Chapter 17 - Oars Aren't Just for Rowing

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Botan's mouth fell open, hair matted against her forehead and very wildly strewn about the pillow she rested her head against. She clenched her teeth, peering up at Hiei with a longing, her face a mask of frantic need. Her skin was burning up against his, the smell of her salt and that succulent crease he pushed his way into hovered all around him, intoxicating him. A stifled groan from the demon, mingling in the air with her ardent cries. An intimate chorus.

Hiei slid his thumb down over her clit, ever careful to maintain the pace at which he fucked her. He eased his thumb the length of the slippery folds around the perimeter of where he watched his reddened cock enter her. Another groan, his ruby eyes scanning her body, then fixing on her breasts, which he took delight in watching the slightest jiggle each time he applied just the right amount of force to her. Slow, rhythmic fucking. He felt his cock begin to weep inside the silken body, as she felt herself expending each time she took him in.

She sat up, a sudden urge to be in control of the penetration, wanting to satisfy her own rhythm. She pressed forward onto Hiei's lap, keeping his cock situated inside of her as she fixed herself in the superior position. Rocking forward, then back, staring down into his eyes before allowing her head to roll back with a moan. She felt his hands furtively sliding around her hips, helping her press even harder against him when she pushed forward, directing her onto his cock. She cried for the release that just seemed to elude her each time she rolled her delightfully spread peach against him.

Her mouth was agape, he grabbed at her ass while she continued to work him, feeling the steady flow of her cream being teased from her by his ridges. Her throat tightened, trying to hold back a moan before looking back down at Hiei. He dedicated himself to following her left breast, attacking her nipple with the tip of his tongue before seizing it just between his lips. She released a long, slow sigh, her thoughts erratic, yet consistently dwelling on the intimate connection she felt with Hiei while she rested her hands on his shoulders.

Botan ran the fingers through Hiei's hair, tousling the sleek spikes, releasing a sigh. He watched her with a tapered grin, enjoying the sight of her squirming, against him with an insatiable hunger. They both tensed, feeling the urge to cum nagging at them each time she pulled away from him. It wouldn't be long now before he would take control again, and see her properly satisfied in this first release...


After a couple hours of cards, drinking, and a thorough recap of the entire tournament, conversation began to die down in the room of Team Urameshi. Yusuke had long since fallen asleep, and a few of the visitors, as well as Kuwabara, were sprawled about various places in the room. Although talk of Hiei and Botan's absence was ventured back to only a few other times during this soiree, no one dared speak any more on what they were all wondering. All of them wondered except maybe Yukina and Kuwabara who, for the most part, remained oblivious. But as the hour drew late, no sooner than the girls began packing it in for the night, did the door handle to Team Urameshi's room turned. Everyone stopped what they were doing, looking away form their cards and soda cans for their eyes to venture to the door. Those who were just rising up out of their seats slowly sank back down.

It opened at no particular pace, and soon, a very unassuming Hiei stepped through, attentively closing the door behind him. No one spoke a word as all eyes silently watched him saunter over to his spot by the window while these eyes' owners pretended to be doing something else. Kurama felt no need to question the little demon. Between the reported absences, and the length of time Hiei had been gone, he had already deduced the reason for Hiei's late return. Kuwabara and Yusuke, he thought to himself, need not know.

Seeing that no conversation was forthcoming, Atsuko spoke up suddenly with a sense of urgency in the speed at which she spoke, "uh, yeah, well we'd all better be getting back o our room now. See you all later," and with a clumsy, lightly intoxicated stumble, she ran for the door. Keiko had caught on to Atsuko's plan, and ran after her, catching up to her in the doorway, and causing a cluster-fuck as they both tried to push out shoulder-to shoulder. Shizuru plodded after them with cigarette in mouth, and Yukina was the only one who was polite enough to stop and bow, thanking them for the pleasant time.

Hiei showed only a passing entrance towards the raucous exit of the girls, thinking more of his own lingering urges from things unknown to them all. His skin that still smoldered with a glistening lull, and the heartbeat underneath which was just beginning to settle down to a normal rate; all of these were concealed from them. And as he began to return his eyes back to the dark evening outside of the cool window he sat against, they caught sight of Kurama, who looked very keenly at him.

Kurama said nothing, but the accusation was in his eye. Hiei stared back with the same blank expression he often held that always gave his face a child-like quality with the large, innocently sparkling eyes. Kurama laughed in his throat, looking away to a magazine he reached for. Hiei was tempted to return the laugh, but instead looked back out to the window, convinced that the fox was a little too clever.


"Botan!" Atsuko had yelled through the open doorway, before she had even seen if anyone was in the room. Keiko followed closely behind, nursing a bump on her head that resulted from her and Atsuko finally breaking into an all-out race back to their room.

"Why did you elbow me? You don't have to be so competitive," Keiko yelled at Atsuko, not daring to hit Yusuke's mom. But they both stopped when they finally entered the room. Botan had returned, but she was unavailable for questioning because she had long since fallen asleep. "Darn," Keiko said stamping her foot.

While Botan slept, her dreams were an odd hodgepodge of the time she had spent with Hiei. How long was it before they finally parted ways? Two hours, maybe more, from the time she had fist 'snuck' off of that elevator, and into the room Hiei had gotten separate from the prying eyes of their comrades. The few times she stirred briefly from sleep throughout the night, she could have sworn the entire ordeal had just happened. But she simply rolled over to go back to sleep, thinking of the way he felt pressed against her in some scandalous position, or one of the several orgasms he had treated her to.

These same things were still running rampant in her mind the next morning, when she awoke to the creepy feeling one gets when three people are watching one sleep. "Aiieee!"

"Botan, finally you're awake!" Atsuko cried at a volume Botan was not quite prepared to hear this early in the morning.

"Wha," she groaned, sleep still heavy in her voice whilst flopping an arm over the edge of the bed to try and catch sight of the alarm clock.

"So where were you last night?" Atsuko the leader of this conversations, but the other girls, even Shizuru, sat by with ears hungry for a scoop. Botan paused for a second, using her drowsiness as a cover for the fact she was cursing herself for not thinking of a cover story.

"Uh, Koenma," she finally sat up, "I was with Koenma. There were pressing matters to attend to in Spirit world," she now rolled off her bed, trying to make a break for the bathroom to escape any further interrogation.

"But what about Hiei?" Keiko yelled into the door that was slammed in their faces.

"What about him," Botan poked her head back through the door which she had opened to only head width.

"That's it? All that that happened, and," Keiko paused to spare a glance in Yukina's direction, "nothing happened between you two?" He voice lowered a bit to spare Yukina any unsavory implications.

"Of course, what else would have happened?" A huge smile, as Botan seemed to take on ignorant bliss, once again pulling the bathroom door closed. Keiko continued to look at the bathroom door as if held some answers, disenchanted.

"You know she's lying, right," Shizuru commented casually, walking away from the door.


It was a little bit of luck and little bit of circumstance that spared Botan from uncomfortable questions the rest of that morning. She soon discovered a new confidence in her stride when she made her way down to the boat with the entire Urameshi crew. The atmosphere was one of relief when they watched the island that the accursed tournament had been on sinking into the horizon behind them. Even still, she found herself thinking of the previous evening and an itch started to develop. It started within her thoughts, but soon manifested in her chest, where it spread into a nagging feeling in her gut, and from there it spread further down. At first she couldn't figure out what this odd sensation was, but once it had spread through her body, she recognized it as similar to something she had recently felt for another reason. And as she looked over at Hiei, who leaned against the hand rails, watching her candidly, she realized she wanted more.

"Those kinds of thoughts aren't very becoming of Koenma's lap dog," Hiei grinned devilishly, suddenly interrupting the silence, calling the attention of everyone standing nearby. They all looked at Botan, somewhat shocked, and then over to Hiei. But before any of the spectators could utter a word, Botan appeared next to Hiei, landing a swift blow with her oar to the back of his head. And another swift blow to the back of Yusuke's head, preemptive to the comments which were sure to start spilling from his disturbingly large grin.

"Serves you two right," she said turning her back to Yusuke to look at Hiei, who she greeted back to a standing position holding her supernatural weapon in hand, with a warm smile on her face.


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