Well, it's been a long time hasn't it?

Sweat poured down his face as his legs carried him through the back alley, his legs burning from the inside as if his muscles were doused in kerosene and set ablaze. His lungs felt like they would collapse in on themselves if he kept running, but he had to. Nothing would stop her and he knew it. He knew she would do whatever it took to deal out her own brand of "justice" and if he wanted to see the sunrise, he needed to get past her and get to safety.

But where the mind is willing, the body sometimes is not and soon he fell to his knees is anguished exhaustion. His heaves were long and intense, as he fought his aching muscles to get up and run. The dirty brick walls seemed to entomb him, serving as his catacombs for what could very well be his final resting place.

He audibly cursed as his fatigued legs gave out, causing him to collapse on his knees in a sweaty, heaving mess. His hair was oily and clumped from sweat, as his lungs burned in their attempt to force life giving oxygen back into his body. He could hear her steel toed combat boots calmly stepping on the stained pavement, occasionally kicking away a trash can that had been knocked down in a futile attempt to slow her down.

"Thought I might find you here." she growled once she finally stood over him. "Vermin seem to always like dark allies."

He spit in her face, a simple act of defiance that only worsened his fate. Her scowl became angrier, her violet eyes burning with a vengeance. She wiped the spit from her cheek with a black fingerless leather glove, flicking the remnants down on the ground.

"Vermin like to spread their filth too." She added. "Not surprising."

"You can't do this…" he stammered. "The Gnucci Family will have your head. Ma Gnucci will never let you walk out of this city alive."

"Tell them to bring it." she said with grim determination. "Tell them I've already been through Hell and there's nothing left for me to lose. Tell them the city is no longer going to live in fear, nor will they sleep with their doors locked at night. I'm coming for them. Tell them I said…nevermore."

He never got a chance to reply before the sounds of a sawed off twelve gauge roared through the tight confines of the back alley.

"My queen, the army approaches from the north." he said with a humble bow. "They should reach the border by this time tomorrow."

"And our army?" she asked with a cocked, violet eyebrow.

"Armed and ready, your majesty. We expect to overwhelm them at the swamps. They are not used to fighting in such conditions."

The queen nodded and dismissed her servant, before sitting back upon her throne. She had yet to remove his throne, though his death was months ago. Such an act would be the final memory of his she had to let go and she couldn't even begin to do that till her foes were vanquished.

"I swear G'arr I shall not rest, shall not cease until I have eradicated the swine responsible for your assassination. This is my promise to you as your partner, as your queen and as your wife."

The rocks shattered into millions of different pieces as she crashed hard into them. Though it did not knock her out, she remained still in hopes of buying time to think of a new possible plan of attack. Her initial reading of his power level showed it to be around three hundred at the most, but yet he was attacking her with such force and speed that it would seem he was powering up to levels, dare she say it, over nine thousand?

"Give up?" he taunted. "Or is my true power too much for you?"

"Fool!" she shouted, as a crater exploded underneath her feet, causing violet energy beams to spray everywhere. "My strength is more true and powerful! And now I will show you my ultimate, true hidden power level!"

"What?!" he said in shock. "A hidden power level more powerful than mine? Of course I must let you do this."

Her fists clenched tightly together, as she focused all of her ki energy, letting her anger spill over as she powered up to never before seen levels.

"Raaaaaaaaarrrgggggggggggggggghhhhh!" she grunted, as raw bolts of electricity shot throughout her body, adding a dazzling addition to the already impressive light show around her. "Prepare to meet my ultimate form!"

She hated it when he snored, which anymore was most nights. Having a boyfriend and someone sleeping next to her was the easiest thing to adjust to, but the snoring was proving hard to ignore. It sounded like a rusty chainsaw cutting through concrete or a dinosaur being tortured to death. How such a skinny, wiry frame could produce such unholy terror when snoring was beyond her.

She floated a spare pillow from the closet, not wanting to get out of bed and wake him up. Carefully, she lifted him up off the bed and placed the pillow under the small of his back, propping him up in such a way that the snoring stopped and silence was restored to their bedroom.

"Finally." she quietly sighed to herself. She resumed her position of sleeping with his arm wrapped around her when the red flashing emergency alarm blared throughout the tower.

"Titans, we've got trouble!" blared Robin over the intercom. "Meet me in OPs in five minutes!"