E/O Drabble Challenge: Sheet
Words: 100
Two related drabbles this week. No redeeming characteristics.
Participants: Too many to comprehend. We have a community. Check us out.

Sam stared out as rain fell in sheets onto the parking lot.

Dean appeared next to him still toweling his hair. "Wha'cha looking at?"

"You sure we can't go tonight?"

"The boo-hag won't be out in the rain, you know that."

"But I want to take care of it now."

Dean snorted. "You can play outside as soon as it stops raining."

"Bite me."

"Take your shower. I want dinner."

Much later, Sam was smiling as Dean got into bed. And bounced out. "Sam! There's a goddamn frog under my pillow. And where's my knife?"

"I get bored playing inside."

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