Chapter 10: Not All That Bad

When Ulrich and Odd entered their bedroom, they were shocked to see Mark re-packing his belongings. Which was really only putting the items that had hung on the corkboard back into his bag. He'd removed all the key chains and paperclips. The drawings were all gone too, but one, and the picture he'd put in the middle of the board.

"Mark…?" Ulrich questioned cautiously.

"Packing up," he replied, turning around. "I'm leaving." These two words brought a stunned silence.


He smiled, obviously proud of himself. "I'm not running away from my past anymore," he told. "I'm going home to America."

"Oh." Odd's reply was short and stunned.

Ulrich turned to his desk and began to rummage around as Mark took the last drawing from the board.

"Mark, c'mere," Ulrich said after a moment. He'd found what he'd been looking for.

Unnoticed, Odd slipped out of the room.

"Yea?" The strange boy turned from the corkboard and strode over to where Ulrich was. Ulrich opened the small box he was holding in his hand and slowly held up the object inside—a necklace identical to Mark's.

There was no stunned silence, no big exclamation. The two boys smiled at eachother, in a silent understanding. Mark took the last photo down, and the corkboard. He picked up his pack and small suitcase, and wheeled it towards the door. Ulrich had fastened the necklace around his neck. Leaving his luggage in the doorway, the two boys stood face to face.

"I've only known you for a day," Mark said. He seemed sad.

Ulrich nodded. "But we have a connection in our dreams, right?"

Mark's eyes lit up. "Yea," he said slowly. "We do, don't we? Here, I'll e-mail you every time I have a…dream, and you e-mail me, 'kay?" He offered Ulrich a small index card with his e-mail address on it.

Ulrich smiled, looking up from the small white card he held, to meet Mark's eyes. "Yea."

And then Mark was gone.

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