A Twist Of Events

Author : NightStalker22

Disclaimer : I don't own Harry Potter or it's characters, nor Twilight and it's characters, I just play with them and twist them to my will, I'm not making any money from this 'my twisted story.'

Crossover : Harry / Twilight

Pairings : Some Harry / Fenrir.Eventual Harry / Edward, because I think both is hot. Emmett / Rosalie. Alice / Jasper. Carlisle / Esme. Bella / Jacob.

Warnings : Very AU for both Harry Potter and Twilight. Dark Harry; because I like him that way. Slight Insanity or possibly more, Rape, Angst, Violence, Death, Torture, OOC'ness, Slash, Humour, Character bashing in both worlds. Just so you know, I'm not all that familiar with Twilight, my knowledge firstly came from Fan Fiction, but then I decided to read the books but haven't managed to finish the first one yet. My characters will be very different from canon and the main things you may come across; but to be honest I like it that way. A lot of the crossovers I have come across are good but they are very similar to each other, but I still like them don't get me wrong, I just wanted something different, so I thought I would give it a try, I do hope you like it even with all these differences, but if not I guess I can't help that, and all I can say is press the back button and don't read. This will start near the end of Harry's 3rd year, and it will go into AU from then on. Voldemort is alive, and helps Harry, because I just love Voldemort and can't have him against Harry in my fics. This chapter has rape so if you want to skip that part just don't read between the 'markers' so to speak.

Summary : Harry is in his 3rd year at Hogwarts, and after finding Sirius to be innocent he is looking forward to moving into a place with him after the year is over, but what he didn't realize was just how insane Sirius really was until it was too late. Now thrown into Azkaban, he starts to understand to a certain extent what it was like for Sirius. But forgiveness doesn't come that easily for Harry, he still hates Sirius and the rest of the Wizarding world for what they did to him no matter how much understanding there is. Voldemort comes to his rescue with a chance for Harry to get his revenge, and offers his help to see it happen, with some sacrifices of course. Harry accepts and moves to Forks, knowing that he was destined for more than a life in prison, and after his first year and the encounter he had with spirit Voldemort he started to question what he was being told by Dumbledore and everyone else in his life, he wanted more and he knew who could give it to him but didn't know how to go about getting it, then after meeting the young Tom in his second year, he knew they had a lot in common, and a certain familiarity. So the Wizarding world thinks he is either dead or with Voldemort. Whilst there he learns what he needs to know about magic and what is happening in the Wizarding world through the link between himself and Voldemort, whilst staying undercover in Forks. With plans up his sleeves that will not only shock the Wizards that betrayed him but also rock the belief's of certain Forks residents.

I know I shouldn't be starting another Fic, but I couldn't get this one out of my head. I will still be continuing; The Meaning of Family though.




Chapter 1

The Freedom of Actions

Harry was running through the Forbidden Forest, he was chasing the werewolf Remus Lupin and the animagus Sirius Black. He needed to help his Godfather, he didn't want to lose him now that he'd found him. He didn't know how he was going to do it, all he knew was that he needed to.

He could hear the growls in the night and made to hurry up and ran faster. He heard a whimper and knew he was close, just before reaching the clearing he knew them to be in, he stopped and looked down to the ground, spotting some rocks, he picked up a few of the larger ones he could find and slowly walked into the little clearing.

Remus stood towering over the dog animagus, with his claws raised ready to strike.

Pitching his arm back, Harry threw one of the rocks and hit the back of the werewolf's head.

Once the werewolf turned to look at him he realized he had no means of escape, he saw at the corner of his eye Sirius stalk around the werewolf and to Remus' side, he knew Sirius was going to attack the werewolf and took a slow step backwards out of the way knowing there was nothing he could do.

He was frozen to the spot as he watched as if it was all happening in slow motion as Remus turned to his right and Sirius jump onto the werewolf and both went rolling down the slope further into the forest. He couldn't move even if he wanted to.

After what felt like a lifetime, but was probably only a few minutes he saw a large black mass coming towards him, and with a yelp he was barrelled over a large black back and taken off down into the forest. It happened so fast he couldn't help but feel slightly dizzy, watching as the ground moved fast beneath him whilst being bounced around, he held on as tight as he could without hurting Sirius. Before he knew it he was thrown off and landed on his backside with a thud, looking around himself and the animagus he noticed they were deeper in the forest now and he couldn't hear a sound apart from Sirius' panting breath next to him.

Feeling something wet on his cheek he looked to his right and looked directly into blue eyes. He checked the dog over for any injuries and could only find a few claw marks on his left ribs but they didn't look too bad, with a few cuts on his face. Laughing in relief he wrapped his arms around the dog, Sirius knocking him on his back stood over him and started licking his face enthusiastically. Harry felt the fur under his hands change to clothes and looked up to see his Godfather looking at him deeply. Sirius started licking his face again, and Harry laughed with uncertainty this time. Not knowing what his Godfather was doing.

"Sirius what are you doing?" Harry asked after being licked on the face and neck.

"Nothing Harry, just relax." replied Sirius, moving his hands up Harry's arms and pinning his hands to the ground above his head.

"Sirius?" Harry was starting to feel rather uncomfortable now.

"Shh," was his answer.

Harry was shocked to notice the large bulge in between Sirius' legs when his Godfather moved himself above Harry's shivering form, pinning him more firmly to the ground so he couldn't move. Even if Sirius had been in Azkaban for so many years Harry found that he was still much bigger and stronger than himself, sure he could give up a fight but he knew somewhere deep down it was pointless, but he wasn't going to give up.

"Sirius please stop whatever your doing." Harry tried, feeling his Godfather rub his right leg against his groin.

"Harry, be quiet, Remus might hear us, and he won't care what were doing, he'll attack the both of us, and we don't want that do we?"

Harry didn't know what to think or do so he just replied with a quiet, "no," and worst of all he couldn't reach his wand that was in his pocket.

"Good, now just relax."

But Harry couldn't relax, he started to struggle, and he found the more he did so the angrier it made Sirius, but he didn't care he needed this to stop before it got any further. He tried to roll Sirius off him but he couldn't get the strength he needed, so when Sirius attached his lips onto his own he was so shocked he stopped moving for a moment, and that was all Sirius needed to push his tongue between Harry's lips, when he felt the tongue push it's way into his mouth forcefully, he did the only thing he could do, he bit down - hard.

"You want to play rough then?" Sirius asked whilst slipping Harry's wand out from his pocket.

"Sirius please stop this," Harry tried again, "we can get you help!"

"Harry if you can't be quiet, I will have to make you." Sirius said pointing the wand at harry.

Harry could feel his heart beating so hard it felt like it was trying to escape his chest. He couldn't believe this was happening, his own Godfather was attacking him, granted they didn't really know each other that well and he knew Sirius would've had some problems after so long in Azkaban, but he didn't know it would be this bad. He couldn't believe he had his own wand pointed at him, by someone he should've been able to trust no less. He couldn't think how he was going to get out of this.

"I don't need help Harry," Sirius said, as if what he was doing wasn't wrong in any way, "it's been so long for me Harry!" Sirius exclaimed, "and besides, I saved you from the werewolf, so you owe me Harry." Sirius tried to purr, but it came off more like a growl.

"Please Sirius, I can pay you back in any other way but this," Harry tried desperately.

"No Harry, you look good to me, and do you know how long it's been since I've had anything this good?" Sirius asked.

"Yes Sirius I do, but there are other things we can give each other." Harry said, trying to think of something fast, before Sirius could start moving faster and stopping this conversation.

As if reading his thoughts, or maybe just realising he was taking too long in getting what he wanted, Sirius waved Harry's wand in the direction of Harry's arms, and Harry felt an invisible force tie itself around his wrists and attach them to the ground, now having his hands free, Sirius pushed himself off Harry just enough to be able to grab Harry's kicking legs and pull them roughly apart, placing his leg heavily on his left leg he cast the same charm on his right ankle that he had used on his wrists, "stop struggling, Harry," he said then placed the charm on his left ankle.

"Sirius, please let me go." Harry panted, still struggling against the tight bonds keeping him in place.

"I couldv'e just immobilised you Harry, but I wanted to feel you move beneath me," Sirius stated, gently running a hand over his cheek, "but I could change my mind if your going to be too difficult." Sirius whispered, before placing a soft kiss to Harry's lips.

It felt so good, it had been too long since he had the pleasure of anothers soft lips pressed against his own, he needed this, he wanted this, hell he even graved it so strongly he could taste it. It was driving him crazy, he felt somewhat like a starved dog. That thought had him laughing insanely to himself. He wasn't far off on that point he supposed.

Harry was struggling against his restraints, and now he was also struggling to breathe, he didn't know what to do, he was stuck. Pinned beneath a mad man, magically tied to the ground, not in a position to get his wand, and starting to wonder if it would be such a bad thing to cry out for Remus in hopes that he would come, and probably die a painful death at the hands of the werewolf.

He felt Sirius unzip his jeans, as he still struggled to get free for some much needed air. Finally managing to break free of the invading mouth he gulped the air into his lungs, just when he was sure he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.


Sirius not caring much that the lips where abruptly removed from his own, he put more of his concentration on his task of getting what he wanted, with no more patience for this little game, he pushed Harry's legs together and pulled his jeans down to his ankles and started to fondle Harry's limp cock, "come on Harry you know you want this, so why don't you make things easier for both of us, that way it won't hurt you as much as it will if you don't relax." Sirius said, still fondling him, Harry knew it was his attempt to make him hard. What he didn't know was why Sirius even bothered when he was going to rape him anyway, 'maybe Sirius was trying to justify his actions by making it seem like I want it? Or maybe it was just part of his sick little game?' Harry didn't know but he really didn't care either, he just wanted Sirius to stop touching him an let him go.

"Sirius please, this isn't the way it was meant to be." he said more to himself than Sirius. He had realised he couldn't get out of the bonds no matter how hard he tried because the more he struggled the tighter they became, he hated himself for being so useless, and getting himself into this mess in the first place, but he didn't think he needed to be on guard here at school like he did when he was at his relatives, or with Sirius of all people, he guessed he was wrong on both counts. He thought that maybe Remus would've heard them and came to his 'rescue' but it hadn't happened yet, and he wasn't sure if that would have been a good thing anyway.

Sirius grabbed his legs and pulled them open as far as he could to give himself the best access, and without much pause or warning he rammed his large member into him, not stopping until he was fully embedded.

Knowing what was about to happen Harry braced himself for the pain as best he could, closing his eyes tightly, and trying his hardest not to scream, whilst trying to concentrate on his breathing in an attempt to relax himself. He couldn't help the whimper that escaped him.

Laying there helpless and at the mercy of his Godfather, Harry could do nothing else but keep his eyes closed, gritting his teeth to keep quiet, concentrating on his breathing, and not moving, trying to stay as relaxed as possible through the pain that was racing up his spine with every sharp thrust, knowing that if he tensed just a little it would make it ten times worse, he thought he was use to the abuse from his uncle but this was something much worse, and not only because it was someone else he was suppose to be able to trust betraying him, but because it was his last hope of having someone free him from his relatives. Trying with all his will not to think of that, he couldn't prevent his tears from leaking out of his tightly closed eyes, he just wanted a chance to have someone there for him no matter what and now that was gone. At that moment he promised himself never to trust anyone no matter who they where, or being too weak and allowing this to happen again.

With those thoughts, he fixed his resolve and started to let his mind wander to the dark familiar place he always went to when things got too much at his relatives. Trying to ignore what was happening to him.

"Your so tight..." Sirius practically hummed, "you know you like this don't you Harry, why don't you open your eyes and look at me?" Sirius asked, whilst penetrating the tight hole wrapped around his hard member, using the blood as lubrication.

Harry ignored Sirius' voice and tried to keep his concentration on his breathing.

"Maybe I should make myself clearer, open your eyes Harry, I want to see your beautiful eyes when I come inside you." Sirius said firmly.

Feeling sick, Harry opened his eyes and looked blankly past Sirius' head and up into the little bits of the sky he could see through the top of the trees, trying to imagine himself on his broom and flying free amongst the twinkling stars, he loved flying, but now that was tainted with the thought of his beloved broom being the Firebolt Sirius had given him, but at that moment he didn't much care for that, just the thought of flying free was enough to keep himself from breaking down, from really seeing and feeling the motion of Sirius' harshly thrusting body.

"That's better." Sirius panted, and with one last harder thrust Harry could feel the hot liquid of Sirius entering his battered body without his permission.

It made him feel sick and the hate he was suddenly feeling he couldn't suppress.


Sirius finally stopped moving and after a short moment of trying to catch his breath he removed himself from Harry's body.

Harry hissed in pain as Sirius yanked himself from his body before he felt the binds that were holding him in place be removed, gathering his strength Harry slowly raised his back off the ground with his hands braced behind him holding him a sitting position trying to keep as much of his weight off his sore and bloodied backside, he watched as Sirius zipped up his pants and took a seat in front of him.

"See, Harry that wasn't so bad now was it?" Sirius asked sincerely, and Harry hated the way he made it sound as if it was nothing and what had happened was a natural part of life, it just made the anger he was feeling much more palpable. He was so sick of being used and abused and it was time he put a stop to it all. No more would he put up with everyone else's bullshit.

Harry watched as Sirius grabbed the wand that had ended up on the ground behind him somehow and waved them in the direction of Harry's limbs, finally freeing them of the ropes that had started to cut into his skin from all his struggling, before throwing the wand back to Harry.

Harry rubbed at his wrists, when his wand landed in front of his feet he looked up at Sirius to see that the man was staring at the sky with a look of contentment on his face, Harry figured he must trust that he would be safe after Harry had his wand back obviously thinking Harry wouldn't do anything for revenge, 'not that Sirius probably thought what he did warranted revenge' Harry thought bitterly narrowing his eyes at the man. 'Well I will just have to show him how wrong he was, no matter the consequences, I don't care anymore, and besides it was self defence.'

Harry picked up his wand, and ignoring the pain in his body stood, pulled his pants up, and zipped them. Racking his brain of what curse he should use to end the life of the man before him. He decided that he couldn't think of anything other than the one he had learned about from his nightmarish visions the Dementor's brought on; of his parents death whenever he was around them, he didn't know if he would succeed in his attempt, but after feeling the blood from his arse running down his legs under his jeans he decided he didn't really care, as far as he was concerned it was self defense and worth the try.

Pointing his wand to the man before him, he shouted the words to end the Bastard's life for good "Avada Kedavra!"

The green light of the spell shot from his wand, feeling the wonderful thrill from deep in his core and vibrate it's way through his body and towards the surface leaving an exquisite tingling sensation in his skin with a mix of intense power and pleasure, Harry watched the curse as if in slow motion, and although it was not as powerful as it could have been it was still enough to end Sirius' life once it connected with the intended target, the curse hit Sirius in the chest killing the deranged man instantly, a look of surprise forever etched on his face.

Just as he was coming down from his curse induced high, he heard a rustle behind him. Spinning on his heels with his wand pointed in front of him ready to fire a stunner if it was Remus, even if he didn't know if the spell would do anything, he saw to his relief Snape and his two best friends standing there with a look of horror on their faces.

"HARRY, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Hermione screamed.

"He attacked me, I was just defending myself." Harry panted.

"Miss Granger go and get Professor Dumbledore immediately." Snape ordered, not taking his narrowed eyes off Harry's.

"Harry what did you do that for?" Ron asked accusingly pointing towards Sirius' still form laying on the ground, his already pale freckled face looking more pale in the moonlight shining through the forest.

'He looks as if he's going to be sick' Harry mused.

"I told you he attacked me -"

"What do you mean, he attacked you? I don't like the man but even I could see he was just sitting there doing nothing." Snape snarled.

"Professor?" Harry paused not really wanting to share this peice of information but knowing he had no choice if he wanted to save himself, "he r.. raped me." Harry stuttered quietly.

This time it was Ron's turn to scream, "WHAT!"

Harry's eyes darted to Ron's face for a moment, and he could see the disbelief on his face not knowing if it was there because he couldn't believe what he was hearing or if he just didn't believe Harry, 'knowing Ron it was probably the latter', before looking back at Snape, "he raped me Sir, he didn't think he was doing anything wrong and I got my wand back and defended myself." Harry rambled weakly, his body was really starting to hurt and he needed to mend himself soon before he passed out from blood loss.

"Mr Potter, what is going on here?" Dumbledore asked once he arrived to where they were gathered, Hermione and Professor McGonagall not far behind him, they were all looking at Harry in horror, as if the world had stopped spinning and it was all his fault.

"Sir, Sirius... he..." Harry took a deep breath before he continued, "he raped me, he wouldn't let me go."

They all looked at him as if he was crazy, 'maybe I am, but why are they looking at me as if I'm lying, sure it looks bad, but he did have the proof if they needed it.'

"I need to get to the hospital wing to stop the bleeding -" the last thing Harry heard was the gasps behind the headmaster before his world stopped spinning and everything went black.

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