E/O Drabble Challenge of the Week

Word: sheet

Word Count: 107

A/N: Read&Review&Enjoy. So what did everyone think of the season 4 finale? OMG RIGHTT? Haha

Water bottles and Angels

"This is embarrassing." Dean Winchester mumbled at the laundry mat as he stuffed his bed sheets into the washer.

"It's not embarrassing to me." Castiel spoke from the bench.

Dean slammed the washer lid down; "I peed myself because you scared the crap outta me at three in the morning."

"Dean this is kinda your fault." Sam said from the other end of the bench.


"You had three bottles of water before bed."

"I was thirsty." Dean defended, glaring. "Look Cas just use the door and knock till me or Sammy answer it."

"If it's an emergency I'll pop in."

"It's always an emergency!" Dean huffed.