A/N: I'm just on a one-shot roll, apparently. This one is actually less than a drabble, and it's not happy, but what can I say? At least no one dies. Enjoy!

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One little word: stop.

And it means everything.

Four letters, four like love, like hate, like pain, like wind fire rain.




"It's okay, love. Everything will be okay."

Stop. Four letters, just like tear.

"It has to stop."

"Shh. It's okay."

"Stop." She whispers. Her head thuds gently against the wall, a steady rhythm; his hand cups her cheek, stilling her motions. His finger runs over her lips, they part and she breathes.

"Yes, love." He whispers back. "Stop."

Stop, only one letter more than end, and they mean the same thing.

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