Alright, final chapter time! Keep in mind that since this is in the Earth's future (never mind that the movie is alternate universe), so they would have a little more information on Theta/Doctor than he actually does. Stupid timelines.

If anyone's not been following with why 'Theta' is healing so fast, I direct your attentions to "The Christmas Invasion", where Ten was able to regrow a hand because he was within however many hours of regenerating and blahblahblah.

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An hour before it all goes to hell, Theta finally brings himself to get out of bed and try to walk. His legs are stiff and sore from disuse, but he presses onward. McCoy tries to encourage him to lay back down, but Theta is having none of it. He slowly stumbles his way around the room, looking for something very intently.

"Look, if you're not going to lay back down, at least---dear God man, put that down---at least tell me what you're looking for."

Theta stares at him blankly. Oh. That.

"The bathroom's right here."

But it doesn't seem to be what Theta's looking for, because he sits himself down on a chair and looks up at McCoy.

"Thank you," he finally manages, "but you really should have left me there."

McCoy's eyes widen.

"Are you crazy? You would have died!"

A hint of a smirk passes over Theta's face--almost too quick to be noticed.

"If I was only so lucky," he mutters. McCoy wants to respond, but thinks it better not to. He's never had that sort of loss strike so close to his heart--he really doesn't know.

The doctor hands Theta a glass of water and a few pain pills.

"Take these. You'll need 'em."


Kirk reads. He reads and rereads. He still cannot fathom what the screen is telling him--that the man on board his ship has woven his way through history over and over again. He sees records of his passenger in ancient Greece, through the Victorian era of England, and everywhere in between. He sees so many faces--all the same man. U.N.I.T. called this man "The Doctor". This Doctor doesn't seem to try to keep in contact with them after a while, but they always know what he looks like.

And he sees Theta staring back out at him, sullen. His hair is gone, cropped short. Beyond 'Theta' are several more faces, younger and far more boyish. But they look far older than Theta in the eyes.

The captain leans back in his chair and pinches the bridge of his nose. He utters the only thing this new knowledge will allow in response.

"Holy. shit."

Spock gives him a disapproving glance for the language, but he shares the same sentiments. This man is simply impossible. And wrong. He disrupts the order of things whereever he goes, and there is a trail of lost lives behind him that halts the half-Vulcan's voice in his throat. Kirk's brow furrows in thought for an abnormally long period of time. He turns to Spock.

"What now?"

Spock pulls his hands from the console and rests them on the arms of his chair, trying not to think about how the files also say that this Doctor has saved Earth an innumerable amount. The emotional part of his mind is asking him where they have the right to judge the man. Logic tells him that the more they analyze the situation, the more evident it is that this man was responsible for the destruction all around them.

"Confront him. There is not really anything else we can do. There are numerous account of his...," Spock cranes his head back to glance at the screen again, "...companions dying while in his company. He could prove to be a danger to this crew, and we cannot take that chance."

Kirk sighs, glancing out the view window.

"I guess not."


Violence wasn't too common among the crew of the Enterprise. The 'future' had proven conducive to planet spanning peace and tolerance and everything people had once dreamed of. It seemed like only in the stars did they find the tension and prejudice they felt they had outgrown.

So Theta's loud cursing and the sound of bodies hitting against the wall certainly was startling.

It had begun peacefully enough. The higher-ranking crew members joined their survivor in the sickbay, silent. McCoy gestured for the captain and the science officer to join him at the console, while Ensign Chekov began to speak with Theta (who, much to his surprise, spoke almost perfect Russian--peppered with words in a language he could not understand). When they see the x-rays, at first Kirk does not understand.

"Is this two different people? I don't..."

"Jim, this," McCoy pointed to the screen on the left, "was taken when he got here."

McCoy taps on the image and highlights the fractured bones as the image scans over Theta's body. McCoy points to the screen on the right. There are hairline cracks where clean breaks once showed.

"That was taken twenty minutes ago. They're both of him," he gestures toward Theta with his head.

"I've never seen this before. It's....," the doctor fumbles for words, "...wrong."

Spock looks back to where Theta is talking to Chekov. Theta certainly looks no less devastated, but he's sitting in a chair. Even with the medical technology that Starfleet possessed, healing this quickly was impossible.

It doesn't take much to rouse anger from Theta. It's all a matter of figuring out what works and what doesn't, and working from there. Like water cleaving rock in two, you just need a small crack in the armor to begin.

In Theta's case, it's U.N.I.T. A mention of the organization and he shudders. That leads to more questions, and the more the captain asks, the more Theta (alias, The Doctor) realizes just how much they know.

And it's far more than they should. Oddly, the Doctor was never one to yell, at least not in anger. But the horrendous rage he was burying rushed back to the surface with an unmatched speed and he is screaming in so many different languages.

"I didn't ever mean for any of that to happen! You don't understand!"

When the stronger members in the room attempt to hold Theta back, he wheels back and avoids their grasp. When McCoy and Kirk try again, he grabs their arms and flips them both into the wall. They slump to the floor in a heap.

Spock lunges forward in practiced steps, and aims to disable Theta with a Vulcan nerve pinch. He is unsuccessful, and his eyes widen when he discovers that Theta's had some training in the same fighting styles as the half-Vulcan has. Spock tumbles to the floor, and only Ensign Chekov is left standing between Theta and the door. This problem is solved easily by a punch right into Chekov's ribs. The young man crumbles, and Theta bolts out the door, skittering his way around any crew wandering the hallways.

Kirk rights himself, still a touch out of breath.

"Everyone okay?"

He's met with a chorus of groans.

"нет, " Chekov mumbles, tenderly touching his side. A rib or two is definitely broken, but otherwise he is fine. Kirk knows his nose is broken, but ignores it. Everyone seems winded, but otherwise fine. They tear off down the hallway, trying to stop Theta, who is currently trying to break into an escape pod. His fingers flutter over the keypad, and he swiftly gains access. The doors slide shut as the captain of the Enterprise and company round the final corner.

All attempts to stop the small craft are futile, as it rockets away from the enterprise and dips down through space. The crew will race back to the helm and try to follow Theta, but will be stunned when the small ship disappears in front of their eyes. He is gone.

There's the sense that they should something--try to calculate where he's gone, how he's done it, but they can't find anything that would aid them in finding him. Kirk makes note of the strange situation in the captain's log, and sends a report to Starfleet.

It's all he can do.

The Enterprise continues on its journey, exploring the depths of space. Theta races back towards Gallifrey, to the only place he's called home, and uses that 'home' to go back where he's comfortable, back where it's truly home--Earth. He drifts through the centuries, trying to push away the memory of his planet burning, of his people dying and cursing his name--his true name that no one can ever know--and the unnerving feeling that someone was seeing right through him.

It will be a long, long age before they will ever meet again.

Theta (having now returned to using his alias "Doctor") has her hand firmly in his, and they are running. He's asking her to come along because he's in need of something even he's not sure of.

She calls him Mr. Spock on one occassion, but the memory of his time on the Enterprise (like everything from around then) is hazy and distorted, and the name is unfamiliar to him. She doesn't notice the battered old Starfleet shirt lying crumpled in the corner of his wardrobe.

But when he changes his face and still later when she is gone, there is Martha. Martha, whom is so much like the woman who came and held his hand that it is her he turns to when he finds himself truly the last of them all.