Alrighty, as promised here's my latest chaptered CHACK story!

Although there may be some references, this isn't a sequel to my first story I Didn't Know Jack Had A Cat . You don't have to read it to get this story-just know that: (1)Chase and Jack have been dating for a while and (2) Jack and Kimiko are on friendly terms.

PLOT: Having a relationship with an ancient dragon warlord may seem hard enough, but try having to explain it to your parents! What's an evil teen genius to do?

DISCLAIMER: Xiaolin Showdown is exclusively owned by Christy Hui and obviously not me!

WARNING: SLASH, MALExMALE, SHONEN-AI, YAOI-whatever you wanna call it.

CHAPTER 1 - Homecoming

Once again in his basement lab of the Spicer mansion, the evil teen genius is busy working on another robot creation. Well, working was a bit of an overstatement. Jack's mind is clearly elsewhere as his hand absent-mindedly continues to tighten the same lug nut for the last hour or so. The young genius is beyond distracted as thoughts of his relationship with a certain dragon run through his head. And as anyone knows, a distracted genius is about as useful as a focused idiot.

Lost in his thoughts, the red-head barely notices the appearance of fire-monk, Kimiko Tohomiko.

"Hey Jack."

"Oh, hey Kimiko."

Noticing the teen's uncharacteristic lack of enthusiasm, the Japanese girl raises an eyebrow.

"You seem down in the dumps, what's wrong with you? Did you run out of pudding or something?" -inquires Kimiko, trying to get a laugh from the morose goth.

"Nah, nothing that serious. I was just thinking about Chase."

"Did you two get in a fight or something?"

"Of course not! Three years of hero worship are finally paying off - I'm now Chase's apprentice and we're dating. Everything is wonderfully fantabulous."

Glad that he is back to his normal eccentric self, the Fire dragon sits on one of his empty work tables. Since Kimiko is wearing a casual, dress(underneath a green hoodie), she crosses her legs. Dangling a black flip-flop from her foot, the Asian teen looks to Jack before asking her follow-up question.

"Then what's the problem?"

"My parents." -begins the albino. "They're coming home soon. My mom is always trying to set my up with the daughter of one of her socialite friends. So, I'm trying to figure out a way to tell them that not only is their son gay - I've been dating a 1500 year-old evil dragon man that surrounds himself with the souls of fallen warriors for the past five months. They barely let me work on my robots, I don't know how they're gonna take this."

"Who says you have to tell them anything? If your parents don't ask about your love life, then don't bring it up."

" . . . That doesn't exactly sound like the type of advice a monk should give. Honestly, I feel a little gypped."

"Fine, 'The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water moulds itself to the pitcher'. Happy?"


As the two talk, a alarm begins to go off. Looking toward the large screen against the basement wall, Jack and Kimiko watch as a black limo pulls into the mansion's driveway. A look of pure panic crosses the pale teen's face.


"Your parents?" -inquires Kimiko, trying to guess what Jack is freaking out about.

Too distressed to answer the other teen, the evil genius quickly orders his Jack-bots to put away his more deadly creations. The robots erupt into a frenzy as they whiz back and forth, hiding their master's other machinations and plans for world domination. Deciding that moving would probably prove to be a bad idea, the monk simply watches all this with mild interest. Out of the corner of her eye, Kimiko spots Jack as he starts to change out of his trademark black coat and into a t-shirt. Cerulean eyes widen when they catch a glimpse of his pale back that is littered with what looks like . . . claw marks?

"Looks like somebody was having fun. . ."

Silently amused to no end by the seriousness of the relationship between the two Heylin, an all-knowing smirk crosses her face. It is short lived as the Xiaolin is surprised when Jack suddenly bolts up the stairs. The teen girl follows, curious to finally see the rest of the Spicer family.

Once upstairs, Jack(with Kimiko following) walks into the grand foyer of the mansion. Since this is the first time the monk has seen the inside of the house(besides the basement) her eyes take in the elaborate décor. However, the evil teen is watching as his parents enter the front door- the servants bringing their luggage inside. Dr. James Spicer(Anthropology and Archaeology) is a tall, good-looking man with an average build, along with hazel eyes and chestnut-brown hair. His wife, Andrea Spicer, is slender with short, curly red hair and green eyes. Jack clearly has his mother's feminine looks, but his father's traits are present too. When her eyes fall upon her teenage son, Andrea walks over to hug him.

"Jack, it feels like it's been so long since I've seen you! How are you sweetie?"

"I'm fine, Mom." -replies the genius, returning the hug.

As they talk, Jack's surprisingly well-groomed hair is playfully rustled by his father's large hand.

"DAD, not the hair!"

"You haven't changed a bit, son! Though I think you've grown a few inches. . . And is that muscle I see?"

Busy teasing their son about his new physique, the Spicers haven't quite noticed Kimiko yet. A smile is on her round face as she takes in the familial scene before her. Knowing surprisingly little about Jack's family, the monk had expected the Spicers to be mean and stuck-up like many of the other wealthy couples she knew. However, after seeing how much they cared for Jack, she was beginning to wonder why the evil teen was dreading their visit.

"Jack, who is this?" -asks Mrs. Spicer, finally noticing the Japanese teenager in her house.

"Oh, um . . . this is Kimiko Tohomiko," -begins the pale genius. "she's a friend of mine."

As he introduces her, his parents look the fire dragon up and down. The awkward years of puberty have had their effect on Kimiko, turning her adolescent body into that of a beautiful young woman. Today, her hair is short with brown highlights that frames her oval face. Both teens start to squirm uncomfortably under the criticizing stares of the Spicers.

"Jack, I never knew you had it in you . . . you take after your old man!"-announces his father who playfully nudges him in the arm.

"Finally, I get to meet my son's first girlfriend!"-exclaims the red-haired woman. "And she's so pretty too!"

"Wait a second-"-interjects the goth.

"Jack, you said her last name is Tohomiko . . . is she related to Sojiro Tohomiko of Toho Toys?" -inquires Dr. Spicer.

"Yes he's my father, but Jack and I aren't-"-answers Kimiko.

"Excellent, he's an old friend of ours! You two must come over for dinner during our visit! Who would've thought that our children would be dating?"

As Jack's parents walk away, busy planning the up-coming Spicer-Tohomiko dinner party, the two teens simply stare at them with varied looks of confusion and shock on their faces. They then turn to each other in complete disbelief. The fire monk is the first to break the silence.

"Do they think that you and I are . . ."


'Yeah . . ."

"I think it'd be safe to assume that." - replies Jack, in a voice entirely too calm about the situation.

" . . . huh."

" . . . huh."

"You know, if Raimundo ever heard that, he'd be very unhappy."

"I'd be more concerned about a certain Heylin warlord."

Taking a second to imagine themselves dating each other, they laugh at the ridiculous idea and the reactions it would get from both Raimundo Pedrosa and Chase Young.

"I guess we better go tell your parents the truth before this gets out of hand."

"Not so fast Kimiko. . . I've got an idea."

At that comment, the teen girl gets an uneasy feeling in her stomach as a grin grows on the evil genius' face. A grin that all who knew Jack Spicer well enough, meant to get ready to listen to one of the most absurd things you've ever heard.


Hope that whetted your CHACK appetite!

Sorry this chapter is short, but I wanted to break it off here(now that I think about it, the next chapter will probably be pretty short too).

For the sake of plot, I pretty much had to develop James and Andrea Spicer from scratch. I figured that since in the show Jack is really attached to his mom and loves her a lot , she can't be that bad. I made her the busy-body socialite type and his father is an archaeologist/college professor(hence his traveling and busy schedule). Obviously, the Spicers are well-off, most likely by inherited wealth.

For some reason, I really like writing Jack and Kimiko as friends. I think that since he's into robotics and she's a hacker/heiress to a toy company they could form a good friendship(To make myself clear, I am not a fan of Jack/Kim pairing).

P.S. If any of you are fans of this pairing, I don't mean to offend - just stating my opinion.

Next chapter: Jack's plan will be revealed and it should be fairly humorous if I do my job right.

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