally caught the tiger by the tail huh?" he said swooping me up into his arms and laid me gently on the bed.

He stretched out over me, keeping most of his weight on his arms. His mouth crushed down on my lips kissing and sucking my tongue into his mouth. My hips involuntarily began to thrust up to meet him, and I could feel his hardened cock against my thigh.

His lips blazed a fiery trail of kisses down my neck and over my collarbone. My pulse was already racing and my heartbeat increased. He found his way to my nipples and paid special attention to them once more.

As I was moaning and writhing beneath him, he slipped a hand down between us and palmed my mound. My hips bucked harder into his fingers.

His breaths were becoming shallower and he whispered into the valley between my breasts, "Is there something you want Sookie?"

"Ohh Eric. No games. Please, just…"

He laughed. "This is no game my lover. I want to hear it from your sweet lips."

His mouth and tongue licked their way down to just above my shaven mound as his fingers rubbed up and down my folds. I could feel my juices coating his fingers and my folds as he increased his pressure. "Tell me what you want? I can't do it if you don't tell me."

"Eric, please." He blew a stream of cool air between my legs and I began to shake.

"Oh god. Please Eric. I want…"

"What do you want?" he whispered.

I gave in to his demand. "I want you. I want to feel you inside me, your tongue, your fingers, your hard…oh God, yesss." His tongue pushed through and began lapping at my juices as I told him what I wanted.

His lips and teeth found my clit and began nibbling as two fingers penetrated my center. I was thrusting my hips faster and he was trying as best as he could to hold them still. Finally he just threw my legs over his shoulders and held them as he buried his face back between my legs.

My cries were at a feverish pitch, which matched the pitched heat coming from my body. Oh god, he was so good with his mouth. He nibbled my folds all the way down and thrust his tongue inside me. I brought my hand down to join him and rubbed my clit for him. With my other hand, I massaged my nipples, tugging and pulling in rhythm to my other hand.

"Eric… not gonna… last… gonna…" I was mostly incoherent with speech.

He gave my center one long last lick before crawling back up between my legs. I reached over to my nightstand drawer and pulled out a gold foiled wrapper.

"I wasn't sure if you had one," I said between pants.

He wasted no time and ripped the package open with his teeth. He slipped a hand down between us and rolled the condom onto him, then rubbed the tip between my folds.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and reached down to guide his cock to my eagerly awaiting entrance. Slowly he pushed himself into me, and my hips thrust upwards to push him in faster. I wasn't in this for slow.

He got the hint and pulled almost all the way out before slamming back into me. Again he pulled out slowly and slammed back into me as far as he could go. Each thrust, each slam, I cried out from the overwhelming electric currents coursing through my body.

We found a rhythm that worked for us and our climaxes were building like rapid fire. His grunts were coming faster and louder now and I knew neither of us were going to last.

Just as I reached the edge, he pulled out and shouted, "Turn over, now. I want to take you from behind."

I did exactly what he asked and turned over onto my hands and knees. "Grab your headboard and hold on."

Boy, he was getting bossy with the commands there. I wiped the thought from my head as he thrust back into me from behind and I held on for dear life. After a minute, we found our rhythm again and as he thrust forward, I thrust back to meet him.

He held onto my hip with one hand and I groaned as the other hand came down right on my tattoo. Again, he brought his hand down and I couldn't help laughing. "Are you trying to tame the tiger or something?"

He laughed back. "No way. I want that tiger wild and out of control."

We continued our rhythm as he brought his hand down over and over on each cheek. I wasn't going to last anymore. "Eric…. I'm…"

My muscles clenched around him and explosions erupted from every molecule of my body. As I cried out his name over and over, I heard him groaning. He thrust through my orgasm a few more times before emptying himself into the condom.

I got lightheaded for a second and collapsed forward bringing him down over me. He pulled out and disposed of the condom before lying down beside me. My panting breaths were returning to normal, as was his and I turned over to lie down next to him.

"Oh god Eric. That was incredible."

He turned on his side and tucked me close to him, drawing lazy circles on my stomach. "No, Sookie. You're incredible. I'm never going to let you go now, you know that."

"I hope not. At least now I know if you try to play any games with me, I'll be ready for it. Trust me when I say that I'll be giving it right back."

"You really had me there, you know…at the library. You played the game very well." He seemed almost proud of me. I just laughed and snuggled closer to him.

I closed my eyes and yawned with a satisfied expression on my face. As I drifted off, I snickered. "Well, I did learn from the best."