A/N: OMG what a finale! So, this is my take on what happens afterward because I think season 5 will not begin exactly where season 4 left off. That's just my opinion. In my world, they get the crap out of dodge so they can regroup and of course the best place to do that is at Bobby's.

Also, this drabble was kinda inspired by another very short story I published at the first of the week called "You'll Always Have Me." You don't have to read it for this one to make sense but I'd love it if you did. :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing! And oh yeah, it's over the 100 words by about 30. Sorry! I'll do better next time, I swear!


Dean sat on the edge of the bed and watched his brother sleep. Sam had been exhausted, almost too quiet on the ride to Bobby's.

Sam shivered and Dean pulled the sheet up further on his brother's body. Sam's eyes opened and immediately filled with tears.

"Sammy, don't."

"I should have listened to you, Dean."

Dean couldn't bring himself to say I told you so. Instead he pulled his brother into his arms and held him like he had when they were kids. To hell with his no chick flick moments, his brother was back…..that was all that mattered.

"I thought I lost you, Dean." Sam clutched his brother almost painfully.

Dean's hold on Sam was just as tight, his tears falling into Sam's dark hair. "You'll always have me, Sammy."