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I could believe I was doing this. I mean sneaking out to spy on Edwin's date with Mara this is some kinda low. I should though; I mean what if Edwin tries something with her? I should protect Mara from him!

Mara came over at 7pm for the date, in a cleavage-revealing top and short-shorts. Is she trying to get laid?! Edwin came down and gawked at his date.

"Wow! You look awesome!" He said smirking. I rolled my eyes. Pu-leez, I thought. Who do you think you are, Derek?!

"You don't look so bad yourself." Mara said.

Yeah he looks good! I thought. He has been getting ready for this date for the past 2 HOURS!!

"Well lets get going! We don't wanna miss the movie do we?" Edwin asked. Mara looked seductively at him. "I don't think we're really going, do you?"

Edwin swallows hard, looks at me for a brief sec, looks back at her and puts on his Derek like smirk. "I don't think so."

Gag! After they left I replay these advents in my mind. Why did he look at me? I didn't really have a clue, but I wanted to find out. The best way was to spy, um I mean supervise their date. So that where you all find me, the movie is 17 Again. Zac Efron is actually is a good actor in it!

Though I wasn't really watching the movie. I was watching Edwin and Mara. Mara was trying to get Edwin's attention, but it wasn't working. She tried all her sluttish antics, such as leaning over to grab popcorn, while giving him a nice look at her cleavage. He still wasn't paying attention, and Mara was getting annoyed. She started talking to him, put I couldn't hear her. Edwin is also now starting to look annoyed.

Something tells me I need to get outta here! I make it home just 5 minutes before Edwin. He comes in really mad. "Can't believe her!" Edwin shouts. I look up pretending I was here for hours. "What's wrong Eddie, your date didn't want you to sleep with her?" I say sarcastically.

"Of course not!" Edwin says indigently. "And don't call me Eddie!" I smile, "Whatever Eddie. What did Mara do?"

"She was coming on to me! Pressuring me to kiss her, gosh it was only are first date!!!" Edwin cried. I look at Edwin startled. "Why would you want to kiss her?! Derek would…" Edwin cut me off. "That's just it I'm not Derek and I won't every be Derek!!!" Edwin yells. "Why does everyone want me to act like him?!"

I start to yell to. "Edwin I'm not asking you to be your brother, so don't say everyone!" Edwin tried to speak, but I wouldn't let him. "And another thing! If you don't wanna have the same reputation, then don't go out with slut. Also another know when your stepsister likes you so you don't end up miserable like Derek!" I screamed. I realize I said too much. I made a dash to my room, but Edwin caught a hold of me. I struggled to get out of his grip, but I couldn't. Edwin looks at me, processing all that I said. After I gave up struggling he spoke. "You like me?"

I wanted to say no, even though my heart was screaming yes! But what about are parents? How would they deal with this? All I could do was nod my head. Edwin leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I like you too."

Then he kissed me. You know in stories, they say she melted into his kiss, and you never believed it? Well believe it! We kissed until we need air. We look in each others eyes and know that we are in love. And that's good enough for me! See what you can do with a little bit of spy, I mean supervision?

Okay that was my first Life with Derek story and so I need to work out kinks. Constructive criticism is wanted!

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