Chapter 6, the long- awaited last chapter. . . the main reason this story is rated M.

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PLOT: Having a relationship with an ancient dragon warlord may seem hard enough, but try having to explain it to your parents! What's an evil teen genius to do?

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WARNING: SLASH, MALExMALE, SHONEN-AI, YAOI-whatever you wanna call it.

CHAPTER 6 - Sorting Everything Out

Back at the Spicer mansion, Jack's parents and Kimiko's father await word of their children's safety. Dojo, currently draped over the Japanese man's shoulders, has taken the time to explain the entire situation. In a superficial way, the reptile had managed to explain Xiaolin Showdowns, Shen Gong Wu, and the monks- all without divulging that Jack and his 1,500 year old dragon boyfriend are evil. As the temple guardian wraps up his explanation, a blue slash of trans-dimensional magic appears and out steps the Xiaolin monks, Chase Young , and Jack Spicer. As they get up to greet them, Dojo takes it upon himself to explain their sudden appearance.

"See those claws on Omi's hand? Those are Shen Gong Wu called the Golden Tiger Claws, they can transport you anywhere you want to go."

Ignoring the small dragon, Mrs. Spicer immediately goes to hug her son, practically suffocating him in the process. Kimiko is similarly embraced by her own father as her friends and Chase watch the familial scenes before them.

"Thank you for returning our children." Mr. Spicer states to the onlookers.

"You don't have to thank us."-offers Raimundo.

"Of course we do!" -begins . "You saved both our son and his girlfriend."

At those words, identical sour looks appear on both faces of Raimundo and Chase. Noticing that, Jack realizes it about time he set everything straight. After the recent events, he no longer cared what anyone thought of his relationship with the dragon lord - not even his own parents.

"Mom, Kimiko isn't my girlfriend. She never was."

Confused by this, Andrea Spicer turns to Kimiko for confirmation. Wary of the reaction, the Japanese teen nods her head in agreement.

"Jack's telling the truth, Mrs. Spicer. I'm actually dating Raimundo."

"I don't understand Jack, why did you lie to us?"

Before answering his mother's question, Jack takes a deep breath and prepares to finally tell the truth.

"Well, when you guys come home, you always try to match me up with the spoiled daughters of one of Dad's friends. So, to get you guys off my back, I asked Kimiko to pose as my girlfriend."

"Jack,"-begins his mother. "I'm sorry if I ever went overboard, I just wanted you to find someone and be happy."

"Well, the thing is I kinda, already have."

"Really! We'd love to meet her son." -offers Jack's dad as he wraps an arm around his wife.

"You already have," -begin Jack as the apprehension builds up in his stomach. "For the last five months, I've been dating Chase."

As he finishes talking, an awkward smile appears on his face while moving closer to the Heylin prince. The entire room falls silent as Jack's parents process what their son just told him. Recovering from the shock of the news, they look from Jack to Chase and then back to Jack. Looking at the hopeful expression in her son's ruby eyes, Andrea Spicer smiles.

"Jack, that's great!"

"It is?"- questions the young genius, completely confused for the first time in years.

"Yes, you are our son. If you're happy, then your mother and I are happy for you." -states James Spicer, as if it is the most obvious thing in the world.

"Wow, you guys are so much cooler than I give you credit for!" -exclaims Jack as he hugs both his parents.

"Well, it would've been nice to have grandchildren to spoil . . ." - Mrs. Spicer muses out loud as the teen rolls his eyes.

As the Spicers talk to Jack and Chase, Omi turns to Kimiko who is leaning on Raimundo. The earlier fight has taken an obvious toll on her, the fire monk can barely keep her eyes open.

"Kimiko, why are you more tired than Jack?" -questions Omi.

"Isn't it obvious? -responds Raimundo as he tightens his hold on her. "Kimiko probably stayed up all night to keep an eye on Jack after that blow to the head."

Blue eyes look up at him, their owner surprised and slightly annoyed he knows her so well.

"That does sound like my daughter."-supplies Mr. Tohomiko with an understanding smile. "Raimundo I suggest you all return to the temple and get some rest. Kimiko isn't the only one that looks exhausted."

"That sounds great to me, c'mon Dojo." -chimes in Clay as the green dragon slithers up his arm.

"Golden Tiger Claws!" -shouts Omi as he slashes the ancient artifact, catching the attention of Chase and the Spicer family.

"It was nice meeting you Mr. and Mrs. Spicer." -remarks Kimiko as she and the others waves goodbye. "We'll see you later Jack and Chase!"

"Yeah, we'll wipe the floor with you at the next showdown!"-replies Jack as he waves back.

With that, the monks, Mr. Tohomiko, and Dojo disappear into the swirl of magic transporting them back to the Xiaolin Temple. Once they leave, Jack and Chase turn back to the Spicers.

"Jack, we should take our leave as well."

"I guess you're right."-replies the genius.

Before he leaves, his mother comes up to hug the pale teen again and whispers something into his ear he'll never forget.

"I couldn't be prouder of you, Jack! I can't wait to brag about my adorable son that scored such a hottie as a boyfriend . . . I bet he's great in the sa-"

"MOM!" -interrupts Jack, his beet red face, rivaling his own hair.

Mrs. Spicer simply giggles like a schoolgirl at her son's reaction - making it fairly obvious that Jack inherited his silliness from his mother. Leaving both Chase and Jack's father to watch the two's antics with matching looks of confusion. As he recovers from his embarrassment, the flushed youth quickly leads his boyfriend out of the door before his mother says anything else.

"Don't be a stranger Chase, I want to show you off to Jack's aunt and grandmother!"

Too Late.

As the Heylin couple leave the Spicer grounds, all they hear is Andrea Spicer laughing at all the future fun she was going to have at her son's expense.


As Chase and his newly-returned apprentice enter the citadel, he is greeted by Nanali -one of the dragon's most trusted felines. Jack is greeted, tackled to be more accurate, by the four young cubs that treat him like their elder brother. As the teen is overwhelmed by purring felines, a feeling of relief washes over the immortal lord.

"Man, I really need to start naming these guys . . ." -Jack ponders aloud, scratching one cub behind it's ear.

"Whatever you choose will be more than suitable."

Something in the dragon's voice causes the tech wiz to stand up and look at it's owner. On the warlord's face is an unreadable expression as amber eyes stare into crimson ones. The young genius is unnerved by it, but decidedly not in a bad way. If Jack could describe it, Chase looked as if he just had a life-changing epiphany . . . a swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your realty forever - shockabuku. Yeah, that's the word.

Sensing the changing mood between her master and his mate, Nanali ushers the brood of cubs to another area of the lair.

"Are you okay Chase?"

"I'm fine. Today simply brought something to my attention."


In response to his question, a gloved hand travels up a pale cheek and into fiery red hair. Knowing how much Jack enjoys having his scalp massaged, strong fingers begin their work. As if on cue, the teen leans into the attention as his eyes close and a content sigh escapes his lips.

"Jack, you have more than exceeded my expectations as my apprentice."

At Chase's praise, the evil genius blushes, still enjoying the affectionate touches of his idol. When Jack opens his eyes he is surprised that the two are now in the master bedroom. Since dark curtains block out the midday light, soft candle light makes the large bed look particularly inviting.


"Wuya has no idea of the vast complexities of my mind," replies the dark prince, completely ignoring Jack's questioning tone. "So in the future, do not let her insipid ramblings distract you. Especially when you were doing such an impressive job fighting her."

"When did Chase see me fight Wuya?"

As he speaks, the warlord's hands are removing the tattered remains of Jack's clothing. Ruby eyes widen slightly as pale skin is exposed to the cool air.

"However since you seem to be unaware of your value to me, I suppose I'll have to show you."

Before the young genius can question the strange behavior from the ancient warrior, his lips are drawn into a soft and loving kiss. Thrown off by this, Jack barely registers his now nude torso until a gloved hand runs up his back and brings him closer to an armored chest. Wanting to feel the hardened muscles there, nimble fingers begin to quickly remove the metal suit covering them.

When the last piece of the armor clatters to the ground, the two males press against one another as they fall to the bed. Small hands explore defined musculature as strong hands explore the supple youthful body underneath them. Chase's lips move from Jack's and trail down his throat, sucking on the sensitive flesh and tracing over bite marks from previous nights. Sharp canines graze the teen's jugular vein, a subtle reminder of the damage his lover could inflict with the slightest increase in pressure. Loving the dominant side of his dragon, Jack simply tilts his head back to expose more of his vulnerable, pale throat. To effectively keep the Heylin between his thighs, long legs wrap themselves around the older male. The eager gesture causes a grin to cross Chase's face knowing that the youth beneath him is willing and more than enthusiastic.

Trailing a warm tongue down alabaster skin, the dragon stops to tease the sensitive buds of Jack's chest. A low moan tumbles out of the teen's lips as his fingers tangle in the mane of soft black hair, returning the favor Jack received earlier. Chase makes an appreciative sound as a hand runs down his apprentice's side and begins to remove the pair of cotton boxers covering his mate's lower half. The last article of clothing hits the floor, revealing Jack's sensitive organ that's ready to be touched by the man above him.

Wasting no time, a large hand begins to fondle and stroke the teen's eager and tumescent member. The dragon's ministrations always started out slow and tortuous, as he enjoyed drawing out the desperate sounds the young genius made. Something in the tone and subtle pleading in the youth's voice when he was aroused, awakened a primal part of Chase's personality.

"Mnngrgmmm." whimpers Jack as he moves his hips trying to speed up the pace.

That was it.

Staring down at the pale and trembling body beneath him, gold eyes take in the sight before him - one to be seen by his eyes only if he had anything to say about it. A sheer layer of sweat had appeared on the albino's skin, reflecting the candlelight around him and producing a soft, glowing effect. If Chase had known that the form of Jack Spicer practically pawing at him, ruby eyes glazed over with lust as matching hair sticks to his brow, was so erotic . . .

He would have bedded the teen as soon as he met him.

"Ch-Chase, what's wrong?"

Jack's strained question snaps the immortal out of his silent reverie. A smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth as his attention returns to his mate.


With those words, the dark prince leans forward, letting ink black hair fall and form a curtain around them - increasing the intimacy already between the couple. A large hand increases it's pace causing Jack to arch his back and finally find release. Panting and shuddering as his orgasm rips through his body, the goth clings to broad shoulders for stability. Chase's lips claim the teen's pleasure-drenched screams as a prize, swallowing them before they even leave their owner's throat.

As Jack re-opens his eyes, he is greeted by one of the most erotic sights on the planet. The all-powerful dragon lord is licking the milky-white release from his fingers. Seeing the shocked expression on the albino's face, the dragon turns to him and smirks.

"There was no use wasting it."

Just seeing the sight above him is enough to re-energize evil genius, as a pale hand begins to pet Chase through the thin material of his pants. The heat and pulse of the strained member alone excites and entrances the teen. His ministrations are rewarded when a deep growl emanates from the dragon's throat. Smirking, the apprentice kisses his way from the dragon's lips to the shell of his ear.

"It's your turn."

As much as Chase loved the submissiveness he received from his mate, the dragon did enjoy when Jack took the initiative. The first time they had coupled, the boy had been nervous and compliant - not wanting to do anything to displease his idol. But slowly, the youth became a more active participant in their activities, proving to be quite a creative player.

Pale fingers ghost over the sharp hip bones and past the fine hairs that lead to the dragon's hardened length. The other hand is absently traveling up and down the sculpted abs and chest of the man above him. Once the hand slips into the cloth of Chase's pants, Jack slowly caresses the shaft and sack- his soft palm gently squeezing and pumping the heated flesh. As the elder supports his weight over the young villain, his eyes drift shut from the building pleasure in his loins. The delicious torture almost causes the reptile to rut mercilessly into the creature beneath him as an inhuman growl escapes his throat.


Even after hearing the deep masculine and ominous sound, Jack is surprised when a large hand pin his wrists above his head. His milky thighs resting on Chase's hips leave him completely exposed to the lusting dragon above him. Instinctively, the goth begins to squirm but quickly stops when two aristocratic fingers are placed on his lips. Heeding the silent order, a pink tongue begins to enthusiastically wet the digits. The action reminding the warlord of his mate's other talents. . .

But, that'll have to wait until another time.

When his fingers are sufficiently lubricated, the Heylin prince removes them and begins to tease the taut muscles that encircle his mate's entrance. He slips a finger inside the warm passage causing Jack to gasp at the invading, yet pleasurable, feeling. A second digit makes the teen whimper in anticipation. As Chase stretches the now pliable entrance, the teen begins to roll his hips wantonly making the probing fingers stroke a certain spot that makes his toes curl. Even though he was quite enjoying the sight before him, aristocratic fingers are removed from the well-prepared opening. A protesting sigh is quickly replaced by a surprised gasp when the warm hardness of the warlord is pressed to his most intimate place. Still unable to use his hands, Jack's thighs squeeze around the dominant male. The wordless action telling his mate that he's more than ready.

Using one hand to hold his submissive partner and the other to stroke a pale thigh, Chase sheaths himself in the loving embrace. The youth's warm and tight passage making it extremely difficult for the dragon to keep still despite his primal instincts to fuck the teen senseless. After taking a few breaths, Jack adjusts to the thick and pulsating organ within him. His lover stretching his inner muscles in a way that he wouldn't give up for all the Shen Gong Wu in the Universe.

Seeing the elated expression on the pale yet flushed face, the Heylin lord pulls out only to thrust back into the welcoming warmth. The age-old rhythm between their bodies gives the youth the need to embrace the god above him. The teen salaciously rolls his hips to distract his mate long enough to slip his hands out of the strong hand trapping them. By this point, the evil genius' mind has been reduced to it's basic functions - which meant that he was thinking with his other brain.

And it wanted release, NOW.

The goth emits a purring sound as he arches into Chase, allowing the man to plunge deeper into him. Pleased by the action, the dragon changes his thrusts into long strokes that tantalizingly rub Jack's prostate with every movement of his hips. Overwhelmed with pleasure, the teen begins to feel the familiar tightening of his loins. A hand reaches between the two sweat-covered bodies and strokes the youth's member, urging the younger male's release. Strong, pale fingers dig into broad shoulders as he prepares for the wave of pleasure, moaning in ecstasy as it finally breaks.

"Ahh . . . MMMmm Ch-Chase!"

As the warlord's name pours out of his mouth, his own organ releases it's pent up load. The warm, pearly-white substance sticking to chiseled abs and a taut alabaster stomach. The contracting muscles of Jack's passage quickly spur the other Heylin's release as strong hands latch onto slim hips. Holding the youth in place, the dark prince is milked of his load as a powerful orgasm rips through his body. He thrusts into his mate and rides out the waves of pleasure, his seed overflowing and staining the sheets beneath them. Panting, the larger male props himself on his elbows, not wanting to crush his smaller mate with his weight. The young villain is obviously spent, but that doesn't stop him from lovingly moving strands of dark hair out of half-lidded gold eyes.

"It's okay."-reassures Jack, a soft smile on his face. "You deserve it."

Chase allows thin arms to pull him close, resting his head on the pale chest as he listens to the steadying heartbeat. The dragon adjust his body so that it curls protectively around the teenager and pale fingers begin to untangle long strands of dark hair. Lying there, the immortal finally relaxes. Absent-mindedly appreciating how caring his apprentice's touches always were, an earlier thought crosses his mind.



"I do not consider you a worm, or any other invertebrate, for that matter."

Chase's comment causes red eyes to widen in confusion, then Wuya's earlier taunting comes back to his mind. Realizing that the ancient warrior is trying to comfort him, all of Jack's doubts and misgivings fade as a genuine smile appears on the teen's face.

"Although, your flexibility sometimes make me wonder if you have a skeletal system at all."

The joke makes the evil teen chuckle into Chase's hair.

"Chase, you made a joke just to cheer me up?" -the teen returns humorously. "Jeez, you must really love me."

Suddenly the dragon lord raises himself up to stare right into the young genius' eyes. A completely serious expression is etched into his features. Although, contrasted with his current case of bed head, it makes the evil mastermind look rather cute.

"You say that as if you were actually unaware of that."

"W-well," -begins the now-nervous youth. "You've never said it, so how would I know?"

" . . . "

"What? It's not as if you are the most emotionally available person in the world you know! I mean, I know you're not the type to be emotionally available or anything, but- "

"I love you. Do not let anyone tell you my feelings are otherwise."

Although the admission came out as more of a command then a romantic affirmation, Jack is happy none-the-less. Staring into the mesmerizing liquid gold of the dragon lord eyes, the teen sees complete honesty reflected in them.


"Good," - begins the exhausted dragon. "now get some sleep."

With that, the tired warlord places his head back on Jack's chest, the young heartbeat easing him into a peaceful slumber.



"I love you, too."

"Hmph . . . I know, Spicer."

Letting his eyes drift shut, the immortal indulges in sleep. The dragon exhausted from the recent events and content in the knowledge that his mate was back where he belonged. And all he had to do was defeat an army of stone warriors, team up with Xiaolin monks, rip apart a legume and a heylin hag, and meet Jack's parents.

All in all, not a bad way to spend the weekend.


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