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"Ghost Talk"

'Ghost's Thoughts'

"Integration with Ghosts/ When the ghost and their Shaman talk at the same time"

"Other Voices/Kiyomi/Kyuubi Talking"

'Other Voices/Kiyomi/Kyuubi's Thoughts'

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Chapter 9: Rage and Reunions Part 1

Far off the battle field between Bailong and Yoh in Funbari Hill Shopping District, Manta was running as he panted heavily with each gasping breath. His eyes were filled with determination that he was determined to set out.

"Hang in there, Yoh, Hinata!" Manta panted out as he continued to run. "One sword-like weapon coming up!"

"But all the stores are closed now, I can't break into the museum and steal Harusame!" Manta shouted in frustration. "I've gotta find a sword! Aargh! Yoh's closer to death every second and who knows what will happen to Hinata! Sword, sword, sword...! Where can I find a sword!"

As he kept on running around the shopping district, he found himself looking at a wooden sword. This stopped Manta in a mid-run and immediately hanged onto it from mid-air.

"A Bokuto! A wooden sword! Wow! I don't know what it's doing here, but it'll do!" Manta said excitedly with a smile.

"Hey you..." Manta blinked then looked up. "Watcha think you're doing grabbing my sword!" Ryu glared.

Manta gasped with his mouth fell open. 'Wooden Sword Ryu!' Manta paled as sweat dripped rapidly around his face. 'Why did it have to be his wooden sword! He'll never let me borrow it!' Manta thought fearfully.

Suddenly an angel looking Manta poofed at the left side of his head. "Hurry up and do it, Manta! Yoh needs that sword to defeat Bailong and save Hinata!" Angel-Manta shouted with narrowed eyes at Manta.

Manta looked at in shock at A-Manta.

Suddenly a devil looking Manta boofed at the right side of Manta's head. "Get outta there, moron, before that guy kills ya!" Devil-Manta shouted angrily.

"Huh?" Manta shouted in confusion as he looked at his devil persona.

"Take off, coal-squatter! The samurai said he can win if he has a better sword!" A-Manta pointed out with a frown.

"And you believe that! How dumb can you be! You're playing with our lives, boy!" D-Manta shouted in anger as he glared at A-Manta.

Finally had enough with D-Manta, A-Manta started to prepare an attack as a pure light sprouted out of his hands. "Why you...Take this! Trust-Your-Friend Arrow!"

D-Manta screamed in pain as it ashed into existance.

"Um..." Hearing Manta speak, Ryu and his gang looked down at Manta. "Would you please...let me borrow your sword?" Manta meakly asked.

"What the heck...do you think, punk?" Ryu said as he punched Manta on the face.

The impact of the punch made Manta to let go of the wooden sword, and drop down on the pavement floor. Manta groaned in pain when he fell with a thud. Ryu's gang laughed, not one of them cared about Manta's condition.

"Crazy midget!"

"Why would Ryu lend his legendary trademark sword to you!"

"He's extra pissed since he's just lost his ultra-pompadour again!"

"Get lost, if you value your life!"

Manta ignored the gang and groaned as he tried to get back up on his feet. "If...I run away from this, Yoh and Hinata could get killed..." Manta grunted out. "Yoh's hurt badly...Hinata's sealed...Yoh's...hurt..."


"You hungry? You wanna eat my fist?"

Ignoring the pain from his nose and Ryu's gang, Manta gotten up and looked at them determinedly. "C'mon! Please! Let me borrow your sword...!" Manta shouted.

"Shut up," One of Ryu's gang members said as he punched on Manta's right cheek.

Again ignoring the pain from the punch, Manta continued to shout, "Please! There's no time! Yoh's in trouble!"

"You must really love yogurt!" Another member laughed as he kicked Manta on his head.

Not willing to give up, Manta stubbornly stood up again. "THIS IS LIFE OR DEATH! I'M BEGGING YOU!" Manta shouted.

"I said...buzz off!" Ryu growled as he punched Manta that knocked him down on the floor. Ryu and his gang turned their backs on Manta and started to walk away. "Hmph! What a creepy kid. What's the deal with yogurt anyway?" Ryu said as he dusted his pants.

One of his members chuckled. "Let's go Ryu. On with our quest to find our happy place,"


With a loud thud, Ryu's gang stared wide eyed when Manta hit Ryu on the head with his gigantic book. The hard impact sended Ryu unconscious. This completely shocked Ryu's gang as Manta swiftly landed on his feet with his large book still in his hand.

"I told you this is life or death! Time - is - money! The book is mightier than the sword!" Manta growled angrily as his right fist clenched. "Fools like you...I'll cush you all with my hammer of knowledge!"



Hinata struggled angrily from the seals around her as she painfully watched Yoh get beaten up from Bailong. She so much just wanted to go running toward the zombie martial artist and thrash him in the most painfullest way. She had never felt such anger and hatred than she does now. It wasn't like her to be this way but...she hated being useless and weak! She had experienced and heard about her uselessness by her father and clan. Her own family!

'Kami-sama...I'm acting like that Sakura-banshee before she finally started to fight on her own. I don't want to be some damsel in distress in this fight! I want to...I have to protect Yoh!' Hinata thought, as she continued to struggle against the seals. Minato and Ryou could only watch hoplessly.

Bailong gave one more powerful kick, which led Yoh to fly toward the brick wall. A painful crack and bang echoed around the abandoned streets. Minato and Ryou winced in sympathy, while looked on in horror.

'Damn it! Yoh!' Hinata clenched her fists as she glared hatredly toward the Ren's older sister. In fact, the dense hatred and anger she felt for Jun was starting to stir deep within her; a creature that had once awoken from the hospital not that long ago. The creature could feel the girl's frustration and anger, but it didn't do anything...not yet. It wasn't time. For Hinata wasn't ready just yet.

Yoh could only groan out painfully, his head and vision getting dizzy.

Jun looked at Yoh in amusement and gave a out a chuckle. "Look at you, Yoh Asakura...such a waste of misguided courage. I'm taking the samurai, ninja, and the little dragon, so if you want to live and save the Hyuuga girl from the same pain, stay down," Jun said, as she leaned against the theater wall.

"You wish," Yoh groaned out, looking at Jun with defiant eyes. "I don't want to die or see Hinata getting hurt, but Amidamaru, Minato, and Ryou are my friends. I'll make sure to protect Hinata and stop you from taking them,"

"He's right. They're all precious to us, Jun. Something you'll never understand. The bond that we have is something you can ever tear us apart from," Hinata said.

"You would choose friendship over your own lives? What good is friendship anyway? There's no such thing as a bond between friends," Jun said, smiling in amusement.

"Frienship...is going to kick your butt!" A familiar voice said firmly.

Yoh's and Hinata's eyes widened.


It was indeed their small friend. They both took notice of his injuries. He had a bruised, black eye, his hair tangled and tossled with dirt and dust. His clothes were ruffled, dirty, and slightly torn. There were a few bruises around his cheeks and arms. He was slightly wobbling as he stood, which indicated how much force he was putting just to stand.

"Your face...what happened to you? I thought you got away!" Yoh shouted in shock and worry.

'What happened to him?' Hinata thought, worriedly.

"You know..." Manta began, looking dead-panned and exasperately at Yoh while holding onto Ryu's bokuto. "You could at least notice the sword. I went through a lot of trouble just to get it to you,"

"A wooden sword?" Jun's eyes widened.

"Huh..." Ana smirked. "Impressive, squirt. What got into you?"

Manta chuckled in embarrassment with a slight blush. "I actually surprised myself. I never dreamed I could get Ryu's sword from him, but after all the time's Yoh and Hinata has helped me..." He looked up with a warm smile with sincerity. It was something that Yoh and Hinata had rarely had been given by others. It was foreign to them, but it washed a warmth deep inside their hearts. "It was my turn to help them...because they are my friends,"

"Your...friend?" Jun muttered, her eyes narrowing in confusion and shock.

"Manta..." Yoh and Hinata looked at their friend with soft eyes.

"Get up, Yoh," Manta said, turning to face Yoh. "Give it one more try with this...so my efforts aren't wasted. Ok...?" With that said, Manta slumped down.

"Manta...!" Yoh then grinned softly. "You heard him. What do you think, Amidamaru?"

"Yes! This will do nicely!" Amidamaru said, as he hovered behind Yoh. "I shall repay Manta's efforts with my greatest technique!"

Minato's eyes widened. 'He doesn't mean that does he?' Minato thought.

Hinata could watch, feeling the frustration build up inside her. She wanted to get into the fight along side with Yoh...but now...

'If only these seals weren't in the way!' Hinata thought, as she continued to struggle against the seals.

"Greatest technique, my foot! You couldn't swat flies with that stick!" Jun glared and took out another talisman. "BAILONG! Blow him and his splintery little toy to smithereens with your Missile Kick!"

Bailong charged toward the Yoh and Amidamaru.

"This grip...! This is more like it! Now, Bailong..." Amidamaru said, by possessing Yoh's body again. He lifted the wooden katana with his left hand and held it behind the back of Yoh's head with his right hand palmed in front of his fisted left hand. His legs spread apart in a stance. His eyes narrowed seriously toward the charging undead man. "Here I come!"

'That stance...! He's really going to use that Kenjutsu (Sword Technique) after all!' Minato thought with widened eyes.

Ryou stood in front of Hinata's sealed form to protect her from the impact of the attack Amidamaru was planning. The ex-Hyuuga watched helplessly as she watched Yoh and Amidamaru charge toward Bailong. Bailong made a swift kick, but Yoh (Amidamaru) immediately blocked the attack with the wooden katana underneath his leg with all of his strength to stop the move.

"He blocked Bailong's attack!" Jun's eyes widened in shock. "Such speed! He moves like a different person!"

"With a proper hilt to grip - ! A samurai can move faster...and strike faster!" Amidamaru shouted and jumped back, making Bailong loose his balance and out of his range if he were to attack again.

"He's out of Bailong's range...!" Jun shouted with slight worry.

"Come, Bailong! I'll remove that cursed piece of paper and free your spirit!" Amidamaru shouted.

Bailong's eyes widened.

"Amida-Ryu! Shock Wave Buddha-Giri!" Yoh and Amidamaru shouted, as they swiftly swinged Ryu's wooden sword horizontally.

Manta, who recently wokened up, looked up in shock and questioned the attack.

Minato crossed his arms against his chest with a blank expression.

"You know that move, don't you," Ryou stated.

Minato looked down at the blue haired spirit dragon, and nodded. "Yes...it was one of Amidamaru-sensei's strongest attacks he has in his arsinal," He said.

'I hope this fight is over. I hate being stuck and doing nothing!' Hinata thought bitterly. She hated feeling weak and helpless since it always brought unpleasant memories.

"What's that...? Why aren't they moving?" Jun wondered, with her eyes widened.

"It means the fight is over," Anna smirked.

"What?" Jun shouted.

"The sword alone is of little value. It uses the very air to strike my enemies far beyond my arm's reach. I developed a technique to fight ten-thousand men in that cruel era when the strong preyed upon the weak," Amidamaru explained. "I told you...I could do this from outside of his striking radius,"

Just as he finished his explaination, Yoh and Amidamaru slowly seperated from each other. As soon as this was finished Yoh quickly ran toward Hinata's binding form, but still managed to hear from Manta from slight afar.

"Oh! The slip on Bailong's forehead...! It's been ripped in two!" Manta shouted, as he, Anna, and Jun watched seal brokened and freed Bailong.

Yoh didn't pay any attention what was going on after that. All of his attention were mainly on the beautiful kunouchi he was trying to free from those seals Jun put her on. Quickly taking them out of Hinata's still form, Yoh slightly winced by the unexpected pain the seals were inflicting him.

Minato, Amidamaru, and Ryou could only watch anxiously.

As soon as the talismans were gone, Yoh immediately pulled Hinata into a tight embrace. Feeling relief, Hinata also held onto Yoh as her body shook uncontrollably. Her muscles had been still for quite some time and hurt her completely when her muscles loosened.

"I'm glad you're alright," Yoh said, relieved. He had never been this scared since that fire incedent.

Hinata buried herself deeper against Yoh's chest with a small blush. "I-I'm alright, Yoh. It was just seal talismans," Hinata said, trying to reasure the slightly older boy.

"Don't you dare say that! She could have done something while you were still vulnerable," Yoh said, stiffly as he slightly tightened his grip around the younger Namikaze.

Hinata blushed and felt her stomach fluttering like butterflies. Her heart beated against her chest faster and faster by the second. She could feel the familiar light-headed feeling and warmth spreading across her face.

Just when she was about to faint, she and Yoh heard a roaring shout that brought them back to reality.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?" Which then followed along with a large crash of shattering glass.

They turned and looked on in shock when they noticed some store's window glass broken from Bailong's punch, who was now looking at his hand in horror with a few glass sticked against the skin...with no blood coming out.

"Wh-what's wrong?" Manta shouted in concern and scared.

"I think I could take a guess," Minato said, with narrowed eyes along with Ryuou, who nodded and held more concern in his narrowed eyes.

"Why don't I feel any pain? Why isn't there any blood?" Bailong shouted in horror. "I feel this chill through my body! What's happened to me?"

"Shame on you for losing your cool, Bailong!" Jun shouted, interrupting Bailong's horror and confusion. "You're already dead!"

Minato winced upon those words. He knew that wasn't the right thing to say, especially to someone who had been imprisoned without them knowing then waking up feeling nothing. Bailong was not going to take it well.

Sure enough, Bailong didn't take it well and was shocked. It didn't help with Jun kept spouting about him being her Cadaver and reminded him how he was dead in the first place. Just like that, Bailong snapped and caught the talisman Jun threw.

"He caught the slip!" Manta shouted in shock. "Will he defy his Corpse Herder?"

Above everyone from the battlefieled from the roof-tops of the old buildings, were three shadowed people. They had just arrived and only witnessed the battle and understood little as they could, but the older of the three understood the basics what was going on.

"When can we go down there Ero-Sennin?" The youngest of the three whined with a glare.

"He's right. We've been sitting here doing nothing, while our little imouto-chan is being put into danger!" A boy, who looked a few months older than the youngest boy in the group, grumbled with a frown.

"Just wait you two! Hontouni (Really), you two are just too impatient for your own good. You have to wait for the perfect opportunity," The older one, who held long white spiked hair with a high, spiked pony-tail, grumbled. "Haven't I taught you two enough of that. You're both Shinobis, people who live through the shadows. You need to attack in surprise,"

"Not when our little imouto-chan is put into danger as it is!" The blond shouted angrily.

The white haired man sighed in exasperation.

"He's gotten a very good point. We can't just stand here and do nothing! Clearly the corpse is going to go berserk at this rate because of that stupid she-Shaman!" The raven haired boy said with a darkened glare toward the green haired Tao.

"Fine!" The white haired man snapped with a defeated sigh. "Take the opportunity when anyone is in danger by that...undead man. You may then help them out, but I'm warning you both about this. That man is still above your league considering you're still not fast enough to be at his level. The only one capable enough from your group is most likely Rock Lee,"

"We understand," The raven haired boy nodded.

"You got it, dattebayo!" The blond grinned.

"So they finally them have they?"

"Yes and Leader-sama is with them as well,"

"Why is that? He never planned to show up any time soon,"

"Apparently the plans has changed. The Seven-Tail's Jinchuuriki is in more dangered than we would've liked,"

"We can't have her dead. If she's gone then so is the Nanabi and we can't have that if we wish to have our plans work,"

"There is also more why Leader-sama is going,"

"And what is that?"

"Orichimaru and...him,"

"That blasted snake? I wouldn't worry about him for long then, and you don't mean...him do you?"

"I'm afraid so, sir,"

"WHAT? If he's involved then we're going to have a problem if he interferes,"

"What should we do?"

"...Nothing for now. Our true leader is already taking care of it with a few of our members there to help things work out. For now we must focus on the other Jinchuurikis we're trying to capture,"

"Alright, I'll go tell the others,"

"...Things are definetely are not going to be as easy as we had first thought it would be...Madara,"

"How come Bailong is dissobeying Dao-Shi?" Manta asked.

"What do you think, moron?" Anna said, narrowing her eyes with her arms crossed.

"Huh?" Manta frowned at Anna in confusion.

"Tha Taos robbed him of his family, his dreams, and his life," Anna answered, as she continued to watch between Bailong and Jun. "Then enslaved his body and soul,"

"You're an impudent corpse!" Jun shouted angrily, and brought out more talismans. "But this talisman will put you in your place!"

It was then Bailong snapped, which Hinata quickly noticed.

"Watch out!" Hinata shouted, and quickly pushed Jun out of the way from Bailong's attack while ignoring the numbing pain of her muscles.

"HINATA!" Yoh and Manta shouted in concern.

Unfortunately, the young Namikaze couldn't move anymore to dodge Bailong's attack. Her muscles quickly failed her just as quick as she reacted to save Jun. Before anyone could move to save the young ex-Hyuuga, it was already too late.


Everyone covered their eyes when Bailong's attack made a huge explosion where Hinata once laid. As soon as everyone was able to see, Yoh frantically looked where the attack lay with worried and fearful eyes.

What he and everyone else saw shocked them, especially Minato and Ryuou.

"Do we always have to save you from certain types of trouble whenever we're not there for you, Imouto-chan? I think Otouto and I need a raise or something if this keeps up,"

"He's right. You always manage to find yourself into types of trouble that needs us rescueing your butt, Imouto-chan,"

"Like you're one to talke,"

"Hey! Watch what you say, teme!"

"Hn, dope. Right now isn't the time,"

"You're the one who started it,"

"Then I'm one who should finish it!"

Blocking Bailong's attack was a raven haired boy of about 13, who had his hair spiked back and held a familiar looking headband on his forehead with his large side bangs framing his handsome face. He had sharp, yet held a warming kindness, black obsedian eyes. His skin was pale and wore turtle-neck sleeve-less shirt with two black wrist-bands. He wore baggy dark blue shorts with familiar black ninja-like sandals. In his hand was a long black katana with calming red fired mist inside the blade with a blue handle and a silver wolf's head at the end. The blade was drawn, which was what blocked Bailong's devastating attack.

Little ways behind him was another boy of about 12 or 13, who had Hinata protectively in his arms. He had wild, spiked blond hair with a black head-band around his forehead, but had his blond locks messily on top of half-way like Minato's. He wore fish-net shirt underneath his long sleeve black shirt, with high collar reaching near his whiskered cheeks. On top of them, was a dark orange sleeve-less, unzipped vest. He wore black baggy pants with dark orange from his knee down to his black ninja-like sandals. His beautiful azure, blue eyes were narrowed dangerously toward Bailong, making him appear older despite the playful spat toward his raven haired friend, who also glared darkly at the living corpse.

Hinata gasped, knowing full well who these boys were. Tears of happiness slowly appeared upon her lavender pupil-less eyes.

"Aniki...!" Hinata said with shocked eyes, not believing her very eyes upon the boys' sudden appearance.

She wasn't the only one.

"Naruto...!" Minato's eyes widened in pure shock and happiness.

"And Sasuke too!" Ryuou shouted in shock, just as much as her adopted mother and Minato.

Sasuke smirked, while Naruto merely grinned.

The second part of the battle was just about to begin. This time, it all ends here in this last part of the battle! Will this even the odds? You'll just have to wait till next on Konoha's Shaman Girl!

To be continued...