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I was already fucking wasted when we all pulled up to the party. We were late because of me, actually. Late to Emmett's own party at his own house. A few people were milling around outside, but Jasper had unlocked the house and the front door was standing wide open. The two girls in the back were squished up against the side of the jeep, trying not to touch me. I'd rejected their skanky asses with one pointed look when the blonder one put her hand on my thigh early on in the ride. Rosalie, of course, was up front with Emmett. They weren't all public with their shit yet, but the inner circle knew they were pretty much exclusive. The chicks were here to make Emmett look like he was still the player the Academy knew and loved. Rosalie was climbing out of the parked Jeep. She pulled her seat back for me and as I hopped down, she slammed the seat back into the face of the blondest girl who was trying to squeeze out behind me.

"Other way, cunt," Rose said and smiled sweetly.

The girl had enough sense not to argue and she scooted over, pushing her friend out Emmett's door and following suit. They toddled off together sensing that Rosalie wasn't going to let them hang around. All they really wanted was to show up with us, anyway. Hanging out was a bonus, but we'd never let anyone do that before, so their chances were slim, and they knew that in the beginning. Two blondes in short skirts and tube tops wasn't going to impress us. I mean, look the fuck around. Everyone was a blonde in a short skirt and a fucking tank top of some sort. Different versions of the same person. I was holding an unlit cigarette between my thumb and forefinger and I shoved it between my lips to fish in my pocket for my zippo. Rosalie and Emmett were heading towards the house to locate Jasper, I assumed.

That's when I saw her walk out onto the back porch. My finger stopped on the lighter and my hand cupped around the flame that hadn't yet touched the end of my Newport. She was wearing more than I had seen her wearing last time, but not by much. Her skirt was so short I could already see it off of her, and she was wearing a shirt with a band I'd never heard of before. She was clutching her solo cup and trying to look relaxed. Alice stood beside her, clearly noticing that her new acquaintance was quite the attention draw. She hadn't seen us yet. Emmett hadn't seen her, either.

"Oh my god, THAT'S the fucking girl I was telling you about, Em, from the mall," Rosalie said and pointed to the curvy, dark-haired, dog-wash girl. Bella. My jaw clenched.

Rosalie grabbed Emmett's arm and he followed her finger. He quickly looked over his shoulder at me. I was still standing there like an idiot with my cigarette dangling from my lips, my lighter still flickering away in the breeze. Emmett shrugged, smiled, turned back around and cupped his hands to his face.

"Yo, BeLLA," Emmett screamed, enunciating the last part of her name instead of the first.

Bella's head turned and I swear I could see her fingers tighten on the cup when she recognized all three of us standing below her. I finally let the flame touch my cigarette and I snapped the lighter closed. This cigarette might not cut it. Emmett motioned for Bella to come down the stairs and the few people who were at the party already sort of stopped and stared. Rosalie was furiously whispering to Emmett, I didn't know what about, but by the time Bella and Alice made it down the stairs, Rosalie had plastered a sickeningly sweet smile on her flawless face. I sidled up to the other side of Rosalie in case I needed to step in.

"Bella, I had no idea you were going to the Academy," Rose cooed at her and hugged her quickly. "It's great to see you here…"

It was a ploy, because if Bella said she was actually going to Forks High, Rosalie was going to jump her. Which was why I was standing to Rose's right. I would step in under the pretense that this chick's dad was a cop and Rosalie didn't want to be sent to jail, but really I'd be stepping in because no one should be able to kick someone's ass unless they're expecting it. And clearly Bella was not fucking expecting it. She was all innocent looking and doe eyed and obviously Alice hadn't gotten around to telling her about the rules we had. And maybe I'd be stepping in because this girl in her band t-shirt and her fucking short plaid skirt was something I didn't want to see bloodied and bruised in Emmett's back yard. Because maybe she had shown a little bit of her sarcastic personality to us earlier, and I wanted to get to know it more. But I wouldn't be revealing all that emotional shit to anyone any time soon, so for now, it was just that her dad was a cop and I didn't want anyone in our group to do jail time.

Bella smiled and Alice looked smug. She knew better than to bring a Forks High girl to our party. I relaxed when I saw Alice's expression because it meant that this girl was actually going to the Academy. I allowed myself to stare blatantly at her legs now without feeling dirty. She was seriously fucking pale, and she had a few bruises on her shins.

"Yeah, I enrolled at the end of last year, but I just moved up here a week ago," Bella smiled back at Rosalie, but Bella's smile was naively genuine. She was totally ignoring Emmett and me. We were all totally ignoring Alice, who was picking at a thread on her sweater. It wasn't even cold out here. What the fuck? I let my eyes roam back to Bella who had started to fidget.

"Well. That's great! Maybe we'll have some classes together. I was just telling Emmett about you before we got here," Rose said and pointed at Emmett. Emmett's eyes snapped up from Bella's tits, but I left mine there. I didn't have anyone to fucking answer to. Pussy whipped little shit. Rose started to introduce Bella to Emmett, but Alice interrupted.

"Oh, yeah. Bella already met Emmett, actually. He and Edward came to our charity dog wash today and practically accosted her. And they didn't even tip." Alice eyed Emmett with distaste and shoved her hands in the pocket of her hoodie. Bella's eyes fluttered closed briefly and her mouth tightened in what appeared to be a silent form of horror. She recovered pretty quickly and opened her eyes to see Rosalie's burning into her.

Rosalie recovered quickly as well and took Emmett's arm. "Bella, Emmett and I are going to get a drink. Want to meet us upstairs later? We can get to know each other before school starts. I'm so interested to know why you're coming here for your last year of high school!" Bella nodded and Rosalie giggled, wiggling her fingers at Bella. Her nails were clearly digging into Emmett's arm as she pulled him away towards the house.

My cigarette had burned most of the way down and I hadn't even smoked any of it yet. I peeled my eyes away from Bella's legs and walked away with Rosalie and Emmett. I mumbled something about it being good to see her in another slutty outfit as I passed her and walked up the steps towards the keg. She was throwing me off my game. I wanted her, but she was hanging out with fucking Alice Brandon. That shit was not cool. And she was going to come upstairs after everyone was wasted. She was walking into a roast. Rosalie was going to skin her and use her to make a fucking handbag or some shit. I clenched my fists and held them to my forehead in frustration before I reached out and took the cup that Rosalie was holding out to me.

"What's wrong, Edward? Headache?" Rosalie wasn't really concerned. She was just pretending. I wondered what the real Rosalie was like. I wondered what Emmett saw in her. She was just another blonde, tube top to me.

"Just a pain in the neck," I said and smiled back at her with a flash of my teeth and stumbled upstairs to wait for them.

Jasper was waiting in his usual chair, stoned out of his fucking mind. He actually managed to lift a hand at me when I walked in. I slumped beside him, sitting on the floor and leaning against the couch.

"Where the fuck'd you go today? I thought you'd been, like… taken," Jasper said slowly.

I laughed humorlessly at him and shook my head. "Nah. I called Emmett. I didn't want to sit around and watch you hump cars all day. And if you thought I was taken, why did you just come here and get stoned instead of looking for me, you fucking asshole," I said and reached up to shove him in the shoulder.

He shrugged sheepishly and leaned back in his chair.

"So. There's a new girl this year at school. Rosalie told her to meet us up here. I guess Alice Brandon invited her to the party," I tried to sound nonchalant about the whole situation. I resisted looking at my nails. That would be a dead give away that I was interested and trying not to be.

Jasper snorted. "Alice fucking Brandon." He shook his head. "She coming up, too?"

I glanced up at him with an arched eyebrow because that bastard had the same nonchalant tone in his voice that I had in mine. What the fuck.

He arched an eyebrow back at me and smiled. I blinked at him and he folded his arms daring me to say anything. I couldn't let this pass. At least the girl I was interested in owned a skirt.

"She wears sweaters with puppies on them, man," I said, pointing to my chest and drawing a circle where Alice's logo was. "And she, she's… I just- Alice Brandon? Really?" I always knew Jasper was wired strange. I didn't know he was that fucking strange.

I tried to think back to the Jasper that we first inducted into our small group. At first it was just Emmett and me. Rosalie caught Emmett's attention once hormones started raging in fifth grade. He'd asked her in a letter if she wanted to be in our club. She said yes and we've all been together since then.

Jasper moved up to Forks from Texas during middle school. I think his accent suckered Rosalie into inviting him in. Jasper wasn't really interested in Rosalie. They were opposites, but I felt like he kept our group grounded. Nearly six years later and we'd never let anyone else in. It's hard to make friends. It's harder to make friends that last. Jasper and I were pretty close. I felt like I could confide in him without him judging me. Emmett and Rose usually just spread your shit around school. If you had something very personal you wanted everyone to know within a day, tell Em or Rose.

"My god, man. Alice fucking Brandon. I can't believe it," I laughed, shaking my head at him. "I don't know if she's coming up. You know Rosalie. She doesn't even want the new girl to come up, she just wants to make sure she's got no competition," I said and waved my hand at the door.

As if with that motion, I had conjured her from the depths of hell, Rosalie walked in, followed by Bella. Emmett trailed behind them and Alice was nowhere in sight.

Jasper nodded once at Bella and smiled, his tongue darting out to lick his lips. Bella blushed red, but crashed on the couch I was leaning against, and raised her beer to her lips.

"So, Bella. Are you such a shitty friend that you ditched Alice, or did she decide she didn't want to hang out with you if you were going to be in the company of people who wore fur and leather?" I said, looking up at her from the floor.

This was a precarious line I was walking. I wanted Bella to think I was a good guy, but I couldn't let the group know I was into her. I wanted to help Jasper out, but I couldn't let the group know he was looking for Alice. There was no way to get it all kosher, so I sacrificed myself and played the asshole. Jasper better thank me for this.

Bella didn't act like my statement had phased her at all, and she brushed a curl of hair away from her shoulder.

"Alice is coming up in a minute. Some kid named Ben stopped her in the hallway to ask her a question about newspaper."

Jasper made a raspy breath and turned it into a cough, then cleared his throat and leaned back in his chair.

I sighed and chugged the rest of my beer, tossing the solo cup onto the table in front of me. Rosalie had started to grill Bella about her life, her friends from Phoenix, her previous school, her dad, past boyfriends, her favorite color, and a ton of other shit that would help her size up Bella's place in the population. It was pretty obvious that this girl stood out from all of the other girls at school, Rosalie included. Unfortunately, all I knew of her was skin deep. She wasn't blonde, she had long, dark, brown hair with faint highlights. It curled a bit at the ends. I wasn't sure if she did that every morning or if it was natural, but I wanted to tug one gently. She wasn't tall. She didn't wear tube tops. She knew a band that I'd never heard of.

I'd drowned out Rosalie, and was now looking at my fingernails, forgetting that I shouldn't. Anything to take my mind off of the long, smooth, milky legs that were crossed at the ankles to my right side. I nearly was to the point of sitting on my hands so I wouldn't run them up her shins when Alice peeked around the door frame.

Oh, happy distraction. "Alice. So glad you could join us. I'm just going to go change my shirt so that if you decide to drench me in anything besides sarcasm tonight, you don't ruin my favorite polo."

I stood up and hurried out of the room down the hall to the bathroom. I had to steady myself on the wall every few feet and I decided I'd had enough to drink tonight. The music was incoherent at the decibel they were playing it at downstairs. I couldn't get Bella's pale thighs out of my mind, and I needed to get rid of this fucking hard on before I went back into that room.

There was no time to track down my usuals, so I just slipped into the bathroom to jack off into the toilet. Christ, this is what it came down to. I really didn't have time to think about how ridiculous it was that I was jacking off in a bathroom when I could have easily found someone to help, because as soon as my hand was wrapped around my cock I closed my eyes and thought about nothing but Bella's thighs for about 55 seconds.

Yeah, that's as long as it took. I stood there panting with my palm flat against the wall, my head on my forearm for a few more seconds and then flushed and headed back to the room.

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