This drabbling thing? Much harder then it looks. Brevity is not my strong suit. LOL

For those waiting for updates on my other stories, the last chapter of "Thanksgiving, Winchester Style or, The Importance of Pie" is up now. The second chapter of "The Soul Collector" will go up this week. And now, my first-ever drabble. Woo hoo!

Challenge word: sheet

Word count: 100

Not So Drunk as You Think I Am

"Hey, kid!"

Sam veered back, hating to spare the time, but needing trouble and attention even less.

"Your buddy get back to the room all right? He looked three sheets to the wind."

"He's here? You saw him?" Sam's words were sharp as the knives twisting his gut. Relief. Fear.

"Yeah, came stumblin' back a few minutes ago. You didn't—" the night clerk trailed off; he was talking to air.

Sam headed for the room at a dead run. Dean. Stumbling? That meant unsteady…uncoordinated…hurt.

Because Sam knew his brother hadn't been out at some bar, drinking.

He'd been taken.