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Prologue: The Blend

Sosuke Aizen was one of the few Shinigami who knew of the shinobi world. He also knew that shinobi were the only Shinigami who held memories of their time amongst the living. There was one thing that puzzled him about the shinobi world. They had their own Shinigami.

One night, roughly five years after he had become the captain of the 5th division, he got word of a giant demon attacking cities in the shinobi world. Eager to find out which Shinigami was strong enough to patrol that world, he disappeared for the night, going alone to the world.

He was there on October 10th, when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha. It was then he realized why so few Shinigami who knew about the shinobi world. Shinigami went where Hollows attacked. Hollows, for an unknown reason, didn't attack the shinobi world. Aizen found out why.

In a flash of light the monstrous forms of the Kyuubi and Gamabunta disappeared. Only three beings saw what happened next. Behind the form of Namikaze Minato was the Shinigami of the shinobi world.

The sheer amount of reiatsu stopped Aizen from moving. For the first time he could remember, Aizen was afraid. That thing was neither Shinigami nor Hollow… it was something more.

With its twin horns and its oddly shaped zanpakuto, he could have easily mistaken it as an Arrancar. The only thing it was missing was a visible hole.

Suddenly its eyes left the struggling form of the Kyuubi and they locked onto him. Aizen fell to his knees; truly he was in the presence of a god.

Then it disappeared, taking the soul of Namikaze Minato and a large chunk of the Kyuubi's soul with it. Aizen took a deep breath before standing. The shinobi below him moved around in confusion, some rushing wounded to the medics while others rushed to the crumpled body of the fourth Hokage.

He smirked as an idea came to his mind. The creature, whatever it had been, seemed to be made up of a blend of chakra and reiatsu. If he could create ten beings with that mix, then maybe he could control this world. He strived for the top, and nothing would stand in his way. Nothing.


The Shinigami gazed down upon the shinobi world. The shinigami of Seireitei made it feel uneasy, despite the fact that it could have crushed the man instantly. It knew of Sosuke Aizen, it knew what the man would do. The Shinigami smiled. No matter what Aizen did, he would have a counter measure in place, one in the form of a young, blonde haired baby with three whisker-like marks on each cheek.


Twelve Years Later

Aizen smiled as he finished the last of his ten orb shaped devices. Each device was designed to give a shinobi reiatsu. Five were designed for the power of an Arrancar, two for the power of a Quincy, and three for the power of a Shinigami. He had twelve of Konoha's genin picked out and ready for his little project. Quickly he made two deductions from his list.

'Hyuuga Neji and Rock Lee have to go. Lee doesn't have the chakra necessary for my device to take effect. Neji has much potential but he is not needed hear.'

"Gin, Kaname. Deliver these tonight," he said. Kaname merely nodded and picked a random five and disappeared. Gin followed suit. "Now, we wait."


Gin appeared in the house of a blonde boy, who was clutching his brand new leaf headband with a grin on his face. Quickly Gin placed the small device on the boy's nightstand. Just as quickly he left. By morning the device would have fused with the boy and the effects would appear in a few months time.

Unknown to Gin or the blonde boy, as the device attempted to start the process, something leapt from the boy and shattered the device.


The Shinigami laughed. It had begun.


A Few Months Later

Uchiha Sasuke was frozen to the ground as a giant snake lunged at him, its fangs ready to tear his body in two.


Sasuke couldn't move, there just wasn't enough time!

Then something jumped in between Sasuke and the giant snake. The Uchiha's eyes widened as it was Naruto, with two kunai stuck in the snake to help stop the beast.

"Hey, you alright?" Naruto asked as he raised his head. His appearance had changed, his eyes were red with slits for pupils and his whisker marks were darkened. "Scaredy cat?"

Suddenly the Uzumaki was lifted up to face the grass ninja who slammed her palm into Naruto's chest. Naruto cried out in pain then was thrown over the ninja's shoulder. Sakura threw a kunai that caught Naruto and stuck him to the trunk of a tree.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura shouted, tears streaming down her face. "It's true that unlike you, Naruto is clumsy and can get in the way but… at least he's not a coward! Right?"


"Foolish little brother. If you want to kill me then hate, spite, and survive pathetically. Run and run and cling desperately to life!"

Sasuke felt a surge of chakra around his eyes as his emotions erupted.


Suddenly the air grew heavy and something materialized next to the Uchiha. Without thinking Sasuke grabbed a sword out of the air, simultaneously reaching for a kunai. With a battle cry he lunged forward.

"Say it."

Sasuke didn't have time to think as the grass ninja increased her speed and meet his sword with a kunai.

"Say it!"

"Pierce the ground, Denkiryu!" Sasuke yelled and the air around him crackled with electricity as the blade became zigzagged like a bolt of lightning. With his sharingan spinning rapidly the Uchiha disappeared to meet his foe in battle.


Aizen chuckled as a device next to him glowed green, signaling the first one had awoken. "It has begun!"


Prologue End!

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