Chapter 1

"Mom!" Casey yelled as she came running from down stairs. "Mom!"

"Casey? What is it?" Nora asked coming from out of the kitchen, a small bump becoming noticeable from her blouse.

"I just called the admission's office to confirm Derek and I's dorms and they said that they never received the check. I told them that George sent it and they said that they never received it and there are no more open dorms available!" she said waving the phone around in her hand. "I can't breathe!" she said breathing deeply to try and calm herself.

"Casey, sweetie. Relax. We'll get to the bottom of this. It's okay. Breathe. Uh, George!" Nora yelled for him.

George came walking from the basement carrying pieces of a baby crib.

"It's useless! These things should come built already!" George said.

"George please tell me that you sent out the college housing check." Nora said.

"Of course I did." Nora breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm almost positive that I…sent it."

"George!" Casey said. "Oh, no. This means I'm…homeless." Casey said starting to hyperventilate again.

"No, Casey. You're not. We'll just…find a way to make this work. They are bound to have an extra dorm on campus." Nora said grabbing the phone.

Derek, Ralph and Sam came walking through the door laughing at some stupid joke and Derek stopped when he saw Casey's petrified face.

"Who died?"

"I forgot to send the dorm check."

"What?!" Derek said symbolizing his shock with his hands.

"I'll go call them now." Nora said leaving the room.

Casey and Derek gave George a worried look before he backed away and slowly and went to finish the crib.

"We should go…" Sam said as he and Ralph turned around and left the house.

"If we have no where to go, then we'll live at home forever, Derek." Casey said going up to him.

"Ha, you'll live at home forever. I have friends in high places." he said before heading upstairs.


Casey and Derek waited patiently for Nora and George to come out of their room. They raced back to the couch when they heard them coming up.

"Okay, so George and I talked about this for awhile." Nora said coming into the room with George behind her. "After talking with your counselors and making them check to see if they had any residence left we came to the conclusion that you guys are going to…"

"Rent and share a small apartment near campus."

"What?!" they both yelled in unison.

"Live with Derek?" Casey yelled.

"Live with Casey?" Derek yelled.

"It's the only thing we can do, and because of your full scholarships we saved your college money and you can use it to pay the rent." George said.

"It'll be just like old times." Nora said. "Family is important now and…it might be kind of nice living together."

Casey shrugged accepting it and Derek rolled his eyes before glancing at Casey.

"Fine." he replied.

Casey was up in her room, finishing packing the remainder of things that were not yet put into boxes. She couldn't believe how empty her room looked with just a bed against the wall. All the pictures that hung from her walls were now stored in a box labeled Casey's dorm. She would miss all her high school memories. Living next to Emily and saying hi to the neighbors on a regular basis. She sat on the floor looking through pictures now.

"It's not like you'll never see them again."

Casey turned her head and saw Derek leaning up against the door frame.

"Yeah, but I'm not going to see them again for awhile." she said turning her attention back to the pictures.

"We'll make new memories, Case." he said and when she looked back around he was gone.

Casey taped up the last box and then turned around and looked at the room. It seemed cold and bare but she smiled anyway because in just a day and a half, she would be starting her own life.

A/N-Hey, guys! Check out the trailer on you tube! This fic is going to basically be a follow up to how the show would have been if it had kept going and had Daseyism. Anyway, story alert me because I guarantee to show my hard work and passion in this fic! Thanks!