Tuesday, January 19, 2010:

Dear all readers.

Sorry, not a chapter.


I have no excuse for why I didn't update from September to November. But in November I decided to take a new strategy to writing these fictions! I decided to make chapter-by-chapter outlines so I could keep the stories on track. So far the outline for Eldest Sister is far enough along that I can safely start writing the next three or four chapters. Which I will get started on within the next few days. (Provided my C in French doesn't get me grounded…).

I have not yet started the outline for The Experiment but I will start that tonight. I should be safe to write the next few chapters for this, heck all the way up until the time skip and a bit after I should be fine. But the how the ending turns out all depends on what the next couple of Bleach chapter's reveal. Seeing as Aizen will be a big factor later on, I'll need to know some things about him. But I am planning to do a sequel to The Experiment, but whether or not that will be a separate fiction will be decided much later on.

As for the Naruto and Sekirei cross over, I'll work on that after I have completely finished the Eldest Sister, and after I finish most of the Experiment.

I'll upload another author's note in a week or so to let you know how far I am progressing. If I don't then feel free to assume I'm grounded and will be away for an undefined amount of time. But either way, I'll be working on the outlines (because I hand write them).


Your favorite not-so-dead author, Saphshade!

P.S. Don't review this author's note, or the next one. Private Message me for any comments or questions.

P.P.S. Sorry for being so lazy. I'm currently attempting to kick its ass, but it's like a cold… it keeps coming back.