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He stood outside, leaning against the brick wall.

It was late, very late.

And cold, ice cold.

Yet he didn't care, he stood, leaning against that brick wall.

Inhaling smoke from his cigarette, and exhaling it back out.

Again, and again.

Over and over.

From the corner of his eye, he saw movement, yet made no move to see what it was.

He didn't care what it was, why should he.

So he stood there, smoking his refreshing menthol cigarette.

The figure in the shadows finally moved out into the open.

And he finally got a glimpse of his pale skin.

"If you were trying to be inconspicuous, you could have been quieter" The man with the cigarette said.

The pale skinned man moved closer and said, "I wasn't trying to be inconspicuous, I was looking for you"

"Well you found me" The man with the cigarette said as he took another hit.

The pale skinned man, stayed silent.

"Harry-"The pale skinned man began.

"Don't bother" The man named Harry replied.

"Harry, please, just listen. You know why I had to do it" The other man said.

"Do what? Tell me you don't and never have loved me in front of the whole school? Oh yes I know, but that doesn't make it right" Harry said.

Harry inhaled from his cigarette again and then cast it aside.

"Harry, you know what I feel for you" He replied.

"Seriously, don't bother, you made what you feel for me, quite clear earlier, Malfoy" Harry spat at him.

"You choose what you wanted Draco, and let me tell you now, you choose wrong. I can't continue to be your little secret behind everyone's back, including your other boyfriend. We were together once, and it was brilliant, but I explained why I did what I did. And you promised to take me back if we worked though it together, and here it is, almost a year later, and your still with him and I can't be your secret anymore. I'm sorry Draco, but you choose, you choose when you left earlier." Harry said.

Draco was taken aback, he had never heard Harry say such things to him before.

"Harry please, he means nothing, I can't let you go, I just can't" Draco pleaded.

"Its too late for that Draco, you let me go a long time ago, and it took me to get beaten this long to realize it." Harry said.

Harry lit up another cigarette and started walking away.

Draco fell down to his knees into the grass.

"Goodbye Draco" Harry said, and then walked back into Hogwarts, and away from the love of his life.

Because no matter what Draco said, Harry knew that he was never actually coming back.




End Authors Note: If anyone wants the backstory. Message me. I might write a companion story to this to shed some light on the subject if I get enough requests.