by Valerie Vancollie

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Mini-Series: Yep, another drabble mini-series just like A Second Such Encounter. As with that series, there will be four drabbles to this one, only they won't be 100 word ones.

Characters: Don, Billy Cooper

Summary: Don felt Browne go for his gun and though he tried to twist away, he knew it was already too late.

Spoilers: Man Hunt

Note: This series was written for the February rewind prompts at the Numb3rs100 LJ community.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Numb3rs characters, items or situations. I only lay claim to the original aspects of the fic.

1. Storm:

Summary: Don was just following a fugitive when it happened.

The pain woke Don, a wicked, sharp spear that stabbed at his head, chest and abdomen. He groaned and tried to turn to relieve the pressure, only to cry out as a fresh wave of agony washed over him. Forcing his eyes open, his heart stopped as he found himself looking at a five hundred foot drop onto jagged rocks. A few shards of glass were all that remained of the windshield and he had a flash of the Ford unexpectedly lurching sideways.

The rest slowly returned as Don forced down the rising panic. He'd been chasing their fugitive, having caught sight of her while Billy had gone for supplies. He'd duly contacted Coop and started following Browne, they didn't want to lose her again. When she'd crossed the bridge onto the island, he'd finally dared hope that he'd trap her and he intended to park the car at the end of the bridge and wait for Coop.

The wind and rain swept in, letting Don know the storm hadn't lifted and he wondered how long he'd been out. The cold air roused him some more and he assessed his options. Waiting for backup was out of the question, which left only one option. He braced his legs on the dashboard and grabbed hold of the passenger seat before he released his seatbelt. His knees nearly buckled at the pain that lanced through his torso, but he managed to remain upright.

Carefully he climbed into the back, only the drop allowing him to move despite the pain. One of the passenger windows had been completely smashed and through it he could climb out onto what was left of the old bridge.

Don had just cleared the window when the railing he was holding onto groaned and started to give way.

Okay, stick up your hands if you're honestly surprised that Don is in trouble again in a fic of mine.
I know, but it's so much fun!