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Edward and I managed to be able to stay home, just laying around, reading in his- our room for the rest of that day and most of the next because Alice was so busy making calls about the fabric for my dress and debating the pros and cons of lace versus silk.

But by the third day she realized we weren't going out and she drug us back to the diner. I was kind of excited to see Tanya and her sisters again though. They had been so nice to me and I knew how much they meant to Edward. It was going to be interesting seeing them together.

"Edward!" Someone shrieked as soon as we walked in the door.

Edward chuckled and placed a kiss to the top of my head.

"Beware." He whispered. "Tanya's had her coffee."

I giggled as, sure enough, Tanya came rushing over to us.

Edward gave her an awkward one armed hug because his other arm was still securely wrapped around my wait.

"It's so good to see you again." She said, taking a step back.

He smiled fondly at her but as far as I could see it was the type of smile you would use when greeting a long lost sister.

Not that I doubted Edward. And I believed that Alice was telling the truth when she said that Tanya didn't have feelings for Edward any more and that he never had returned them. I was just... observing.

Tanya turned to me with a warm smile.

"And how are you today Bella?" She asked.

I returned her smile.

"I'm good." I said. "How about you?"

She sighed, motioning around the restaurant.


I wrinkled my nose, looking around. It was incredibly busy for such a small diner. Almost every chair was occupied.

"Don't let her fool you." Edward drew my attention. "Tanya is a workaholic. She loves that it's busy today."

Tanya shot him a teasing look but shrugged.

"I do like staying busy." She admitted.

She crossed her arms, looking at all of the people enjoying their food or coffee.

"It's not too bad though. My cousin is back today. She's been helping a lot."

I nodded.

I remembered her mentioning something about a cousin. She had been sick the day me and Alice had been here.

"I don't remember you having a cousin that lived here."

Edward puckered his brow, thinking.

"Oh, she just moved here last year." She explained.

"I'll bring her around your table after the lunch rush dies down if you want to stick around. I'm sure she'll want to meet you."

Edward smiled pleasantly but looked at me, as if to see if I was okay with this plan.

My plan for the day was simply to be with Edward. It didn't really matter to me where we were. And I was curious to meet another one of Tanya's relatives. She and Irina had been so much fun last time I was here.

I nodded.

"And of course she'll want to meet you too Bella." Tanya added.

I looked over and she winked.

"You are after all part of the family now."

I blushed and Edward chuckled, retracting his arm from my waist only to grab my hand.

He led me to a table in the corner and pulled out my chair for me.

It was things like this that I would never get sick of. We had been together for six months. We were getting married and he was still always such a gentleman.

"I over heard Esme and Alice talking about your bridal shower this morning." He commented idly.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Were you ease dropping Edward?" I asked, feigning disbelief.

Edward smirked, lacing our fingers together on the table top.

"Of course not."

I nodded.

Of course he wasn't.

"It sounds like you're going to have fun." he said, playing with my fingers with a smile.

"Are you going to tell me where they're taking me?" I asked, trying to sound inciting.

I don't think it worked too well but Edward looked up at me through his eyelashes as I spoke and I lost my train of thought anyway.

"I couldn't share their plans." He scoffed, but his eyes were dancing with amusement.

I rolled my eyes.

"As long as there aren't any strippers I'll be fine."

Edward narrowed his eyes.

"There will be no strippers."

I couldn't help the laugh that bubbled up.

"Now who's jealous?" I giggled.

Esme was helping Alice plan my bridal shower for God's sake. Of course there wasn't going to be strippers! If anyone should be worried it should be me. Emmett was going to be throwing his bachelor party.

Come to think of it I might have to talk to Emmett about his plans.

"I thought you said you weren't jealous." Edward smirked.

I bit my lip, looking down at the table top.

He had gotten me there.

"Edward. Bella." Tanya called, walking up to the table.

We looked up and saw that the diner had cleared considerably. I hadn't even noticed and from the look on Edward's face he hadn't either.

"This is my cousin." She said, gesturing to the woman standing next to her.

She was beautiful. She had blue eyes much like Tanya and her sister's. Her black hair was swept up onto the top of her head in a messy bun.

I just stared, my eyes wide, at the girl who was watching me with a look of confusion.

"Emily Strut." Tanya finished the introduction, clearly oblivious to the fact that I already knew Emily.

I just hadn't seen her in a while. Not since she held my hand that day in Arizona.

"Bella?" She said, her voice mirroring the confused look on her face.

I felt Edward's gaze on me. He had no doubt realized who this was as soon as Tanya had said her name.

"Hello Emily."

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