Rangiku was sitting in Hitsugaya's office, filing her captain's extra paperwork, when she heard a knock at the door.

"I'm busy," she shouted gruffly.

She was annoyed when the door opened despite her efforts and Gin Ichimaru stepped into the office. "I know you said you're busy," Gin explained, grinning. "But I didn't care."

Rangiku shuffled some papers without bothering to look up.

Gin strolled over to the desk, tracing his finger along the edge as he came to stand behind Rangiku.

She cleared her throat and tried her best to ignore him. If he's going to rudely enter without my permission, I'm going to be rude as well, she told herself matter-of-factly, although her resolution wavered when she felt his hands on her back.

"Oh my, somebody's tense," Gin purred, casually sliding his hands over her shoulders, massaging them. Rangiku fought to concentrfate on the paperwork, forcing herself to breathe normally. Gin's grip was firm and possessive and she felt like a captive, helpless under his touch.

He lowered his mouth to her ear and she squirmed in her seat. "Is something the matter?" he whispered innocently. "Is this too much?"

Rangiku gulped. Yes, too much! Her mind screamed. But her body betrayed her. It begged for more. She managed a small "Nh…".

Gin was the only being capable of making Rangiku lose her cool. She was known and revered for her calculating battle style, and yet she felt like a silly schoolgirl at the hands of Gin Ichimaru.

He chuckled softly and continued massaging her shoulders. His fingers kneaded her shoulder blades and she couldn't help but sigh. He was truly a gifted masseur. Rangiku closed her eyes and allowed her head to loll forward.

"Rangiku, I've been thinking," Gin drawled. "I think I would like to have you transferred to my squad. I'll make you my lieutenant. Whaddaya say? I'll be your captain and you'll be my subordinate."

Rangiku felt her stomach lurch at the way he placed special emphasis on "subordinate", like she would be a plaything, ready at his beck and call. She didn't know whether to be indignantly outraged or aroused. With Gin's hands now mercilessly working her lower back, she couldn't think much of anything at all.

"I… what?... You want me on your squad?" she said groggily.

"Mmm," breathed Gin. "That's right."

"Ok," she whispered faintly. Her mind was a drunken blur as she felt her tension melt away. Her limbs felt full of sand and her brain felt like mush. She could think of nothing but Gin's long fingers, rubbing and squeezing all the right places.

"Well I suppose I should be going!" said Gin suddenly. "Now that that's settled." He strolled from behind Rangiku's desk and paused at the door, turning to face her. "I'll speak with Captain Hitsugaya, and… persuade him to let me have you. You'll report to me first thing in the morning," he said brightly.

With that he turned and disappeared outside, leaving Rangiku feeling like jelly. What did I just agree to? She wondered vaguely.

She could still feel Gin's hands all over her back, and wondered if serving under him might not be so bad…