As Typhoon was dragged into the depths of the ocean, he cast out into the sky releasing a part of him back into the world. It landed in the middle of central park creating a huge crater. It was in a form of a young man, no older than sixteen. He coughed and staggered to his feet. He looked around completely confused. He did not know who he was or what he was doing in the middle of a park mostly naked. He ran over to a small shack like room that seemed to be a local gift shop. He grabbed an 'I Love NY' t-shirt and some kaki cargo shorts. He looked at himself in the mirror. His hair was a deep blue and with white tips that formed a large spikes jutting out in complete disorder. He had bright blue eyes and stood about an average height.

"Who am I," He asked the mirror before turning around and walking out of the shop.

Percy Jackson awoke from the dream and looked around his room. He was back at camp with everyone and looked like he just seen a ghost. He got out of bed to go to the beach. He needs to clear his head. As he approached the water, he noticed a disturbance in the waves. As he stepped into the water, a figure appeared next to him.

"Bad dream son," Poseidon asked. Percy turned to him a bit shocked but nodded. "About a young man who landed in central park right. Yeah, he is typhoon. Well a piece of him anyways. You saw what happened about a month ago."

"What do you mean," Percy asked a bit confused. "How do you know that I dreamed it." Poseidon just laughed and placed a hand on his back.

"Well I am a god you know. But that's beside the point," Poseidon said. "You see typhoon threw a part of himself out before we could bring him back to the underworld. Now this part is that young man you saw in your dream but he does not know anything about it. Zeus wanted to kill him right away for fear that he could become something like typhoon. However, Hera said that the boy was just like every other half blood. So we need you to go and find him and bring him to camp.""

"Is that safe dad," Percy asked. "I mean it took all the gods to beat typhoon. In addition, you want me to bring this guy, who is part typhoon into camp. Endangering everyone here?"

"Well," Poseidon said. "We still have enemies out there. Titans never go down quietly and I believe that we have not seen the last of Oceanus. He has regrouped his forces and they went into hiding. Now I know this foe and he will not take losing to us lightly. He will come back and I know that he saw the kid already. And if he gets that boy, he will use his powers against you. Is that what you really want to happen?"

"So the war is not over," Percy asked. Poseidon flashed a quick smile and ruffled his son's hair.

"Yes," Poseidon said. "The one with Kronos has ended. We still have much battles ahead to truly live in peace again."

"Does this kid have anything to do with the prophecy," Percy asked. Poseidon just shrugged and started to walk deeper into the water.

"Go now," Poseidon said. "Someone's waiting on you."

Percy turned and started back towards his cabin. As he approached, he felt something grasp his right hand. When he looked but was nothing there. He could feel her and smell the strawberry shampoo she uses. Annabeth Chase. He smiled as she pulled off her Yankee's ball cap and smiled back.

"Where were you?" She asked Percy.

"Had to clear my head," Percy said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Went to the beach and then got to talk to my dad. Then things got even more unclear."

"What happened," Annabeth asked as they walked into the Poseidon's cabin. They lay down on Percy's bed and he explained everything.

"So," Percy said looking down at Annabeth who yawned and rested on her head on his chest. "Even though I'm a hero and all I still don't think it's too wise to sleep in this cabin."

"I think." Annabeth said looking up at Percy. "I'll be fine. You are invulnerable right."

"Yeah as long as your mom doesn't show," Percy said as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer.