A Code Lyoko fan Story

Rating: K+ (9 years or older)

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Lyoko nor do I own Odd, Ulrich, Jeremy, Aelita, Yumi, or any other characters.

Claim: I do own the characters Mark and Tillie and this story.

By Elena Forest

Chapter One: Hello

"Hi-YA!" Ulrich screamed as he stabbed his saber into a Krabe's target. It exploded beneath him. Ulrich landed in a crouch, having jumped from the thing's back only a moment before he would have been blown into a pixel. They were fighting in the Desert Sector.

"Nice!" Yumi cheered before turning to Aelita and saying, "Go! The tower is just ahead!"

"Yea! Don't worry, we can take care of these idi!" Odd jeered, but stopped mid sentence. He had been struck in the shoulder by a Krabe. He started to de-virtualize. That shot had cost him his remaining twenty life points. "Aw man!"

"Be careful!" Jeremy's voice came from above Yumi's head. "Yumi! That shot would have de-virtualized you!" For Yumi had jumped out of the way of a laser beam from the nearest Krabe.

"Don't worry, I have it under control." Yumi said calmly. With two short flicks of her wrists, she sent her fans flying. They zig-zaged across each other's paths before slicing the targets on two Krabes.

"That should take care of that," Ulrich said. He had just finished off the last Krabe.

"Hornets at two o' clock!" Jeremy said. His nose was practically embedded into the super computer's monitor. A whoosh behind him let him know that Odd had just arrived out of the elevator.

Odd leaned on the arm of Jeremy's chair. The spiky haired Lyoko warrior let out a big sigh.

"And it was just getting good, too!" He complained.

"Aelita's in the tower!" Jeremy sighed with relief. "We can relax now."

"Like that's ever possible," grumbled Odd.

Aelita was surrounded by blue walls with light blue data streaming upward. She reached the center of the target-like platform and allowed herself to be carried upward.

On a higher platform, the elfin girl pressed her palm into a screen that had appeared.




The sky blue data on the walls paused then, as if on cue, began to fall downwards into the black hole at the bottom of the tower.

"Tower deactivated," she said. Then she let herself slowly fall down the lower platform of the tower.

Jeremy smiled to himself. Once again, he was proud of his friends. They had once again stopped an evil computer virus called XANA from harming people.

"Get ready to be de-virtualized," Jeremy told his friends in the computer. They were on Lyoko, a virtual world created by a man called Franz Hopper, Aelita's father. He was permanently stuck on Lyoko. The only way to stop XANA's attacks was to deactivate towers on Lyoko. XANA activated towers to gain access to Earth.

Ulrich felt the all too familiar feeling of de-virtualization take hold of him. It was like all his senses had disappeared. He felt his feet grow numb, and felt nothing but the numbness that crawled up his legs, through his torso, arms, neck, and finally his head. He was light headed for a moment, just long enough for the darkness to become uncomfortable. Then the scanner opened, and he fell back into the real world…literally.

"Ooof!" The air rushed out of his lungs when he landed.

"Let's get back to the super computer," He heard Yumi's voice from his left.

The samurai pushed himself upright. "Let's wait for Aelita."

"Oh, hey guys, you're back!" Odd said with a smile when Yumi, Aelita and Ulrich arrived.

"Not all of us are guys here, Odd," Yumi said, punctuating her words by rolling her eyes.

Odd rolled his eyes in response.

"You were great!" Jeremy felt a need to break the tension. "We got to Lyoko, de-activated the tower, and all before XANA could launch an attack on Earth!"

"And in time for lunch, too!" Odd's belly rumbled. "Ooo, and they're serving mashed potatoes today, too!"

"C'mon guys, let's split." It was Ulrich who suggested it. The five friends piled into the elevator.

As the doors closed on the super computer, Odd said, "I heard there's a new student coming to Kadic, too!"



Not far from Kadic, a dusty bus rolled to a stop. A shadowed figure got off the bus. He held a small suit case by the handle, and swung over one shoulder was a backpack. The person headed for the mall's side entrance.

Following the signs through the unfamiliar mall, the person came to the bathrooms. The door was unlocked on the "Family Bathroom" door, so he pushed inside. He had expected to wait.

They flicked the light switch. The light came on, but only for a moment. They flickered, and did not stop. They continued to flick.

The person dropped his bags near the sink. They put their elbows on the edge of the plaster sink and looked up mournfully into the mirror.

The reflection was strange. The person really didn't know much about himself any more.

Slowly he looked away, and reached into the pack at their feet.

The slender hands held a pair of scissors.

The other slender hand took their long hair-not too long, but to their shoulders-and placed in between the blades of the sharp, silver scissors.

Snip, snip, snip, snip, snip, snip.

Lock after lock of chestnut brown fell into the sink.

Once again they peered at their reflection.

The reflection hadn't changed much. The same amber eyes, same oval face, same black stud piercing in their right ear.

Only the shoulder lenghth hair was gone.

It was short, the color the same. It was a deep chestnut, but at the ends it was darker, a mahogany.

Once more he reached into their pack. He pulled out a cap, and let his old scissors fall back.

He let one salty tear run down his cheek; he couldn't help it.

So much had happened. He placed the frayed cap firmly upon his head.

The one tear landed on the hair in the sink. He turned on the water and let it fill up the sink. Then he opened the drain.

He watched the hair and water swirl and rush down the drain.

"Good-bye," Mark whispered.

Back at Kadic…

Odd's stomach rumbled again. He covered it with one hand a groaned: "I'm hungry!"

"You're always hungry," Ulrich muttered sourly. Odd was starting to get on his nerves. "Besides, you're almost at the front of the line."

Ahead of them, Aelita received her serving. "Thank you," the girl in pink said politely. She headed to Jeremy, who was eating in a hurry next to Yumi.

"What's the big rush?" Ulrich asked from behind Aelita. He dropped his tray across from Yumi, next to Aelita.

"Where's Odd?" Jeremy asked suddenly, pushing his glasses farther up the bridge of his nose.

"Harassing the lunch lady for another serving of mashed potatoes, as usual," Aelita said cheerily. She spooned a forkful of peas and mashed potatoes into her mouth.

Odd's voice reached them halfway across the cafeteria.

"C'mon, I'm a growing boy, I need food!"

"You're quite scrawny for a growing boy,"

"I'm not scrawny! I'm svelte!"

Yumi cringed, and then quickly recovered as the boy in purple grumpily reached the table.

"Any sign of the new kid?"

"Naw," Odd said, grumpily shoving mashed potatoes into his mouth. "I couldn't get any more mashed potatoes!"

"Such a tragedy," said Ulrich sarcastically.

"I know!" Odd yowled back.

Jeremy finished his food. "I want to work on upgrading some stuff about Lyoko," He told the group as he pushed his chair away from the table. "I'll see you guys at dinner. We have the afternoon free, after all, and I can't think of a better way to spend it!"

"I can," Yumi cringed mentally. "I've got to study for a geometry quiz on Monday. I need to study. Need," she emphasized the last word a bit dramatically.

"That reminds me," Aelita said. "I got a note this morning. I should go read it. It might be important." She bit her lip and hurried off to dump her tray.

"Maybe it's from a secret admirer!" Odd said, his grumpiness all gone.

"What should we do on this lovely free weekend?" Ulrich asked, his mood a lot lighter than before. The prospect of a mostly free weekend had brightened his outlook on things.

"I'd like to sleep!" Odd proposed.

"Like always. Why don't we go somewhere?"

"Okay. But let me change first!"

"Right." Ulrich and Odd dumped their trays and headed for their dorm.


"No way!" Ulrich laughed. "Not possible!"

"Oh but it is!" Odd suppressed a chuckle. "I whish you'd been there, he looked like he was gonna explode!"

"Oh man!" Ulrich doubled over, hugging his stomach. He continued to stumble down the hall laughing for a few steps before realizing Odd was not with him. He turned on his heel and saw Odd standing a few feet back, hi mouth open wide.

"You catching flies?" Ulrich joked.

Odd shook his head. His mouth opened and closed several times before saying, "I think we just met the new kid…and our roommate."

Ulrich's face slowly started to pale when he saw the movers and the priciple come out of their room, as well as a boy with chestnut hair who seemed to be about the his age. Ulrich saw the boy come out last. Slowly he turned around to face his dorm room…and sure enough two burly moving men stepped out of their room along with the principal, , and a boy around the same age as Odd and Ulrich.

His hair fell in his face. It was a chestnut brown, and at the ends it was a dark mahogany. He wore a loose hoodie, with yellow stripes coming over the right should and around the right side. A tip peeked out on the left. The lines were bleeding off a yellow star burst on the back of the maroon hoodie. His pants were light, with a hole in the left knee. On his head at a precarious slant was an old, old, old baseball cap. It was gray, and ratty. On the top towards the right was a rip that had been patched. Ulrich briefly wondered who had patched it. Around the boy's neck was a slender golden chain. Hanging from the delicate gold was a tear-drop shaped turquoise stone.

Mr. Delmas approached the unhappy boys.

"This is your new roommate. I thought he would like to be with two of my good students." He leaned towards Ulrich. Ulrich could feel is breath on his face. He winced away, and the observant principal noticed. "I would like you to show him around. I get the feeling that he is uncomfortable. I'd like you to do what you can to make him comfortable here at Kadic." Of course, Ulrich got the drift that his principal wouldn't just 'like' him to. Ulrich had to.

Mr. Delmas leaned away from him. He motioned to the burly movers, and then the trio of men left. The door closed behind them with a very audio able thud. For Ulrich it was like he had closed the door on the Lyoko Warriors.