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"Mind communication"

Chapter 9

The Meaning of Loyalty

It had been a week since Harry and Fenrir had first started eavesdropping on the Cullen family. Since secretly going there after school everyday they hadn't heard any new information from the family apart from hearing what they thought of him after Bella had asked the family.

They're answers hadn't really changed over the past week, since he had first started school.

It had started to become a very boring task he had to do.

This night however was different.

Harry and Fenrir were sitting in their usual place in the clearing amongst the forest that surrounded the Cullen's home, when they assumed someone had entered the living room before they heard the 'father' of the clan ask Edward gently if it was time that he should be taking Bella home. Over the week that they had been listening in, they had never heard him ask that before, so naturally it piqued Harry's curiosity.

"Carlisle?" They heard the 'mother' ask.

Before Carlisle could answer however Alice's voice interrupted. "I think she should stay for this Carlisle!"

Harry figured she must know something the rest didn't.

"I agree." Said Edward immediately.

Obviously Edward read her thoughts and now Alice wasn't the only one that knew something the rest didn't.

"Very well." Carlisle accepted easily. After a short silence Harry could make out the noise of everyone who had been standing, take a seat and the rest getting comfortable he assumed, either way they made a fair bit of noise or his spell was just extra sensitive. "I've been doing some research and made a few contacts, I think I can safely answer some questions about this mysterious boy that has just entered Forks."

Harry and Fenrir shared a dubious look, at the same time Harry felt Voldemort become more alert to what Harry was listening to. He always kept one eye on Harry's surroundings and one eye on his own. Not that Harry minded.

Harry could only imagine what was going through the Cullen's minds after that statement.

"There's no other way to explain all this without being blunt, so please just hear me out..." There was a short silence and Harry assumed he was waiting for everyone's agreement, before he continued, "I had to contact the Volturi in order to gather information and the connections I needed, but before you ask, they didn't mention Bella after the information I shared with them of the goings on here," the 'father' said, obviously trying to reassure his family, it certainly made Harry curious, "I know it was a risk, but it was one I needed to take, and to be honest, I knew Aro would be too interested in this new development to worry about Bella at the moment... In fact not only was he interested, but they seem to want to help me find everything I request in order to solve this mystery." Informed the 'father' calmly, if not a bit hesitantly.

"What?" Asked Edward. Harry could tell he was surprised.

"The Volturi have connections in the world I'm about to explain to you all in a moment. They contacted a Vampire I had met through them a very long time ago and asked for him to help us." The 'father' informed his family. "Corbin is a wizard!" He finished bluntly.

There was a stretch of silence going through the house and Harry assumed they were all shocked to speechlessness, the only sound he could hear was the human girl's breathing. "What? A wizard? They're real too?" They heard Bella say in shock. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised anymore!" She murmured.

"Yes, they're very real." The 'father' answered gently, "The Vampire I mentioned is a magical Vampire, as soon as I got in contact with him he sent me several wizarding newspapers from many different countries, previous and current editions. In fact from what I can gather from my research, Corbin really isn't Corbin - but a boy named Harry Potter."

Harry and Fenrir sat motionless in shock and in Harry's case; panic. He was well aware of Voldemort racing through his castle to his chambers. He could feel Fenrir put his arm around him protectively. It was only when his father apparated to his other side that Harry snapped out of it. After conjuring a chair, Voldemort sat down gracefully.

"How do you know all this Dear?" The 'Mother' asked.

"The papers I received goes into a lot, and sometimes ridiculous, detail about a young boy named Harry Potter, by reading past and present articles and piecing the information together, along with talking to Nicholi, we were able to gather enough information to come to these conclusions, although I must admit some of the time-lines don't add up." Finished the 'Father'.

"What do you mean?" Asked Jasper.

"It's best if I start from the beginning." Replied the 'father'. "Apparently Mr Potter was born in 1980, which would make him about the same age as Mr Slytherin, in 1981 his parents died in a war against a Dark Lord and as far as people knew the young Harry Potter was placed in the care of his surviving relatives, at the age of Eleven he went to the magical school in England, named Hogwarts," The 'father' took an unneeded breathe before continuing, "apparently at the age of thirteen he killed a man named Sirius Black whom was Mr Potter's Godfather and apparently a follower of this Dark Lord. It was believed he had betrayed the Potter's to his master." The 'father' said in distaste.

"Well I don't blame the kid for killing him then-." Rosalie snarled angrily.

"-What do you mean by 'it was believed?'" Jasper asked at the same time.

"Apparently Mr Black wasn't the one to betray the Potter's, it was one of the Potter's other friends, and the young Mr Potter had known this at the time of the murder. It wasn't detailed in the papers as to why this young boy had committed this crime, but it stated that a few of the people he knew from school said he had turned to the dark side. He was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the wizarding prison; Azkaban. From what the papers say, he went missing when Azkaban was attacked in March this year and several of this Dark Lord's followers escaped. And according to the newspapers, they aren't sure if he escaped the followers or went with them either willingly or unwillingly." Finished the 'father'.

The house was in, what Harry guessed to be, stunned silence after all that had been told.

Harry sat silently in the clearing, a sneer slowly forming on his face as he listened to the 'father' explain his life to complete outsiders. To say he wasn't happy was an understatement. "How dare they, they aren't even magical vampires and they have access to wizarding newspapers..." Harry ranted to his father.

"Calm down Harry and just listen, that's not important right now." Voldemort hissed back, after sparing a glance at his son.

"How do you connect that information with this Corbin kid?" Asked Emmett. Harry could only say he sounded confused. "That happened five months ago, and he only just turned up in Forks not that long ago!"

"I'm not finished yet, you might understand more as I explain." The 'father continued, "In another newspaper I read it was reported that the relatives he had lived with were found dead in their home back in August. Their bodies were found a couple of weeks after they had died, which, doing the math would have been around the time of Harry Potter's birthday. Their son's body had appeared to have been attacked by a werewolf, a true werewolf, and you had mentioned you could smell werewolf on Corbin. That's what made me wonder more than anything, so after reading everything I could, I spoke to Nicholi again and what he had told me was, that rumours are going around the magical community that this Dark Lord has returned, he has offered to look into it from his end." The 'father' explained.

"This kid sounds horrible." Whispered Bella in horror. They could hear the fear in her voice.

"Who is this Nicholi guy?" Asked Emmett.

"He's a magical vampire who lives with muggle ones. Muggle is a term the wizarding world calls non-magical beings." Informed the 'father'.

"Do you still have these newspapers?" Asked Jasper curiously.

'I do."

"Do they have pictures of this kid?" Edward asked dubiously.

"It does, although it's one of when he was younger, I'll go get it." The 'father' answered.

All they could hear was him racing off to some other part of the house before returning shortly after.

"He doesn't look all that much the same, but I suppose there are some similarities, especially around the eyes!" Announced Alice.

"How do you know?" Emmett asked.

"Because when he first arrived at the school I was admiring his clothes, but when I seen his eyes..." there was a slight pause, "they have almost the same colour, with only a few small differences, but I couldn't imagine this kid from the picture to ever have eyes like his." Admitted Alice.

"I agree," said Edward, "I've also seen his eyes when I was sitting next to him in biology, and they had a red hue mixed with the emerald green."

"But if this is the same kid, what are we going to do?" Bella asked worriedly.

"Your not going to do anything Bella, other than stay away from him." Edward said tersely.

"But Edward..."

"...No Bella, if this is the same kid, he's very dangerous and can do things that most of us, if not all of us, have never heard of or seen before, which makes him even more dangerous, not to mention our gifts don't work on him." Edward said firmly.

"Edwards right Bella, the reason I felt you should know was so your not completely unaware of him and what he's capable of, it's too dangerous for you to get involved." Alice said gently.

"It's dangerous for all of us." Jasper said seriously.

"I don't want to have to move again." Rosalie protested.

"I'm just worried about all of you." Bella whispered.

"We know dear." Soothed the 'mother'.

"The only safe thing we can do at the moment is to stay out of his way," the 'father' said. "We need more information on him before we can act, I've only heard of what wizards are capable of." He finished softly.

When they were sure they weren't going to hear anything more of importance in regards to them, and after Voldemort stood and waved his hand, making the chair he had conjured, disappear; Harry, Voldemort and Fenrir apparated back to Slytherin manor.

Once they had arrived they made themselves comfortable in the large living room. Each of them taking a seat on the lounge.

"So now what?" Asked Harry moodily, looking directly at his father and making himself comfortable next to Fenrir.

"Don't bring any unwanted attention on yourself, keep an eye on them, and don't cause any trouble." Voldemort replied, somewhat distracted.

Harry understood what his father meant, but he was already doing that, in his opinion anyway, and his father knew it. "Of course." Harry frowned.

"I know of the vampire the sire was speaking of, he's neutral in the war but is in contact with the magical vampires we have an allegiance with, I will speak to them and request that they arrange a meeting with this Nicholi. It's time I get more involved with what this coven finds out about you," sneered Voldemort. "The information they managed to get was common knowledge to the wizarding world, as for the rumours, it's best if they stay that way for the moment as the wizarding world wish to stay in denial. In the mean time do what I said and continue with you training, your making good progress." Praised Voldemort proudly. Sending a slight smile to Harry which was hard to see if you didn't know what you were looking at. Standing up he continued, "I will be here tomorrow evening to continue with your potions lesson, among other things. As for tonight I will be sending Lucius for your ancient runes study, Fenrir, keep an eye on my son, good night." Nodded Voldemort, then walked towards the fireplace.

Harry watched as his father grabbed some floo powder, turned and glanced once more at the occupants of the room before stepping into the fire and disappearing.

"Well that was a bit abrupt." Harry commented, looking at Fenrir with a frown. His father didn't seem overly worried about all that had happened tonight, so Harry felt he could be a bit more relaxed about the whole affair. He trusted his father enough to know he wouldn't let anyone harm him.

"That's the Dark Lord for you," Shrugged Fenrir. "As for me, I'm not letting you out of my sight from now on!" Fenrir said coldly, giving Harry a look that dared him to argue.

Harry had no intentions of arguing about it, but he did want to point out the obvious to his werewolf. "Apart from you becoming a student at Forks high school, I don't see how you can watch me more than you already do." Harry chuckled, the mental image of Fenrir at the stupid high school was rather entertaining.

Shaking his head in exasperation knowing his pup well enough to know what he was thinking, Fenrir decided to change the subject. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for your lesson with Malfoy senior!" He more stated than asked.

Harry sobered up at that, and let the prospect of learning take over the thoughts of the unwanted events with the Cullen's. He would worry about it later, after all he had a whole weekend to talk to his father and Fenrir about it before seeing the coven again. Besides, he trusted his family. "Yep!" Smiled Harry, pulling his wand out and summoning his ancient runes textbook.

Harry was getting ready for school. He had been busy with his father over the weekend making potions such as; The Truth Serum, which Harry thought might come in handy someday, and The Draught of Living Death, that Harry thought was very interesting.

Voldemort had a knack at experimenting with potions and had shown Harry a few different methods that hadn't been discribed in the textbook.

He also felt that his father was a much better teacher than Snape, his father loved to go into such detail to explain what the ingredients were and the effect it could have if mixed with compatible ingredients, and the undesired and sometimes deadly effect they could have if mixed with incompatible ingredients.

It took them longer to get through the whole lesson but was much more informative.

He had also learnt many more Dark spells and their theories and had a lot of fun duelling against his father and Fenrir. Sometimes two on one and sometimes him against one or the other whilst the other observed, then sometimes made comments for him to learn from.

Fenrir had just apparated them to their usual clearing, effectively shaking Harry out of his reminiscing. It would be the first time Harry had seen the Cullen's since their discovery of who and what he was.

After talking it over with his father and Fenrir, he didn't much care, apart from them finding out things that he felt they didn't have a right to know, but knowing they didn't find out what they did through any of Dumblebee's order of chickens or the old man himself.

So long as they didn't bother him or tell anybody else of his presence.

Although he definitely wasn't looking forward to any of the stares he was bound to receive.

"I'll see you after school." Harry said, with a brief hug to his werewolf before planting a quick kiss to his warm lips.

Harry turned and walked towards the road, quickly looking back and giving his furry lover one last wave.

The morning went by as it normally did, the only difference being the Cullen's. There were still plenty of stares and the like.

He had to admit, even if it was only to himself, that the rumours buzzing through the school about him like a swarm of bees, were really starting to get on his nerves. This time it was about where he lived and the fact that no one had ever seen him in town, doing shopping like normal people. They started to speculate that he just didn't eat, and that's why he was so skinny. 'What do they think I eat at lunch then. My books?' He mentally snorted.

Even though it was getting on his nerves, he still thought it was funny how pathetic they were in their little miserable lives. They obviously didn't have anything better to do, he couldn't care less. The only reason he hated it however was because he was worried his father would try to make him go shopping just to blend in and not draw even more attention to himself.

In Harry's opinion he thought he would draw too much attention to himself if he did start going shopping. Although he had to admit, it would be funny not to mention very entertaining, but he doubted his father would allow him to do that. At least not yet.

As if that wasn't enough, there were also rumours as to how and why he had such a scar on his face. Ridiculous things such as him being mauled by some kind of animal, or that maybe he had received it in a fight probably in gaol or something of the sort. 'If only they knew.' He internally snorted again.

But to top it all off, Harry was also putting up with the Cullen's. Acting as though they were trying to avoid him like the plague, but Harry could feel their eyes on him though, when they thought he couldn't tell and had sometimes caught them in the act. Their expressions varying from Cullen to Cullen. Some glares, some anxious, some curious, some disgusted and the like. He knew they were also trying to see the resemblance in him and the boy they had seen in the picture. Harry didn't care what they thought of him, they didn't know him or his reasons for his actions, and he didn't have to explain himself to them.

That was also grating on his nerves and he was tempted to surreptitiously cast some spells at them, but he knew he couldn't do it without them hearing him. He had only mastered two non-verbal spells and hadn't yet moved onto learning any more. But it wouldn't be long before that happened, and when it did, he was planning on having some fun with this hell-hole they called a school.

"As long as you don't forget what I told you." Hissed Voldemort.

"Of course not, only the vampires would suspect it was me," Harry hissed back somewhat annoyed, "It's not like the school population could connect it to me anyway, especially with it not starting as soon as I had arrived... too much time would've gone by." He hissed in amusement.

Shaking his head in exasperation as he so often did with his son, Voldemort left him to his own devices. For now.

Harry was sitting in the cafeteria, as it was now lunch and had quietly placed a notice me not charm around himself and the table he was sitting at before the humans had arrived, the Cullen's already at their usual table. He knew the vampires had heard him if the slight widening of their eyes were anything to go by, not to mention the glances in the direction they knew him to be in.

Harry didn't much care as he knew they speculated he was a wizard, now they had their proof. But they didn't know, he knew, that they thought they knew, what he was. He found that extremely funny, as it was hard to play any vampire for a fool, or so he had heard. And he had to get his entertainment from somewhere while at this school.

It was as Harry was eating his lunch and reading up on magical history ready for his lesson tonight with Trix, she had many funny family stories she liked to share with him; that he had over heard a group of kids making hushed plans to follow him home after school in some pathetic attempt to find out where he lived. 'They can have fun trying.' He thought humorously.

He was just about to take another mouthful of his lunch when his house-elf Dipsy appeared in front of him, standing on the table top, murmuring a spell, and then proceeding to pull at his large ears, looking extremely frightened of something.

It all happened so fast and Harry assumed Dipsy had cast some sort of disillusionment spell over them as no one seemed to have noticed that the sudden appearance of some small looking creature they had never seen before had turned up out of nowhere in the somewhat large cafeteria.

He could just imagine the chaos it would create and the trouble that would ensue.

Not sure if the house-elf had already done it Harry cast a strong muffling spell over them so no one could overhear them. "Dipsy, what are you doing here?" A stunned Harry asked.

"Sorry master, but Dipsy couldn't wait!" Squeaked the elegantly dressed house-elf.

"Wait for what? What's going on?" Harry asked, perplexed.

"I'm sorry master," Dipsy repeated. "But there's was a house-elf in yours yard looking for you." Said Dipsy shakily, trembling from head to foot and staring at Harry wide eyed.

Harry had a similar look. "What!" Harry exclaimed. He could feel Voldemort watching through their link as he so often did. "Do you know what it's name is? And what have you done with it?" Harry asked in a rush. They had never prepared for this, but he had a feeling he knew who it was and that possibly couldn't be good. "Don't go rushing there yet, not until we know what's going on." He hissed to Voldemort quickly.

"Excuse me!" Voldemort hissed back agitated. But Harry ignored him as Dipsy started to speak.

"He says his name is Dobby and that he is just looking for Harry Potter Sir, I told's him there is no Harry Potters living here's Sir, then I puts him in a magical cage and puts a strong barrier around's it and the house, that no house-elf's can gets through master." Dipsy said cautiously, looking proud of himself but scared that he may have done the wrong thing.

"You did well Dipsy." Harry praised with a nod.

The small house-elf beamed. "Thank yous master." Said Dipsy, relaxing his small trembling body.

"Do you want to meet me at home after school, or do you think I should go home now and deal with this?" Harry asked, uncertain.

"I will meet you after school, this Dobby isn't going anywhere, just tell Dipsy to keep him in his sights until you return." Hissed Voldemort. Harry could feel his distaste.

Nodding his agreement, Harry turned his attention back to Dipsy, said elf getting more nervous the longer the silence stretched on. "Dipsy I want you to keep watch over Dobby at all times until I return this afternoon." Harry ordered. "Don't let him out of your sight, keep him in the cage and don't let the wards down." He finished.

"Yes master, I's wont disappoints you." Dipsy bowed.

"Good," nodded Harry. "Have the other house-elves help you if you need it, you may go." Harry ordered firmly.

"Yes master." Dipsy bowed low again, his nose touching the table, before clicking his fingers and disappearing.

After Dipsy was gone Harry noticed the Cullen clan and human girl all staring in his direction frowning, although in the vampires case it wasn't all that easy to tell. The vampires obviously could hear him talking to someone but couldn't see anything. He also knew they wouldn't have been able to understand what had been said.

The humans couldn't hear anything and hadn't even noticed anything out of the ordinary. The human girls was looking between his direction and the Cullen's with a look that stated she wanted to know what was going on.

Harry cancelled some of the spells around him and gave them a cold smile and a small wave.

The Cullen's and human girl glared at him in an attempt to hide their surprise then turned away. But Harry knew they were still very alert. Well the Cullen's at least.

"How do you think Dobby found me?" Hissed Harry. Ignoring the Cullen's for the moment.

"House-elves have magic that is very different from wizards. Only other house-elves understand and know exactly what they can do. If a house-elf wants to find someone, they will." Explained Voldemort.

"Hmm... Do you think Dumbledore sent him?" Asked Harry bitterly.

"We wont know for certain until we interrogate Dobby." Voldemort hissed. He knew who Dobby was, and through Harry's memories, what had transpired between his son and the house-elf.

"I suppose... I'm going to the Cullen's after school as usual, then I'll meet you at home when I'm done." Informed Harry.

"Until then, be careful." Voldemort answered, before leaving Harry's head. Albeit not completely.

Harry quickly finished his lunch then placed his things in his rucksack and left the cafeteria, heading to his next lesson.

When the day was finally over Harry made his way to his and Fenrir's meeting place, pretending not to notice the few kids who were, not so subtly, trying to follow him.

Harry was happy to see that Fenrir was already waiting for him, Harry gave him a warm smile and slid his wand to his hand, flicking it once with a muttered spell.

"What are you doing pup?" Fenrir frowned.

"Just placing a muggle repelling charm in this area for the foolish children who are following me, trying to find out where I live. Now they have forgotten what it was they were doing." Grinned Harry.

Fenrir snarled at that piece of information, obviously not liking the fact Harry was being followed by the nosy kids. "Come on then, lets go." Growled Fenrir his silver eyes narrowed to slits. Putting his arms around Harry and apparating them to the Cullen's.

Once there and settled Harry put up a silencing spell around them and told Fenrir about his day... and Dobby.

"That meddlesome old fool." Fenrir snarled when Harry had finished. His silver eyes glowing manacingly.

"We don't know if it was the old coot or if it's just Dobby and his obsession with me." Reminded Harry in an attempt at trying to placate his werewolf.

"Either way, it needs to be dealt with. We can't have just anybody finding you so easily." Grunted Fenrir, displeased.

"Trust me, I know." Harry sneered. Not liking any better than Fenrir.

They suddenly heard a car pull up in the Cullen's driveway along with doors opening and closing, and sat down quietly, waiting for the conversations to begin.

"What happened?" They could hear the 'father' ask.

"He's definitely a wizard." Rosalie said disdainfully, getting straight the point. Harry could hear it in her tone that she was sneering.

They heard the 'mother' gasp quietly.

"Why, what happened?" The 'father' asked again in concern.

"We heard him mutter something in Latin and then he... I don't really know, it was strange..." Said Edward confused. "We heard him talking, but it was muffled, as if there was a constant buzz in our ears, we couldn't understand a word of it and whenever we looked over at him he was just sitting there, reading and eating his lunch, but we definitely knew he was talking to someone, obviously too low for human ears to hear, but we could hear it. Like I said, it was strange..." Confessed Edward in a rush, in what Harry would describe as disturbed.

"We can't suspect this child to be the same person that killed his Godfather." The 'mother' replied, and Harry could hear the disbelief with a hint of worry in her tone.

"The clues all fit." Said the 'father' gently.

"He's a wizard, he's capable of anything." Jasper replied gravely.

Harry smirked at that remark. He couldn't do everything, yet, but he didn't mind one bit if that's what the Cullen's believed.

"The thought of being able to do magic is cool." Piped in Emmett. Harry could practically hear his grin.

Harry snorted at the slap he then heard.

"Ouch babe." Emmett cried. Even though Harry knew it wouldn't have hurt the vampire. "But it's true." Muttered Emmett.

"Your so immature Emmett." Rosalie sighed.

"Anyway..." Interrupted Alice. "It's obvious he's a wizard, but I'm still not sure if it's the same kid from the papers." Alice said in slight distress.

Harry guessed she didn't like not having all the answers.

"It's got to be the same person, Alice. There's too many similarities in the features to ignore. And don't forget the age difference between when those photo's were taken, to now." Reminded Edward.

"I suppose." Alice conceded reluctantly.

"Maybe we should just leave him well enough alone. So far he hasn't done anything to anyone and us getting caught up in his business will just make him set his sights on us, and I'd hate for any of you to get mixed up with someone so dangerous." Bella said tentatively.

And Harry thought that was the smartest thing he had heard all night.

"We can't just leave him alone," said Rosalie. "If he is a wizard, which we all agree he is, then there's every chance he knows what we are, and as I've said many times before, I don't want to have to move. We were here first." Sniffed Rosalie.

Harry could imagine her crossing her arms and putting her nose in the air. Just like a child who didn't get their own way would do.

"Rosalie's right, he's too dangerous and possibly knows too much about us to just ignore him." Agreed Jasper.

"And with none of our abilities working on him..." Said Alice.

"...It makes him more dangerous!" Finished Edward.

"Exactly. That's why I think we should leave him alone." Explained Bella.

"That's why we can't leave him alone." Intervened the 'father' gently. "We'll just continue with what we're doing, watching from a distance as we find out more about him and what he's doing in Forks, if he starts terrorising the town, that's when we'll interfere." He finished firmly.

"Does anyone know where this child lives or who he lives with?" The 'mother' asked.

"You mean apart from with the werewolf." Edward asked rhetorically. "No one knows. There's a lot of talk about it at school, some of the kids want to try and follow him, but I don't think they'll succeed."

"As long as he doesn't hurt them." Worried Bella.

"He could be anywhere, from what I've learnt, nothing is as it appears when it involves a wizard." The 'father' finished.

Once Harry and Fenrir returned to Slytherin manor they were greeted to the sight of Dobby knocked out in his little cage on the floor in the middle of the living room, and his father sitting leisurely on the lounge.

"What happened?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow, gesturing to the unconscious elf.

"I had to put him to sleep because as soon as he seen me he started to panic and tried to escape." Answered Voldemort casually. Shrugging a shoulder elegantly.

"The wards that Dipsy placed would've held him here, wouldn't it?" Frowned Harry.

"I didn't want to take the chance." Replied Voldemort casually, patting the seat next to him. "Besides, the wailing was getting on my nerves." He said calmly.

Harry snorted with a shake of his head, he knew his father well enough to know that it would've only been after the first wail from Dobby that his father would feel the need to silence him. He didn't have much patience for such things. Harry really couldn't fault him on that. He took Fenrir's hand and dragged him to the offered seat. "Well I suppose it's now or never." Harry sighed as they made themselves comfortable.

"Indeed." Voldemort nodded. Pulling out his wand and casting a strong silent Rennervate at the still elf.

Harry watched with mild curiosity as Dobby started to stir. He was amused when the house-elf jumped to his little feet and was looking around him with wide fearful green eyes.

Upon looking at him, Dobby began to tremble before grabbing at the cage bars and shaking them. "Harry Potter Sir." Dobby squeaked frantically.

"It's alright Dobby, relax." Soothed Harry calmly, lifting a hand in what he hoped to be a calming manner. "We only want to ask you a few questions, but perhaps I should introduce you; first to my werewolf, Fenrir." Harry said moving his arm to his right and gesturing towards said wolf, "And my Father." He finished softly, looking directly into the large green tennis-ball eyes and gesturing to his left. He wanted the elf to know he was serious.

It was obvious the fact that he had called Fenrir his werewolf and Voldemort his father that the implications wasn't lost on the little creature shivering in front of them, if the wider eyed stare was anything to go by.

If that was even possible.

"Dobby's not understanding, Harry Potter Sir." Dobby said eventually, shaking his little head quickly as his large ears flicked back and forth around him.

"As I'm sure you know Dobby, I was sent to Azkaban for protecting myself and a long story short, I met Fenrir in there and we became very close as he was there for me like no one else." Harry said seriously. "Voldemort here," he continued, ignoring the panic he could see in the elf's eyes and gestured to his father once more, "rescued us, now he's made me his heir and has looked after me." He explained as calmly as he could, he didn't want to frighten the elf even more, so was hoping his calmer tone would lesson the fear of his words. Otherwise they'd never get any answers.

"They mean a lot to me Dobby and have helped me more than I can say, what I don't know, is why you are here Dobby?" Harry finished with a raised eyebrow in silent question, as he leaned forward slightly in his seat.

His father and Fenrir looked content to let him handle the situation as they just observed, for which he was grateful.

"...Oh!" Was all the response he got. Harry admitted he felt a little sorry for Dobby, and hoped he didn't cause the little creature a heart attack. If house-elves even had heart attacks, he wasn't too sure on that, as he had no clue about what could happen to a house-elf. He supposed it was possible if they were spooked enough.

"What are you doing here Dobby? What happened to you after I was sent to Azkaban?" Harry asked softly. He never thought, when he left for school this morning that it was going to be a very long day.

Harry was pleased when he detected the determination in the large green eyes and Dobby sat down on the floor.

Now they were getting somewhere.

Dobby never wanted to disappoint his Harry Potter so decided to answer his friend. "Dobby did not knows Harry Potter Sir was taken to Azkaban, untils recently Sir. After Harry Potter disappeared from Hogwarts Mr Dumbledore asks Dobby to works at the school Sir, he says to Dobby he will stills be free, and he would pays me a wage Sir, he says he would only asks that Dobby does not goes looking for Harry Potter Sir because Harry Potter is in hiding from bad wizards for his safety Sir." Dobby explained looking very upset, taking a breath he continued, "Dobby didn't means to Sir, but I is overhearing Mr Dumbledore talking to Harry Potter's wheezy's family and the other professors about Harry Potters escape from Azkaban and that he has joined He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. When Mr Dumbledores seen me he asks me to waits Sir. When everyone is left his office he's explained to me what happens to you and asks me to help finds you Sir." Dobby said in distress as he pulled on his large ears, his little legs crossed. "Dobby was excited to sees his Harry Potter again's Sir."

Harry could tell the house-elf would be punishing himself if he had the chance.

"I don't want to be found Dobby," Harry said seriously, "They betrayed me." He finished bitterly.

"But Harry Potter Sir is Dobby's friend." Dobby said, shaking his head tearfully.

"Yes Dobby I am, but not if you want me to go back to them." Harry explained grimly, he was by now sitting on the very edge of his seat.

"Dobby understands now Sir. Dobby does not wants to lose Harry Potter Sir and wills not betray him." Declared Dobby truthfully, "Is Harry Potter happy Sir?" He added.

"Yes Dobby, I am." Harry repeated with a small smile.

"Is Harry Potter safe Sir?" Asked Dobby seriously, peering up at Harry with his large green orbs, looking all the world to Harry as though he was trying to see his very soul.

"Yes. I am very safe Dobby." Harry said, amused at the little creature.

"Ok Harry Potter Sir, I believe you, and that's alls Dobby wants for his friend." Dobby squeaked happily, and sat up straighter.

"You should know Dobby, that they aren't my Wheezy's anymore, and my last name is no longer Potter. Now that I'm Voldemort's heir." Smiled Harry, ignoring Dobby's flinch at the mention of Voldemort's name, he sighed knowing that it would probably take some time. "I'm now Harry Slytherin, as Voldemort's name is Marvolo Slytherin." He stated proudly.

Dobby stared at him wide eyed at this news and began to look slowly between him and his father and back again, before nodding his head, obviously making his mind up about something Harry wasn't privy to. Getting to his feet he stood straight and proud staring at Harry intensely.

"I's wants to stays with you Harry Sir, I's wants to be yours friend, and I is wanting to serves Harry Sir." Said Dobby seriously.

"Are you sure Dobby, I would be happy to have you and to help me, but I thought you liked to be free?" Harry asked in shock.

"I likes being free Sir, but I is liking Harry Slytherin more Sir, and Dobby has missed Harry Sir." Dobby said sadly, "If I is bound to Harry Sir, then I's can not be summoned by Mr Dumbledore and asks where Harry is Sir, I wills no longer be working at Hogwarts and not ordered to does as I'm tolds by Mr Dumbledore, Sir." Explained Dobby nervously, but still not breaking his proud stance.

"If your sure Dobby." Harry said with a raised eyebrow. For some reason he had always liked Dobby. If he was honest with himself it was either bound himself to the elf, imprison him for who knows how long or kill him. Harry didn't want that. He was sure that had Dobby known what had happened to him the little elf would've tried to free him from Azkaban. Without much success but Harry believed he still would've tried.

Harry couldn't help but be fond of the little creature and was very glad Dobby had offered himself to him as Harry didn't know quite what to do about this situation if he hadn't.

"Of course Sir. Dobby would be honoured to serve the great Harry Slytherin Sir," Dobby nodded proudly, standing as straight as a broom stick, effectively shaking Harry out of his morbid thoughts.

"I would be delighted Dobby, you have been a loyal friend to me, the way it's meant to be." Harry said with a gentle smile.

"Thank you Harry Sir." Beamed Dobby in return.

"When your ready Dobby." Harry said, gesturing with a formal wave of his hand. Harry had no idea what he was suppose to do.

"Just holds onto my's hand Harry Slytherin Sir and our magic's will does the start, yours father wills have to does the last spell too." Dobby explained, holding his hand out for Harry to take.

Harry looked to his father and received a curt nod, then looked down at Dobby's little hand and shrugged.

Harry grasped Dobby's hand gently and looked up at the house-elf expectantly, waiting for something to happen. He had never done this before and wasn't really sure how it all worked, or what to expect.

Dobby closed his large green orbs and Harry suddenly felt a warm tingle vibrate through his body as if he had pins and needles all over him, but much deeper, and much more pleasant, it was definitely an unusual feeling, he could feel the foreign presence searching his magic, he realised it was Dobby's magic looking for his magical core.

Closing his own eyes, Harry relaxed and opened himself up to it knowing if anything was to go wrong his father or Fenrir would intervene. Distantly he heard his father murmuring a spell.

When his father had finished he felt his and Dobby's magic settle together, accepting each other. Harry didn't know how he knew that, he just did. Once it was finished he slowly opened his eyes.

Harry smiled at Dobby as soon as they made eye contact, with a much better understanding of his little friend, and was rewarded with a bright smile from Dobby. His eyes glistening suspiciously. He wondered if Dobby felt the same understanding about him now.

"Dipsy." Harry called.

Dipsy appeared in the living room a second later, "Yes master, what cans Dipsy be doing for yous?" He asked with a low bow before glancing quickly at Dobby and their linked hands then back to Harry.

"I want you to let Dobby out, he's safe and bound to me now, he will be staying here from now on until I leave." Informed Harry.

"As you wish master." Answered Dipsy. He clicked his fingers and Harry watched as the cage disappeared. "Wills there be anything else master?" Dipsy asked.

"No, that will be all Dipsy, thank you." Answered Harry.

Dipsy bowed once more, then disappeared.

"It's time for me to be going now, it's late... I will cancel your lesson for tonight Harry, get some rest." Voldemort said gently as he got to his feet, walking calmly to the fireplace. Looking over his shoulder he gave Dobby a piercing stare. "You keep your word Dobby and don't betray my son and we'll get along fine, if you do not, then you will have me to answer to and I can assure you I won't be as kind as my son, you wont ever be able to hide from me for long." Voldemort threatened with narrow ruby eyes. Harry had to admit, he looked very intimidating and very handsome.

"I wills protect Harry Sir with my's life, Mr father Sir." Squeaked the poor elf fearfully.

Voldemort nodded once to the terrified house-elf, obviously satisfied.

"Goodnight Harry, Fenrir." He nodded again, before disappearing into the emerald flames.

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