Hey There! Its me! PuyoPuyoBoy! I'm posting the second chapter of my Puyo Puyo story because… because…um….WELL BECAUSE I CAN! So…be prepared!



That's the moment when Aroro reflexes kicked in. He flung the pile of Feli's books high up into the air behind him. He grabbed one of his own Puyo Textbooks, and the attack just barely bounced off, lea-ving a scorch mark on it. It wasn't too bad. It just a big, black, burnt circle on the back of his book.

"Phew." Aroro sighed. He put the book away from his face. The red-hared boy was highly unaware of the fact that Feli's books were now scattered everywhere across the floor. That's when he noticed Feli's evil stare at him. "…HE DID IT!" screeched Aroro, pointing at TaruTaru. The moment when Feli's concentration lapsed, he sped off into the bathroom.

"LEMME IN THERE YOU SON OF A B****! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!1! YOU ARE LUCKY NOBODY SAW THAT BOOK I WAS WQRITING! BUT YOU STILL SCATTERED MY BOOKS! NOW I HAVE TO KILL YOU!" Feli shouted. She banged her fists onto the door of the boys bathroom, eyes red and ablaze with anger. That's when Lemres-senpai walked past, and Feli was sent into a complete drooling rabid fan girl phase. Just as Lemres walked past her, the girl skipped after him

"Lemres-Senpai~! Lemres-Senpai~!" she sang, as Aroro peeked his head out from the door. He saw it was safe, and made a mad dash for the class. Unfortunately, Raffine, happened to close the door, not noticing he was there, and so he made a loud face plant into the door. Everyone looked up from what they were doing. Especially Amitie, even though her fake brother did that all the time. Aroro opened up the door, his face covered with red marks. He stomped inside, sat down at his seat, and plunked his head on the desk.

During Class…

"Now class….Finals are coming up…and I want you to practice every..single..thing…we've learned. Now, I want you to start reviewing the fever mode. Everyone pair up!" said Ms. Accord with that Trademark smile of hers. In an instant, the room was filled with shouting, running, flying papers, and a couple of flying textbooks that jus happened to hit either Amitie or Arle in the face. Aroro eventually ended up being partnered with Dongurigaeru. He was an okay, but he always said "Kero" at the end f his sentences. "Alright! Lets do this, Kero!" Dongurigaeru said. He was wearing the same uniform as all of us, but he had a green tie and a green armband. I looked at his curly, orange hair and his deep yellow eyes and I smiled.


Me and Dongurigaeru were the last battle still going after 10 long minutes. We were attacking and offsetting, nuisance puyos flying left and right, appearing and being destroyed. It was total pandemonium, or should I say Puyomonium. Eventually, Dongurigaeru got the upper hand, and dozens of nuisance puyos collapsed on Aroro's head

"Wah…Wajitakarbahuuka…." the dazed Aroro said. He slowly stood up as the bell rang for lunch as he toddled his way out.