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I decided to add a prologue since my first few chapters aren't jumping right into the main plot described in the summary. I also added in a full summary to clear up some things. (Sorry for always changing stuff!)

Full Summary: Kagome knew she wasn't the smartest person in the world, but she never thought she'd fail her final exams! Forced to repeat the eleventh grade, she finds herself face to face with the reincarnates of the Band of Seven, including the devilish Bankotsu! And if that wasn't enough, the original bloodthirsty mercenary is still out to get her in the feudal era! With two Bankotsus wreaking havoc on her life and driving her insane, how can she possibly focus on finding the jewel shards? More importantly, how is she supposed to keep herself from failing the eleventh grade again?

Pieces of Time


Standing in front of the sliding doors to her old classroom, Kagome gulped and bit her lip in nervousness. The fact that she was standing in front of the familiar door only reminded her that this would be her second year as an eleventh-grader and with that knowledge in mind she couldn't help but fear what she knew was coming: ridicule, humiliation and possibly even scorn. Finally gaining the courage to lift her hand up to the handle of the door, she inhaled deeply and finally pushed the obstacle aside and stepped in. In that instant, the school bell chimed and she froze. All the students were looking at her and even the teacher peered over her spectacles to glance at her. I'm such an idiot! Why did I have to be such a coward and take forever to walk inside? Trying not to show her inner turmoil, she quietly walked across the room in her search for an empty seat and paused when she saw one near the window. Thank the heavens... it's the back corner! She sped up her walk and was about to take her seat when the sliding door opened again and a frighteningly familiar face appeared.

With a heavy "thud" Kagome found herself sitting on the floor, her wooden chair sent toppling over by her movement. Her stomach was churning and once again, all eyes in the room landed on her, but the only gaze that her mind seemed to register belonged to the boy standing in the doorway; the one whose eyes glimmered with mischief and shone a bright cerulean in the sunlight... the one whose face, eyes, hair, skin--everything had once existed long ago. Is this really him? The churning in her stomach only worsened as her heartbeat sped up exponentially and she couldn't help but stare in awe at the boy in the doorway and wonder what the gods above were thinking. It can't be...

He raised a brow at her constant staring but approached her and crouched down as if to help her.

Kagome blushed, finally realizing her situation. "I--"

"You're in my seat," he said curtly.

Even after his rude comment she was at a loss for words. The sound of his voice was exactly the same as his just like all of his other features. It--it really is him... Bankotsu!

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