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Transformer Animated

Laws of Nature

Out in space there is a wide ring of rocks called the Asteroid Belt that acts almost like a fence between the inner and outer portions of the Milky Way Galaxy. Occasionally some of these large rocks, wither pulled by a passing planet's gravity or forced through collisions with other rocks, escape the belt and travel through space. These large rocks will more than likely float endlessly for eons without pause. Some of the time, while traveling through this vast region, these asteroids become ensnare by a planet gravitational pull. Planets, such as a certain pretty, little blue orb floating pleasantly in third place from the sun of its system. Also, these rocks can sometimes carry things to these worlds. Strange and wondrous things… as well as dark and menacing… the likes of which none have ever seen.

Such an asteroids could be seen, if anyone has bothered to look at the time, was slowly floating through the inner Milky Way galaxy. It floated slowly along the gravitational pull of the pretty blue planet. There was still enough distance in between the two masses for the asteroid to veer off without entering the atmosphere. Until without warning it was hit by two powerful, electrical blasts. The charges force the space rock into falling and getting trapped in the Earth's gravity. As the meteor plummeted downward, a large mysterious figure fell after it and clamped onto its surface. It blasted and dug into the space rock, creating a small hiding place to shield itself from the heat of entering the atmosphere.

"Grrrraaahh!!" The being growled angrily as it braced itself within it makeshift pod. The heat flowing around gave illumination to its green and black mechanical body. "Wasp coming!!" Its sharp magenta colored optical sensors looked all the more menacing with the surrounding flames of reentry. "Wasp coming for you!!!" Chunks of rock cracked and broke off the asteroid, revealing a faint golden light with in, as the heat and wind flew wildly around it. "BUMBLE BOT!!


Planet Earth: USA

On the surface of the Earth, in the northern section of North America, a certain little girl with rich red hair tied in pigtails was chatting to her best friend on the phone. "It's going to be wicked cool! You've got to promise to come no matter what, okay Bumble Bee?"

"Sure thing, Sari." The voice of her mechanical friend on the other line chuckled at her enthusiasm. "I wouldn't miss it for anything."

"Okay, see ya tomorrow." As the young girl hung up the phone, a flash of light from beyond her window caught her eye. "Ooh sweet! A shooting star!" Running to her balcony, Sari followed the light's decent and decided at a little extra luck wouldn't hurt tomorrow's plans. "Ha-ha, starlight star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight…"

Sari closed her eyes as she made her special wish. Had she kept them open, she would have seen the shooting star appear to have split in two. One half shown strong and brightly as comet and continued it's flight through the air, while the other large dark piece outlined like a free faller landed in the waters of Lake Eerie.



Detroit Michigan, the world's leading manufacture of automatons and robotic technology was preparing for its annual robotics' fair. A day in which the people celebrate the technological advances their fair city have made and to their appreciation to their 'mechanical partners' for all their hard work in their everyday lives. None could have been more excited about the arrival of the fair than the children of Detroit. Every year brought newer, faster, and more exciting rides. However this year would be the most exciting one yet because this year the people of Detroit will have their huge mechanical heroes attending the festivities.

Near the fairgrounds, people have been cleaning and clearing the lot where the fair would take place. Heavy construction machinery could be seen assembling the complicated rides, the staff workers were putting up the game and snack stands, and a huge portion of the park was being set up for the annual robotics' show. In the distance one yellow compact car with a solid black racing strip rode up to the of a road hill overlooking the area. A small eight-year-old child with red pigtails got out of the driver's seat of the automobile and with minutes the vehicle transformed into the Autobot known as Bumble Bee. The two friends began to slowly make their way towards the site.

From his chest compartment, Bumble Bee pulled out a small barrel of coolant he 'borrowed' from Bulkhead's stash. "So, is this 'Fair' like Five Banners Rollercoaster Kingdom?" He asked as he punctured the top of the barrel with a narrow motor funnel and began sucking on it like a straw.

"A little. Its smaller, has fewer rides, but with lots more food." Sari explained as she glanced up at her best friend. He could tell by looking at her eyes that she really wanted him to see this place. "It's special because it only comes around once in a while. Usually for special occasions."

"Is there a special occasion coming up?" He asked casually as he made sure his stride matched her much shorter one.

She was thinking of waiting for the day of the fair to tell him and the others, but she was just too excited. "This time the fair is going to stay for a whole month to celebrate the day you guys first saved Detroit!"

"Hey that's right! We've lived on Earth for nearly a whole 'stellar cycle' now." The trials they went through seemed so long ago, now. "The anniversary of when we first met is on the next 'Deca cycle'!" {Stellar cycle = year / Deca cycle = month}

"Yep! And the fair is going to open in three weeks. Right on our anniversary!" She explained as he picked her up to sit her on his shoulder. She could already see the tops on the bigger rides as they approached. "I was thinking we'd check out the fairgrounds, see what ride we'll be able to go on together, what games everyone could play, maybe even convince the workers if you guys can put on a performance and show off your powers."

"Sweet!" The overgrown glory hound began doing a series of poses as if he was modeling. "I love being in the spotlight! I can just hear the roar of the crowd now!"


The sudden explosion was powerful and complete unexpected. The ground erupted as debrie flew and glass shattered. The Autobot was sent flying and came crashing down hard eight 'human' yards away from the smoking crater that had appeared right where he had once stood. He had managed to shield Sari from the impact as his body bounced and rolled until he finally rolled onto his back and stopped. Sari stayed very still between his arms and chest plate for a few moments until her wits came back.

She saw her friend's pained expression as his system franticly tried rebooting. "Bumble Bee! Are you alright?! Wake up! Say some…"

The first thing he saw when his 'ocular sensors' activated and focused was an oncoming electrical attack. "LOOK OUT!!" He grabbed the child and scrambled; barely managing three running strides before once again getting thrown off his feet by the shockwave of the impact.

Sari tried hanging on to her stomach until the torturous rolling stopped again. Bumble Bee stayed awake this time and slowly uncurled himself incase his little friend might have been injured. The two of them whipped their heads towards the sky at the loud whirling noises above and saw the culprit of their assault.

Sari recognized the design on the flying machine easily. "That's a military helicopter!"

"Why's it shooting at us?!" The green chopper swooped in low. It bent in half. The tail split and became legs, the four blades folded into two and reformed into arms, and finally a head appear from the new torso the chopper body made. The yellow Autobot easily recognized the hard edge features of the head. "Wasp…?"

"Bumble bot!!" The green robot thrust his arms out. His hands ducked into his arm compartments and a pair of spark plug-like stingers popped out in their place. Soon after a huge burst of electricity shot out from the weapons and aimed right for the Autobot.

Bumble Bee jumped and rolled out of the way, transforming into his vehicle mode with Sari inside of him and dashed away to put some distance between them and the attacker. Stopping just in front of the fairgrounds the compact car transformed back into robot mode and all but shoved the child away from him. "Sari, run! Get out of here!" He turned and faced his attacker in time to grapple servo to servo with him. Humans ran screaming as the metallic titans fought and struggled throughout the grounds. Many game stands and snack bars fell victim to the clash. "Wasp stop!! Can't we talk about this?!"

"Wasp not talk!" His voice was different from what the yellow Autobot remembered. The look in his ocular sensors showed clear that he was unstable. "Bumble bot not talk!" Their servos squealed and grind as they tried to overpower one another. "Bumble bot lies! Ruined Wasp's life with lies!"

As broken the speech pattern was, Bumble Bee knew the bot was speaking of their time in the Autobot camp of Cybertron. They both were training to become part of the Elite Guard until Bumble Bee accused and had Wasp convicted of being a spy for the Decepticons. {Boot Camp} The action was later proven to be a terrible mistake during their final battle with Megatron. {A Bridge to Close}

"I wasn't lying! I really did thought you were working with the Decepticons…!" A hotdog stand became crushed as he was pushed back a few steps. "I saw you shortly after I found out about the spy in the ally…!" The Ring Toss stand also was crushed underfoot when Bumble Bee managed to push Wasp back two steps. "The real spy found out and made sure I stayed focus on you!"

"Bumble bot lied about Wasp!" He forced the yellow Autobot to kneel on one servo joint as he continued to force him into an awkward angle. "Sent Wasp to stockades!" [Servo joint = knee]

"I was tricked!" He was strong. Much stronger than Bumble Bee remembered. "I-I'm sorry!!"

"Bumble bot not sorry!" Wasp threw his weight to the left forcing Bumble Bee to be thrown off balance and slide towards the Ferris Wheel. "Not sorry yet!!" The insane Cybertronian shot his stingers and hit the Ferris Wheel's support beams. People screamed as the structure came down flat side. Bumble Bee positioned himself and caught the wheel in its center.

The humans around him watched in horror. The Ferris Wheel had to be at least twice his size. "Go! Get out of AAArrrgh!!" Wasp shot the Kamikaze ride as well and had it fall on top of the Ferris Wheel; forcing Bumble Bee to kneel as he tried to steady the additional weight. "G-go… I can't… h-hold it much longer!" The people ran for their lives while the attacking bot advanced on his pinned opponent. Wasp noticed that his opponent wasn't even trying to lower the mass off him. He seemed to be waiting for the strange miniature creatures to move out of the way. Wasp soon took aim at the helpless Autobot with the intent of blasting him on sight, only to be interrupted by flying objects hitting him.

"Leave him alone!" Sari and some other kids were throwing anything they could get their hands on at Wasp. She had rallied them up hoping to distract him long enough so Bumble Bee could get free. However, when she looked up again after picking up another big rock, the crazy robot was towering over her and the other kids ran off scared. "Oh-o…"

Wasp tower over the girl, half wondering why this organic creature was interfering and half angered that it was interfering at all. He began charging one of his stingers and took aim. Sari screamed as Bumble Bee tackled the bot and slams him into the rollercoaster.

"Leave her alone, Wasp!!" If nothing else the yellow robot was going to keep him away from the girl. "She's has nothing to do with this!" The Autobot had to keep the escaped bot's attention on him if the humans were to be left alone. "I'm the one that thought you were a traitor! I'm the one that got you sent to the stockades! I'm the one you want!!"

Enraged, Wasp twisted and threw Bumble Bee up against the sturdy structure of the rollercoaster "Bumble bot ruined Wasp's life!!" Being reminded of that. Having it thrown in his face by the yellow robot was more than he was willing to take. "Bumble bot pay for ruining Wasp's life!!"

The Autobot could feel his system was on the verge of crashing from the constant physical abuse. "D-do what you want with me." This would be all over the news by now. The other Autobot would have seen this by now. He just had to hold out a little longer. "But leave the humans alone!"

This request seemed to have confused the green robot. "Wasp not want humans…" He threw Bumble Bee aside and had him landing hard on the asphalt. "It's Bumble bot Wasp want." Bumble Bee tried to clear his head as Wasp tore a lamppost off its base as he stalked closer. "Wasp punish Bumble bot…" Bumble Bee stood in time for the first hard swing to hit his chest plate and had him slamming against BMW. "Make Bumble bot pay!" The second swing caught the yellow Autobot upside his temple. He rolled twice and just lay still, faced up, where he landed. His system had completely crashed and left him vulnerable as the green bot advanced on him. This time with the broken, jagged end of the lamppost aimed at his mid section. "Make Bumble bot suffer!!"

"Alright that's enough!!" The angry amplified voice rang and caught Wasp's attention. "We have you completely surrounded!" Captain Fanzone stood just behind a line of armed cops. The area was filled with a variable swat team with all weapons aimed at the green robot. "Step away from the Autobot and put your hands where I can see'em!!"

The witnesses Bumble Bee had protected in the fight had called the police for help. Sari was brought, protesting, next to Captain Fanzone by one of the officers that found her next to the destroyed BMW. She informed the captain of the rouge robot's insanity as she stuck her key into her cell phone to call the other Autobots. She was so scared she couldn't lock on to any of the frequencies properly. The child only hoped the cops could hold Wasp off until her friends arrive.

The deranged robot eyed the loud little man. "Stupid organics. Wasp not want you." Seemly annoyed that these tiny creatures kept multiplying and interfering with his objective, the bot tossed the lamppost aside. "Wasp want Bumble bot!" After this declaration, the warped minded machine stalked over to his motionless victim and forces him to his feet so he'd face the police. "Wasp take Bumble bot." All at once cables shot from behind the yellow robot and warped around him in restraint. "Finnish Bumble bot's punishment!" Right before their eyes the insane green robot transformed into a military helicopter and took off with Bumble Bee hanging from his bonds.

"Bumble Bee!!" Sari began running after the two on foot. The police went for their own cruisers and the chief went for his radio.

"All units, all units I need chopper back up!" Captain Fanzone grabbed his binoculars from his car as he spoke. "We got a hostage situation and the suspect is air born, headed south!" He judged the speed and the direction of where helicopter was going. "Repeat the suspect is air born and headed south! Send chopper back up now!"

"Sari? Sari, its Optimus." The Autobot leader's voice ranged through the phone. The signal had reached them in time to hear the commotion. "What's going on?"

"Optimus!" She didn't keep her eyes off the helicopter. If she lost it, she'll lose Bumble Bee. "Optimus, he took him! He took Bumble Bee!!"

"Who took him?"

"Some crazy robot!" The chopper was getting further and further away. "I think it was a Decepticon! He attacked us on our way to the fairgrounds!!" The squealing of tiers had her jumping as a yellow car stopped next to her. Captain Fanzone opened the passenger door.

"Kid! Get in and give me that phone!" Sari did what she was told and buckled up as the Chief of police speed down the street. "Prime, this is Captain Fanzone. Your friend, Bumble Bee, just got abducted by what we think is another Deceptcon." Sticking his head out temporarily, the chief spotted where the helicopter was heading and made a series of turns until the car was driving right behind it. "I'm giving chase, and called for air support, but I don't think it'll be enough."

The Autobot weren't picking up a Decepticon signal at all from their base. "Where is he headed now?"

"South, southeast. I'm following on Victory Blvd." He paused to determine wither or not the chopper was going to change directions. "At this rate we'll be close to Sumdac Towers."

Back at the plant the Autobot had switched to their vehicle mode and were already heading out into the streets. "We're moving to your position now."


Up town Detroit

Three police choppers had been dispatched and were heading towards the target's current location. Moving in the flying V formation the three choppers sped through the air to intercept the rogue helicopter. It wasn't long before they caught up with the military chopper as it maneuvered around building with its hostage hanging from the cables.

"Suspect in sight." During the approach, one police chopper broke off from the V to get around at its flank. "Hostage is visible."

"Drive'em towards the lake and engage'em there." Fanzone directed from his position at Sumdac Towers. If he guessed right they would fly over head any minute. "Do what you can to force the chopper down, but do not harm the yellow robot."

Wasp flew through the air with his prisoner around several skyscrapers before suddenly getting dived at by a police chopper. He evaded only to be cut off by two more. The sky was alive with the sounds of whirling blades and sniper fire as the police shot blanks to drive the military chopper towards the lake. The four flying machines went through a death defying series of dodges, dives, loops and circles. There were near misses, twists and turns that were too close for comfort, even a dangerously low to the ground chase that sent the citizens running for cover, but still the mechanical kidnapper evaded capture.

The Autobots arrived in time to see that a virtual dogfight taking place in the sky. The Military chopper had turned the tails on the police air units and was trying to either shoot them down or ram them out of the sky. "It's no good. The police can't overpower the helicopter." Optimus stated as the three air units regrouped and began retreating with the military chopper right behind them.

The swift ninja bot jumped up onto a nearby building and caught the direction of the chase. "They're leading it towards Lake Erie." Prowl stated from his position on the rooftop.

The other immediately switched back to their vehicle and resumed the chase from the ground. "Bulkhead position yourself near the edge of the lake." The fire truck ordered the green police SWAT car next to it. "The rest of us will drive the helicopter to you. The nano second its in range, bring it down!"

Prowl began the assault by throwing his exploding shuriken; having them detonate before reaching the helicopter to drive the chopper in the right direction. Ratchet shot several magnetic blasts around the flying machine; making grabs for Bumble Bee while making it appear that the helicopter was the true target. Wasp twisted and swayed trying to get away from the onslaught of attacks. As the helicopter tried swerving around a building, Optimus pole-vaulted from a rooftop and managed to grab a hold of Bumble Bee's bonds. The chopper violently struggled to hold its altitude while the Autobot leader used his added weight to force steer them into Bulkhead's path. Using his ax, Prime began to cut at the cords as Bulkhead took aim with his wreaking ball and fired.

Wasp felt the shift in the bonds at the same time he heard the launch of the oncoming projectile. With an enraged yell the helicopter did a suicidal whirl of a turn and managed to fling Optimus in front of the cannonball. The two collided hard, forcing Prime to let go of Wasp and began falling towards the streets below. Ratchet shot his magnetic blast and caught the younger bot in his field; slowing him down until he could righted himself and land on his feet. Bulkhead retracted his wreaking ball fast before it could destroy any of the populated buildings. The police air units began to swoop in as the rouge helicopter showed sighs of losing control and attempting to land. As it ducked behind a skyscraper, the air units split and circled both sides ready to surround the chopper; only to find that it had vanished.

"We've lost the visual!" The pilot reported as he and the other units scanned the area for the vanished chopper. "Repeat we have lost visual!"

"No!" Sari yelled at the report from the police radio. She alerted the Autobots and had them regrouped out front of Sumdac Towers where she informed them what had happened.

"There's still a chance." Optimus began making adjustments to his head gear until a holographic map appeared right in front of his face. "If we can just lock onto Bumble Bee's energy signature, we'll still be able to track them." Soon all the other Autobots were checking and adjusting their own tracking equipment until the signal was found. "Got it! Everyone transform and roll out!"