"Boston?" Sara questioned as she held the plane tickets in her hand. She had a smile on her lips as she played with the silver band on her ring finger.

The ceremony had been quite. Only them and the preacher. Grissom had Brass send him their original wedding license, which he pulled a few strings to get renewed before his departure, and they were married the day it arrived.

Now, after four months together in the jungle, they were leaving. The study was over and the rest of Sara's 'new team' was moving on. She opted to travel with Grissom instead.

But first they needed a permanent residence in the United States far, far away from Vegas. Somewhere that would suit them both.

"Yeah." Grissom said, giving her that looked he reserved for when people stated the obvious. He stood packing. Tonight was their last night. "You said you liked it there, and quite frankly I grew fond of New England when I was on sabbatical." he looked over at his wife with a smirk. "And I often pictured you beside me when I took walks through this park on campus. That was the hardest thing you know, not having you with me." Grissom turned his attention back to the task at hand.

"Is that so?" It was now Sara's turn to smirk. She bit her bottom lip before stepping forward and standing close enough to Grissom to whisper in his ear. "Now you know how it feels."

He turned to look her in the eyes. "And now you know why I needed to find you."

She smiled, hiding the red of her cheeks by looking back down at the tickets. "Tell me more."

Grissom raised an eyebrow. "Okay. I'd stand by this reflecting pond and just think. I did that a lot anyway, but this was more picturing you than missing you. Sometimes it was both." He glanced over to catch her reaction, and once satisfied that her cheeks were still blushing, he continued. "I'd imagine you the way you were during that case we had with the hockey player, what was it, eight years ago? Your cheeks were that shade too, but because of the cold."

"Okay charmer, keep talking." Sara said, taking a seat on the cot they had been using for a bed.

"Theres a lot I could say Sara. That the snow is gorgeous, that I think somewhere with a change of season would suit us both, at least for a while, that you'd look beautiful outside on a winter morning, snow flakes falling on us while we're taking a walk though the most historic parts of the city. It's not like Vegas at all. It will be a great change of pace. Something more...peaceful."

He had sold her with that. "Anything sounds better than Vegas." she said with a smile.

"So is that a yes or no?"

"That, Mr. Grissom, is a yes. For now."