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Pieces of Time

Chapter 6: New Beginnings

"Kiss me..."

Kagome squeezed her eyes shut, heat radiating from her cheeks as his breath fanned across her face and sent a bolt of electricity down her spine. He was pressing impossibly closer and suddenly her mind went in a flash of white light and all she could manage to think about were his deep sapphire eyes and the feeling of urgency that tugged at her chest.

Without a second thought she lifted her hands to his face and brushed the soft pads of her fingers over his cheeks, running them through his ebony tresses and pulling him in like a force of gravity—slow and somehow sensuous like the swing of a darkly entrancing pendulum...

Bankotsu let out a low growl as he finally closed the distance between them, encircling her waist with rough, callused hands. He brushed them over every curve of her voluptuous body and ravaged her soft lips, igniting a desire from deep within himself.

He suddenly pulled his hands away and grabbed at her small hands, gripping them tightly and pushing her against the wall in an almost desperate manner... but she didn't care.

Kagome gasped for air but he only continued his onslaught of kisses and with every moment she felt her heart beating its way out of her chest, pounding and throbbing as if it were ready to burst. With frantic hands she began a futile struggle against him, enticing him further as she thrashed against him, her long legs tangling with his.

Her breaths shortened until she was panting but when she felt his hands trace along her body and reach beneath her shirt, pulling at the cotton of her bra and flattening his palms over her chest she couldn't help but gasp in mortification and realization.


Bankotsu stumbled backwards, completely taken aback by Kagome's sudden retaliation. He stood with his hand cradling his stinging cheek, frozen as he stared at her with wide eyes. He couldn't help but notice the redness of her lips, the way her chest heaved up and down, and the glassy look in her eyes—the one that told him she was innocent and his to claim...

"Stop," she gasped, sweat glistening over her creamy skin as the sunlight filtered in through tiny holes and crept about the room. "We can't—"

He frowned and interrupted with a grunt. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's not right. That's all I ever hear from your type," he complained, stepping back and crossing his arms over his chest. "If you don't want to that's fine... besides, I kidnapped you for your powers not your sex appeal," he muttered, waving a hand in dismissal. A random thought flashed across his mind and he couldn't help but add, "...not that you actually have any." He snickered and watched her chocolate eyes begin to flicker dangerously to match his own gaze.

"That's funny... especially coming from a guy who hasn't had a girlfriend within my lifetime," she shot back, huffing as she challenged him.

"Sharp tongue you've got, I didn't realize followers could think for themselves," he retorted with a slight hint of irritation tinging his silken voice.

"Follower? What makes you think I'm a follower?!" She stomped closer and stabbed her finger into his chest to force out an answer from the man.

He stumbled back playfully and smiled a little to lighten the mood. "Lighten up, it's a joke!"

Her lips curved downwards. "Hmph!" With a sharp turn, she had her back facing to him, hands moving to adjust her appearance as she brooded quietly.


"What?" She snapped.

He pouted. "Can't we be friends or something? I know the situation isn't exactly nice but you could stand to be a little more pleasant..."

She grit her teeth. "Last time I checked, friends don't kidnap each other."

"I wouldn't call it a kidnapping... think of it as a sleep over?"

I didn't think that term even existed in this era! She slapped a hand over her face and finally conceded. "Alright, a sleep over. Fine, just as long as you don't intend to sleep all over me," she joked, hiding her look of mortification when she caught a glimpse of his signature smirk. What am I getting myself into?

He inhaled deeply and exhaled as if satisfied. "Great! Now that that's settled... Jakotsu!" Bankotsu turned to the door just as the cross-dressing man appeared in the doorway, face twisting in disgust at the sight of the human female tainting the purity of their new home.

Kagome glared in silence. If he has something to say he should just--

"Wench, do you have a problem?" Sneered the man, hands on his hips as he stared her down.

She turned away. Looks like I jumped the gun, she thought dryly, sighing in exasperation. Her day had been more eventful than she ever needed it to be and she wasn't about to let the man make her day any worse! "Can I... go somewhere?" Preferably very far away...

Bankotsu raised a brow. "What for?"

Jeez! Does he need to know everything? Kagome refrained from screaming in frustration and answered simply, "I just thought it would be nice to get some fresh air."

"Well, I suppose we could just talk outside then." Bankotsu replied dumbly, completely oblivious to the meaning behind Kagome's words. He grabbed for her hand and started dragging her out the door, ignorant of Jakotsu's comical fury.

Now she really wanted to be somewhere else... anywhere else.

As soon as they walked down the short steps, she tugged her hand out of his grasp. "I'll just be over there," she motioned, pointing beneath a large tree with lush grass growing at the base.

He nodded and let her walk off, putting his attention on his teammate instead. "Jakotsu, I need you to get something for dinner, night will fall soon. Also, while you're out there, scout out the area and make sure her friends don't come looking for her, alright?"

Jakotsu glanced over his shoulder at the young priestess before nodding reluctantly. "I still don't see why you had to go and kidnap her," he muttered.

"In time," assured his leader, an air of confidence emerging from his presence. "You'll understand soon, Jakotsu, trust me."

Jakotsu rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say big brother..."

"Right, now go on," urged Bankotsu, giving his comrade a pat on the back as he walked back over to Kagome.

Seeing him approach, she prayed silently that he would just tell her where she would be staying and leave her alone...

"Let's go somewhere," he suggested, resting his hand on her shoulder as he guided her away from the tree.


"Dammit!" Inuyasha cleaved through the forest and yelled in frustration as he felt his nerves begin to tighten and cause his heart to constrict wildly. "I've been going in circles forever!" He slammed his clawed fist into the nearest tree and let it splinter beneath his power. "Kagome...!" His golden eyes shimmered with fury as he forced himself to stare ahead and start walking again.

There has to be a way outta here! He trudged through the grassy areas and shoved away the tangling roots of overgrown trees as he ventured further into the forest. I need to get to Kagome!

"Kanna," called the wind sorceress, snapping her fan shut as she glided by on her feather. "Where are we going?"

The quiet girl continued to walk on in a slow rhythm, not bothering to glance at her elder sister as she spoke wistfully. "A place that should be left in the past but... is one that will never truly exist in one place..."

Kagura frowned. "Stop speaking in riddles, Kanna. Where are we going?"

The small girl stopped and lifted her hands in front of her face, eyes as blank as an abyss. "It feels so empty," she whispered to herself, grasping the air in front of her as though her mirror were in her hands.

Kagura crossed her arms over her chest and stepped off her feather to confront the ghostly girl. "Kanna, I'll ask one more time. Where are we going?"

With blank eyes, the pale child stared up with wide eyes. "To the Forest of Inuyasha... we need to find it..." Kanna let her hands drop to her sides and suddenly began walking again. "If we don't, Naraku will..." She cast her gaze downwards and went silent.

Kagura's gaze softened, but her curiosity was making her think in circles. What could be in the Forest of Inuyasha...?

Miroku wiped the sweat from his forehead as he ran across the grassy plains. "It seems I'm getting old," he joked, noticing the heaviness in his quick steps.

Sango ran right beside him and laughed, her voice filling the air like a wind chime. "Kirara will return to us soon," she assured, slowing her pace to a jog before stopping to rest, breathing heavily with her heavy hiraikotsu resting upon her small back.

Miroku stopped beside her and let himself collapse to the ground. "I suppose taking a break wouldn't be out of the question?" His clear amethyst eyes sparkled in the light of the setting sun as he looked up to her. "Shall we sit for awhile?"

She smiled and sat down, stretching out her limbs as the breeze cooled her heated skin. "Just for awhile," she agreed, sweeping her dark brown hair away from her face.

For a couple minutes they relaxed in a comfortable silence, allowing the clouds to float by on the strength of the wind as the sun began dipping towards the horizon, throwing effervescent oranges and pinks into the sky like a painter spattering paints across a canvas.

"... Miroku?" The demon slayer spoke quietly, glancing at the monk. His eyes were closed, lashes casting light shadows about his face. She felt a tug in her heart and let her hands rest over her heart. "Miroku?" She called again, letting her lithe fingers brush over his shoulder. "Mir—! You..."

"Ahh, 'tis the beauty of youth!" He sat up and gave her his usual lecherous grin, hand planted securely on Sango's bottom.

"Pervert!" She slapped her hand across his face, leaving a dark red hand print on his cheek. "It's time to go!" She decided angrily, grabbing the monk and dragging him along as she began to trudge back towards their destination.

Can't he be normal just for one minute!? She cursed under her breath as he chuckled about his accomplishment, smiling like an idiot as always. Her brows knit together and she felt the need to punch the monk into an early grave. "Stupid," she muttered angrily, releasing him and forcing him to start walking on his own.

He scrambled to his feet and began to chase after her. "Come now, Sango, no harm done?"

She turned and gave him another slap across the face. "That's to keep the other hand print company!" She huffed and began stomping off.

He sighed and rubbed his face. "The pain of sacrifice... it's still worth it," he mumbled contently, happy with his accomplishment.

Kagome glanced around her surroundings. After many winding forest paths, Bankotsu's constant commentary, and a hundred more questions about her strange clothes, they were finally somewhere.

She took in the sight of a powerful waterfall, clean and sparkling water, wild green grass, and the light scent of berries floating around in the air. Quite simply, it was amazing. "Bankotsu this is—it's so wonderful," she gasped, stepping by the waterfall and letting her hand run through the flow of water.

He smiled. "Well then, I take it you don't mind bathing here?"

"Of course not! Well... just as long as I'm by myself," she mumbled, turning away as though it would change the answer she knew was coming.

"I can't trust you yet," he said.

Darn! She tried to pout convincingly and turned to him. "Can't you please? I'm not comfortable with--"

He raised a hand to stop her and let his hand rest on his hip. "You can't fool me," he said triumphantly. "There's no compromise on this one, I'm staying," he said sternly.

She bit her lip. "By staying, you mean...?"

"Staying within fifteen feet of you," he explained bluntly.

"So, you could just wait behind a nearby rock?" Please!

His cerulean eyes sparked with mischief. "If I feel like it," he chuckled.

End of Chapter 6

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