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"That stupid, fugly piece of sh-"

"Dean! Language!"

"-eet. I was gonna say 'sheet.'"

"Sheet!" A tiny voice parroted from Sam's lap. Dean glanced at the toddler, who only grinned up at his rescuers. Sam shrugged his shoulders.

"Little ears, big mouths, ya know?"

"Like harpies don't curse like sailors."


"He was asleep for most of that. Besides, Jamie's been traumatized enough. He doesn't need to pick up any new vocabulary words from you."

"So what, you're saying I cuss for the rest of the trip?"

"I'm just saying maybe you could tone it down a little. Like substituting 'dang' and 'sugar' for well, you know." The kid squirmed in Sam's arms.

"Sugar!" Dean rolled his eyes but smiled faintly at the little boy as he pulled the car into a Wal-Mart parking lot.

" Its one bleep of a long drive to Greensburg, Sam. I'm buying the kid some fudging earplugs."