Minor Adjustments

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon.

Warning: Shoujo-ai

Watching for potential prey…and…it's not going too well-

"…No…no…too skinny."

A very thin sickly looking woman in a frumpy red dress walks by with her annoying little mutt. "I'd rather have the dog" I say as I start chuckling to myself.

"Ew. too easy-but looks like I could catch something from that…pass" some guy with multicolored hair, looks like he dumped three bottles of glue on his poorly done mohawk grazes by-in clothes that looks like he's been wearing for a week.

"Why is he scratching so much? Eww. I like my food clean"

Ugh helll no…"

Every night repeats itself.

"I can't stand this" saying out loud as I begin to move, silky raven locks flowing lightly behind me. I jumped back onto the bustling streets, no longer interested in resting on my usual ledge ten stories above me. I'm forced to shove my way through thick crowds of people that never seem to end, finally settling on a familiar side street. This street… always leads me back here, it sits quietly away from my everyday life. Everything that I know to be right…But it doesn't seem to want to stay that way.

Every night for the last four nights, it's the same. This one little house occupied by this one little thing I can't bring my self to…

Four nights ago…

When I came across this house, I was set on an impulse that has been imprinted into me since the beginning. I was slightly uncomfortable from the heat besides the occasional relief from the breeze. But that summertime stuffiness was getting to me so I practically ripped off my short sleeve shirt in frustration, leaving only my purple tank top. Walking down this quiet street not really looking for anything, something caught my attention from the corner of my eye. A house. Just any regular, ordinary kind of house. A beige two story with light brown trim around the edges, and a black Saab sitting untouched in the driveway. Looking up I notice a door to the balcony was cracked, white pattern curtains swayed lightly from the soft summer breeze. After crossing the street, I decided to be bold and take a look around. As I climbed up and onto the balcony I stopped immediately, crouching. Not sensing any kind of movement, slowly, I stand creeping towards the door and I lightly push the cracked door open more and peer in. My eyes immediately catch a sleeping form on the bed not even three feet away from were I'm standing. Releasing my breath that I apparently had been holding, I take a quick look around the room. "Perfect"

This person was the only one here beside myself. The room is dark but from what I can make out, you could tell this room belonged to a girl. My nose picks up on a vaguely familiar smell. It was spicy and sweet, like sugar cookies and cinnamon, I suppose it came from the unlit candles that set neatly on the dresser across from me. "Mmm cookies" Walking over, I quickly graze through the various items and stop at a picture frame. Picking up the frame for a closer look, I see a girl, a very "hot" girl by the way, who appears to be sitting by herself on a park bench in a hysterical fit of laughter. She has long, long golden blonde hair resting on her shoulder, shaping a perfect body tinged with just the slightest hint of a tan. But what really got me were those electric blue orbs peering back at me as though she were originally looking at me the entire time. And it hit me…

"Damn it…damn-why did it have to be her?"

Realizing I know this girl, I quickly set the frame back to its place and turned to her bed. Guilt ran through me as I remembered what I had come here for in the first place. This is the same girl I see everyday in school. We share English together and I always find my eyes feasting on her slender body. Just as soon as I look, I'll see her turn towards me as though she could feel my lustful stare burning right through her. And I'd quickly look away and pretend to write what the teacher gabs on about in class. Then the bell would ring for the next class and I'd be left sitting by myself.

There's just something… different about this one. It's almost precious watching her sleep, something so innocent. I don't want to mess that up…

"But - I am hungry." The glow of the moon shown through her bedroom window, gently caressing my face and I contemplated on weather or not leaving was an option

"SiGh-Don't be so weak Rei. Get it together…all for a girl? Well…a very pretty girl"

As I struggle with my confusion I hear my stomach protest against me doubting this snack. I felt the sharp points of my teeth grow against my tongue as I fight my craving. This bloodlust. Eyes growing wide, deep redwith need…I need…And then-that hunger feeling immediately vanished when I realized that she was completely naked. I could feel a slight blush creeping past my cheeks. Kneeling beside her bed, I see perfect pink lips in a half smile.

"I can't do this" and my thoughts start to roam, seeing her perfectly shaped body with only a thin sheet stopping me from reaching out and taking in the warmth of her flawlessly soft skin.

"I wonder what she's dreaming about?"

I lean in closer to her delicate neck and I catch a light scent of jasmine coming from her golden tresses. I lift my head back up and stop not even an inch away from those perfect pink lips. I pause hoping she doesn't wake-lightly I press my lips to hers. Lips that were so soft, so warm and sweet-I had to restrain and force myself to pull away seconds later, I almost-almost-felt as though she were kissing me back.

"Wait… was she? Or was she still dreaming and I'm just imagining things?"

I thought as I stood again, walking towards her double balcony doors from were I entered earlier. I turn around for one last look at this perfect beauty

"This can't be good"