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Chapter 1: Ex-Heiress is Now a Shaman

It was a normal day in Konoha, everyone is happy and smiling with joy except for the depressing Hinata. After Neji defeated her in the preliminaries for the Chunin Exams, her father disowned her. It broke her heart severely, into a thousand shreds. She was very depressed. Normally she would go visit Naruto to talk about it. Since they've been childhood friends for so long. After all they look at each as a brother and sister relationship. (A/N: Yeah, yeah I know that isn't true. But hey, it's my story so deal with it! Like I said it's a YohxHinata pairing).But Naruto is training for the final exam with Jairaya or what Naruto prefers as Ero-senin. Hinata doesn't want to trouble him or interrupt his training. She was at least grateful enough not to have the Bird Caged Seal on her. That would have made her even more depressed.

There was another person who can cheer her up besides Naruto. Well, more like a ghost than a person. He is actually like a father figure to Hinata. He even calls her his daughter and is always proud calling her that. He tells Hinata to call her, her 'father' since his son obviously can't see him. Hinata was shocked from discovering who he is or was for he was known as the Fourth Hokage, the Yellow Flash, and Naruto's father! She always was suspicious who Naruto's father was. Hinata knew Naruto would be shocked finding this out.

She asked if it was alright for Naruto to know who was his father. Minato wasn't too sure but eventually agreed. But he told Hinata to tell Naruto having the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kyuubi, being inside of him. He also said that Naruto cannot change his name, Uzumaki to Namikaze till he turns at the age of 17. Hinata agreeds to these terms. She didn't care about Kyuubi being contained inside of Naruto because she knows Naruto is not Kyuubi but the jailer of it. That's what Minato was glad about.

During the next day Hinata explained everything about Minato being Naruto's father to him and about Kyuubi is being contained inside of him. At first Naruto was depressed and upset from discovering why the villagers hate him. But Hinata immediately cheered him up by saying he was not Kyuubi but the jailer. And that he is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the future Hokage of Konoha.

After hearing that he threw himself at her, crying his eyes. Crying all the sadness he bottled up for so long. From then on Naruto became even more determined to become Hokage and understands his father's actions. He appreciated Hinata for still being there with him. That's when Naruto and Hinata gotten their friendship, their first friend which they each promised to protect the other. And will do anything to help each other toward their dreams.

Ever since she was with Naruto and Minato she became even more confident than ever. Minato always watches out for Hinata and Naruto, but mainly Hinata since she's able to see and hear him. He always cheers Naruto and Hinata on like a father should do. Hinata became even more bolder, stronger, and confident than ever except toward her father, Hiashi Hyuuga. When it comes to her father her confidence falls apart. Minato and Naruto always yell about Hiashi being such a teme.

Later on she told Naruto about her gift in seeing ghosts. At first Naruto was really scared about ghosts exist. Hinata explained how she found out about his parents and Kyuubi. Saying she can see his father and that Minato views her as his daughter which actually pleased him. He said it was ok because he sees her as a sister too! Which overjoyed her.

Minato was always there for her, that's why she's heading toward the cementary which isn't far from the training grounds. Bearly anyone goes in there, only the Hokage, Naruto, and Hinata. Hinata was now in front of a big chamber tomb which is only for the Kages to be buried. "Father! You there?" Hinata hoped to find her adopted father here. "Hinata! Over here!"

Hinata turned around to see the familiar blond, grinning happily at her. "Father!" Hinata didn't hesitate to run toward him. She didn't know how it's possible but she can touch him as if he were flesh and bone! So you can guess she gave him a big warming hug not daring to let go. Minato hugged her back. He broke it after awhile and saw her eyes were puffy red from crying earlier.

"Why were you crying Hinata? Was it Hiashi again? What did he do this time?" He asked, seriously.

"I-it's n-n-nothing, f-father," Hinata cursed herself from stuttering.

Minato narrowed his eyes, not buying it one bit. Hinata gulped nervously then grinned sheepishly at him while scratching the back of her head. A habit she picked up from Minato and Naruto.

"You're lying to me Hinata. You're stuttering again. That only happens when you're nervous or when you happen to be lying. Hinata please tell me, don't make me feel worried," Minato looked at her sadly. Hinata looked down, not daring to look at him in the eye. "Fath--Hiashi-sama finally disowned me from the Hyuuga compound and said that I'm no longer a Hyuuga or his daughter," Hinata choked out. Tears finally broke out, leaning her father's shoulder.

Minato couldn't believe what he just heard. 'That Hiashi-teme! How could he do this to her,'He gently hugged the poor girl in a fatherly embrace. He only wished he was alive to be able to protect her and Naruto. But also regrets activating Hinata's gift. Ever since Naruto and Hinata became friends the villagers began to hate and fear Hinata. Not because she's with Naruto but because of her gift. It reminded them too much of the Shamans that were once lived in the village. The villagers started to beat up the poor girl just as much that Naruto gets, probably even more.

Most of the time Hinata unconsciously uses her powers that haven't been seen over a decade. Her eyes changed into a dark purple fierce color instead of her normal lavender color. She drew Minato into his Spirit Flame Mode and Intergrated him inside her. Letting him to control her body to escape or to protect her. But it just made it worse, the villagers just won't leave the poor girl alone.

Hinata stopped crying after awhile. Minato soon let go and soon they sat down on top of the stone chamber. "Are you able to control your wings yet, father?" Hinata asked. Minato grinned at her. "Yeah, I did! I finally was able to control it along with my other jutsus in this form," Minato boasted proudly. 'No doubt about him being Naruto's father,'Hinata thought, grinning slyly about it.

"Which jutsus, father?" Hinata asked. Minato's grin grew even wider if that were possible. "I've only gotten two down because they're pretty much more useful. One is the Rasengan and the other is the Hiraishin,"

"Wow! Neh, father can you teach me the Rasengan sometime! I know Naruto is going to learn it from Ero-senin if he's your sensei,"

"You've got a point there. And that's a nice name for the old perverted hermit,"

Hinata nods. "That's the same thing that I thought when Naruto described him. That's why he always tells me not to watch him train for the Exams since he'll also be there,"

"I don't blame him. Jairaya-sensie has always been a major pervert. Naruto's just looking out for his little sister," Minato ruffled Hinata's hair. "Father!" Hinata giggled. Minato grinned. "So where are you going to live?" Minato asked.

Hinata thought for a moment. "I might as well live here. Since it's already a home to me," She grinned at her father.

"Alright. I don't mind," Minato took Hinata inside the chamber. Inside it looked sort of cave like. Inside there was a bed mattress that was used when Naruto and Hinata hide from mobs most of the time. "Time for bed Hinata, it was getting late," Minato kissed her forehead when she was tucked in. "Hai, father," She yawned cutely. "Goodnight, Hinata," Minato slowly vanished.

"Goodnight, father," Hinata slowly drift off to sleep.

The next morning Hinata had a great tim with Minato. They just visited Naruto to take a sneak peek to what he was training for. It turned out that he was practicing the Kuchiyose Kaeru (Summoning Jutsu: Frog). Minato laughed hysterically seeing his son doing the same thing that has happened to him a long time ago. Hinata smiled proudly at Naruto for doing his best.

When he took a break, Hinata took the opportunity to tackle him into a hug. Naruto took in by surprise but grinned seeing his little sister. "Hinata! Why you sneaky little girl," He began to tickle her just like the other times he has done every time she does that. They both had a great time but soon stopped. They both sat down on a rock, relaxing.

"So, how are you doing Hinata? You aren't hurt anymore, are you?" Naruto asked worriedly. He was beyond scared when the doctors saying she might not make it. Hinata was one of his precious people out of everyone in the village. She was his sister. The only one he considers family along with Sasuke of course.

Hinata nods. "Yep! I'm fine Naruto. But it seems I can't complete my dream anymore, it seems," She soon gotten depressed. Hinata knew she had to tell Naruto. After all they never keep secrets from one another.

"What?! What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

Hinata took a deep breath and then let it out. "Hiashi-sama disowned me from the Hyuuga Mansion. He told me that I'm no longer a Hyuuga or his daughter. Now I can't reach my goal to become the Heiress of the clan or even change the family ways," She choked out. Tears again slowly came out.

Naruto embraced her trying to comfort her. In the inside he was beyond pissed. 'That Hiashi-teme!! How can he do this to Hinata!'Hinata kept crying till she was done in about 5 minutes.

"I-I'm sorry Naruto," Hinata sniffed out.

"It's ok Hinata. Remember I'm your big brother so that means I'll do anything to comfort you," Naruto grinned.

Hinata smiled. They soon talked about the Chunin Exams. That was when Hinata remembered about Gaara of the Dessert.

"Naruto there is something I have to tell you about Gaara. There is something not right about him," Hinata began.

Naruto nods. "Yeah, I know. His chakra feels familiar but what?"

"I think he's also a Jinchuuriki, Naruto. I used the Byakugan just in case. His chakra was all gold and I saw something else. He probably contains a demon too. It will make sense with all the chakra reserved inside him," Hinata explained.

"You're probably right. Is dad here? What does he think about him?" Naruto asked.

Hinata looked around to find their father till she found him behind Naruto. "He's right behind you Naruto,"

Naruto turned and saw him. He immediately jumped. "How come I can see him?!"

Hinata and Minato blinked till their eyes widen with shock. "You can see him, Naruto?!" Hinata asked.

Naruto nods, still looking at his father. He notices how similar they both look. Minato too couldn't believe it yet so happy for his son to finally be able to see him.

"But how is that possible? Father, how is it possible for Naruto-aniki can see you?" Hinata asked.

Minato thought about it for a minute till it finally occur to him. "It's probably since he's been around you and myself for so long that he's finally able to see me. There's a possibility for him to see other ghosts,"

"Really?! That means I'll be able to see you all the time, d-dad?" Naruto asked. He wasn't comfortable calling him that in person but he'll get used to it.

Minato nods then grins at his son. Hinata immediately hugged her brother. "Alright! You're able to see father now!" Hinata shouted happily. They all laughed happily about it till they felt another chakra energy from someone.

They turned around and saw a man ahead. His clothing were different than any ninjas so it caught their attention rather quickly. You could see an eagle's feather tied from his headband. His was wearing a traditional old looking cloak, hiding his clothes. His hair was long! Probably longer than Neji's! The man walked toward them. "You're name?" he asked.

Hinata and Naruto stiffened but still stood up straight. "Who is it you want to know?" Naruto asked. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously. The man looked at Hinata. "The girl," He stated.

Naruto looked at Hinata worriedly. Hinata just smiled at him encouragingly. She then looked at her father who was looking at the man worriedly. 'Since I'm no longer a Hyuuga then...'Hinata grinned. She took a deep breath and said, "Hinata Uzumaki Namikaze,"

This caught Naruto and Minato by surprise but then smiled warmly at her. They were glad to have her in the family and deserved it more than anyone.

The man nods. "Please to meet you Hinata-san. And may I ask your name?" He asked while looking at Minato.

This caught Naruto, Hinata, and Minato off guard. They were immediately in their stances. "Calm down. I'm not here to hurt you," He said calmly. Hinata relaxed but Minato and Naruto didn't lift their stances. Minato then answered, "Minato Arashi Namikaze,"

The man then looked at Naruto. "And yours?"

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze,"

"Hmm. Quiet interesting, you're all related? Well, I won't question about your personal life, after all I'm here to give an invitation to Hinata-san," he said.

"An invitation?" Hinata asked.

"Yes, you will be participating in the Shaman Tournament. We will test you and your spirit partner to see if you'll take part in the Tournament. The test will be in about 6 months. I will suggest to head toward Tokyo or should I say out of the Elemental Countries. That is all," The man soon vanished.

Hinata didn't move, not even Naruto. She didn't understand what just happened. 'Shaman Tournament? A test in about 6 months? Tokyo? Leave Konoha?'Hinata didn't know what's going on at all. Minato saw her troubled. He knows Hinata and Naruto are really confused to all of this. Minato sighed. "Hinata, Naruto," Minato called to get their attention. They both gave him confused looks.

"The Shaman Tournament is a Tournament for a group of people to participate in, those group of people call themselves Shamans. A Shaman is a person who are able to see ghosts and other super natural things. In the Tournament a Shaman are suppose to choose their spirit partner to compete with other Shamans. This Tournament decides who will be Shaman King or Queen," Minato explained. Both of their eyes widened.

"You mean I'm a Shaman? Is that why everyone hates me?" Hinata asked, depressingly. Minato bend down and hugged her warmly. "Yes but there are still a few who don't,"

"He's right! Take me for example. I'm proud to have a sister who is a Shaman. Besides dad just explained that in this competition is about who will be Shaman King or Queen. I will be proud to have a sister who is gonna become a Queen. Makes sense that the future Hokage is sisters with the future Shaman Queen, right? Plus this will prove those Hyuuga-temes that your a strong person who will protect those who are precious to you, right?" Naruto said while grinning happily at her.

Minato was proud to have him as a son. Hinata thought about it. 'He's right! This will prove how strong I really am. I will prove those Hyuuga jerks that I am strong. Just like Naruto will prove Neji that fate can change! And this will be my chance to also have a happy, carefree life, a life to lay back once in awhile. Oh great, I'm starting to sound like Shikamaru,'

Hinata looked at her father. "Father?" Minato looked at her and saw nothing but determination in her eyes. "Is it ok for you to be my ghost companion? I want you to be there with me," she said, determinedly. Minato's eyes widen from surprise but soon soften. He grinned at his determined daughter. "You bet. I'll protect you since Naruto can't go,"

Now it's Naruto's turn to have a shock. "WHAT?! I can't go?!"

Minato shook his head. "No, Naruto. You can't compete in the battles but can still go. But you still have the Chunin Exams to go to. Weren't you going to kick Neji's ass or are you going to back down on your word?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes. "I never go back on my word. But can you please take care of her, dad?"

Minato smiled. "Of course, Naruto. I won't let anyone hurt my daughter,"

Hinata smiled happily. She's lucky to have such a great father and brother.

After awhile Minato and Hinata left to leave Naruto to train again. Hinata then remembered something. "Father, didn't that guy say we have to go to Tokyo?" Hinata asked, while walking around the training grounds. "Yes he did," Minato answered.

"Where is Tokyo, father?" Hinata asked. She has never left the Elemental Countries before. It was her home.

"Tokyo is a huge city full of buildings and people. There aren't much trees there. It's sort of polluted. Outside the Elemental Countries, people over there don't know that ninjas still exist. They rarely work out or use any of their chakra. Their chakra coils are fairly small compared to ours. But Shamans are different. Their chakra coils are the same as ours," Minato explained.

Hinata's eyes widened with shock. "How do you know all of this father?" Hinata asked.

"Well, remember how I disappeared a few years ago?"

"Yeah, I remember. You were gone for about 3 years,"

"The reason I was gone in the first place was because I was training with a samurai to train with a sword. Gradually I learned how to train with two swords. I'm a real natural with one and two swords in battle. I wanted to learn it so I can teach it to you. It's quite useful really," Minato explained.

"Wow! Teach it to me!" Hinata said, excitedly.

"Not yet. You still have to learn how to use and control your Shamanic powers. It's different than chakra. Meaning you have two powers that are different to one another. It will be difficult in a way but easy too since you were taught how to control chakra. You're lucky I learned about it in my travels along with me being the Hokage. Since the documents about the Shamans are only known by the Hokage. I'll manage to teach it to you in two weeks how to bring your Shamanic powers. Then the next few weeks I'll try building up your stamina, endurance, and the techniques I learned with a sword but with minor changes. I'm sure you'll master them. I'll also have to teach you how to Integrate,"


"We have done it before remember? It's when you changed me into my Spirit Flame Mode. You then put me inside your body, letting me take control over you," Minato explained.

"I remember! I didn't even know how I did it but it sort of felt so natural,"

"That's not surprising really. I'll teach you more about it. And since I did say I have to build up your stamina along with speed, you'll might want to go buy weights. Along with kunais and shurikens. I'll teach you how to seal them inside the scrolls. I'll also help you pick out two katanas but you have to choose them though. Since you're the one who's going to use them, but it will be more better if we both choose them together,"

Hinata nods. "So can we get started?" she asked.

Minato grins at her. "Yeah, let's go,"

They both have a long rode ahead but they both know they'll be able to overcome it. For they are together. They just hope everything will be alright once they leave Konoha. They both wished Naruto luck for even if they will leave they know Naruto will be there to protect their home, Konoha. That is till they come back from their journey.

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