Author's Note: Written for Round 2 of the "Last Fiction Writer Standing" contest on LJ. Prompt was: Write a fic taking place on Earth having anyone from Earth and also having Ronon and/or Teyla. ~300-word limit.


Teyla looked around the SGC commissary and found Ronon eating alone at a table near the door. Holding her tray, she walked over and sat down. She and Ronon had been here for almost a week now, giving reports to the IOA. Teyla was definitely looking forward to returning home. For one thing, the food wouldn't be nearly as strange.

Teyla took several bites of her salad and chewed thoughtfully. The vegetables had an odd taste and texture, but they were not unpleasant. For dessert, she had promised herself a piece of the pastry that her teammates called "pie." She couldn't believe how many types there were! Her favorite was apple, but she also enjoyed blueberry, cherry, and peach.

Across the table, Ronon was devouring a large sandwich and drinking black coffee. On his tray sat not one, but three slices of pie. Teyla looked at him reproachfully. "Should you really be eating all that? Did Dr. Beckett not talk to you about something called cholesterol?"

"Yeah, he did." Ronon grinned wolfishly. "You're just mad because I got the last of the pecan."

Teyla sniffed. "I am not mad because you got the last piece."

"Well, I sure would be!" General O'Neill seated himself next to Ronon. "Pie is a very serious business, you know." Teyla stared at him. "Keeps the universe running."

Ronon smirked. Teyla looked like she wanted to question O'Neill's sanity. O'Neill just nodded sagely. "I once knew an interesting fellow named Urgo… real pain in the ass, actually. He ranked it on the same level as living and exploring the universe."

"Sounds like my kind of guy," said Ronon.

"Actually, you probably would have hated him," O'Neill admitted. "He was loud and obnoxious. But he did have a childlike joy about life that you couldn't help admiring. He's probably out there now with a smile on his face and a piece of pie in his hand."


Author's Note: In memory of Dom DeLuise (1933-2009)