The first chapter of this story is in memeory of Cassie, A beautiful girl that left our world in April. Please don't take drugs.

This will be a series of Road Trips.

5:01 PM: Left the house

5:04 PM: Hit John Morrison for trying to record an episode of the Dirt Sheet with the Miz

5:10 PM: Kendrick started to play with his airplanes

5:11 PM: Kendrick hit The Miz in the eye with his airplane

5:12 PM: Took Kendrick's plane away

5:14 PM: Victoria switched the wheel with The Miz

5:15 PM: Victoria yelled at The Miz for the way he was driving

5:25 PM: Bathroom break

5:26 PM: Kendrick bought a plane well everyone else was in the bathroom

5:29 PM: The Miz started driving again

5:32 PM: Realized Kendrick wasn't in the van

5:39 PM: Found Kendrick by the door of the On The Run that we stoped at to use the bathrooms

5:41 PM: Made sure that Kendrick was in the van

5:42 PM: The Miz started driving again

5:46 PM: Got a text from Chris "Bouncy balls hurt when they hit you in the eye."

5:47 PM: Texted Chris back " Kendrick hit The Miz in the eye with a plane."

5:48 PM: Chris texted back "LOL"

5:54 PM: The Miz complained his eye was really hurting so he let John Morrison drive

6:00 PM: Brian announced it was 6 o'clock

6:03 PM: Brian fell asleep

6:09 PM: Woke up Brian

6:14 PM: Bought KFC

6:19 PM: Got our KFC

6:21 PM: John shut up for the first time through out the whole trip.

6:22 PM: John gave the wheel to Victoria

6:23 PM: The Miz asked John a question

6:24 PM: John started ranting about the title and slammy

6:29 PM: Stopped at a gas station and bought ducktape

6:31 PM: Duck taped John's mouth

6:34 PM: Duck taped The Miz's mouth

6:45 PM: John started driving again still with duck tape on his mouth

6:53 PM: Went on with Victoria

6:54 PM: Me and Victoria got mad cause Candice Michelle was the daily diva

6:55 PM: Got off

6:59 PM: Victoria poked me

7:02 PM: Me, Brian and Victoria had a poke fight

7:13 PM: The poke fight ended because we stopped at McDonald's

7:14 PM: Kendrick insisted on getting two bacon 'n' egg mcmuffins at supper time

7:23 PM: Kendrick finally convinced them to make him them

7:33 PM: Got our food and left

7:35 PM: Found Chris in the back

7:36 PM: Phoned Trish and asked her if someone was with her and if Chris could come with us.

7:37 PM: Trish said Lita would stay and that she wanted Chris out of the house.

7:46 PM: Stopped talking to Trish

7:50 PM: Chris started driving

7:51 PM: Found out that Chris can drive pretty well

7:56 PM: Demanded that we stop at the next Tim Horton's

8:12 PM: Stopped at Tim Horton's

8:14 PM: Kendrick bought himself two large Ice Caps

8:17 PM: We left Tim Horton's

8:23 PM: Found out that Kendrick plus ice caps equal crazy

8:30 PM: Fell asleep where we found Chris

9:21 PM: Woke up to find The Miz writing on John's abs

9:24 PM: Kendrick was playing with a new airplane

9:25 PM: We must have stopped when I was asleep

9:28 PM: John started stroking my arm

9:29 PM: Kendrick started stroking my arm

9:30 PM: The Miz started stroking my arm

9:34 PM: Yelled for them to stop

9:35 PM: They finally stopped

9:37 PM: Victoria switched places with Chris

9:37 PM: Chris and John switched place so Chris could sit by me

9:38 PM: Kendrick didn't wanna move

9:43 PM: We stopped at Seven Eleven

9:46 PM: Fought to tell Kendrick he wasn't allowed to get an ice cream

9:49 PM: Brian got in the car with a Blue Raspberry slushy

9:56 PM: Took the slushy from Brian cause i was thristy

10:06 PM: Ate a doughnut

10:12 PM: Found my salad I bought from Seven Eleven

10:14 PM: Got text from Beth " Santino's foot is stuck in the toilet"

10:19 PM: Texted back " HAHA again just leave him this time."

10:23 PM: Frowned at the thought of Chris wearing a speedo.

10:24 PM: Wondered how that topic came to be.

10:28 PM: Chris started to talk about cows.

10:30 PM: Brian started talking about cows too.

10:34 PM: Fell asleep.

7:30 AM: Woke up to find us stopped in a gas station

7:34 AM: Looked everyone else was sleeping

7:41 AM: Stepped on Chris Jericho getting out.

7:43 AM: Chris came with me into the store

7:56 AM: Bought a hot chocolate, doughnut, cookies and some candy

8:00 AM: Sang happy Birthday with Chris to a fan


8:14 AM: Everyone woke up

8:25 AM: Victoria Started driving

8:36 AM: Victoria stopped fast, Chris wasn't wearing a seat belt hit hit head to back of the seat.

8:39 AM: Brian, The Miz and Morrison ate some of my candy.

9:30 AM: Finally got to Anaheim, California