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Song; Sk8er Boi

Artist; Avril Lavigne

Pairing; Smacked/anti-PAC

Stella sat perched on the edge of Mac's desk, she was swinging her legs, whilst flicking though her photo's on her phone. Most of them were of her and Mac. But she came across the occasional photo of the team.

" Stella" Mac beamed as he entered his office. " To what do I owe this pleasure? I thought you had the day off?" he slipped off his jacket and placed it on the back of his desk chair. Stella smiled and jumped off his desk, slipping her phone in her pocket as she done so. Mac sat down in his chair, and watched Stella walk towards him. She walked behind him, and wrapped her arms around his neck, linking them over his chest. She gently kissed his cheek.

" You left your bass at home, I knew you would need it for your gig tonight" Mac smiled as he felt the warmth of Stella behind him, he felt her soft curls rest on his shoulder.

" Thanks"

" Don't worry, I couldn't last until tonight without seeing you anyway" she unraveled her arms from around his neck. " I need to start getting ready for tonight" she giggled.

" Jeez Stell, it doesn't start for another..." he looked at his watch "... for another four hours!" he exclaimed.

" Yes I know that, but I need to start to make myself look beautiful" Stella explained as she made her way to the door.

" But you already beautiful" Mac argued, while grinning.

" Aww..." Stella paused. " I'm still going" she grinned at Mac. " I'll see you at the show"

Mac smiled back at her. " Ok, I love you Stell, see you later" Stella smiled mysteriously and walked out off Mac's office without a word. Mac raised an eyebrow, he rose from his chair and walked over to his bass, on it he found a pink post it note in the shape of a heart, on it Stella had wrote;

I love you too! See you later, I can't wait!

~Stella xxx

Mac smiled and held the little paper heart to his real beating one. In a way, he thought, they were both the same. Since both the paper heart and his belonged to Stella.


A couple hours later and Mac was on stage. He looked out into the sea of faces, searching for one in particular. Bingo. There it was. He laughed to himself as he saw Stella jumping in time to the music. He continued strumming his guitar to the beat, and nodding his head slightly, getting lost within the rhythm. He smiled as he cast another look over at Stella and read that her shirt had " I Love Mac" written on it with a little doodle of a bass next to it. The song came to an end, and the lead singer said a thanks to all the fans for coming. Mac smiled and waved as they trooped off stage, he really did love the buzz he got from playing live. As he waited in the backstage area for Stella, he hoped she wouldn't get lost in the mass of people. But even if she did, Mac would always be there to save her.


Stella was making her way backstage when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She span round and was greeted by a face she hadn't seen in a while, come to think of it, it was a face she had hoped she wouldn't see again.

" Peyton" she gasped.

" Stella" the British woman beamed. " You saw Mac play right? He was awesome, don't you think?" Peyton looked at Stella's shirt " Oh, obviously you do"

" W... What are you doing back here?" Stella stuttered.

Peyton smiled " Well whilst I was in London, I realized that I was a fool for letting Mac go! I missed him so much! Do you think he would take me back?" Stella was speechless, she opened and closed her mouth, like a gormless fish.

" No" Stella spat out coldly.

Peyton's eyes widened in shock, " Why??" she demanded.

" Because me and Mac are dating" Stella hissed, she knew she sounded childish " And he loves me now" and with that Stella turned abruptly, leaving a shocked Peyton in her wake. It was true, Macs heart may have once belonged to Peyton, but now it belonged to Stella, forever.


" Did you enjoy the gig?" Mac questioned as he saw Stella approach him. He noticed a small frown upon her face and knew immediately that something was wrong. " Whats the matter?" he asked concerned.

" Oh I just ran into an old, err... friend" she explained as a smiled bloomed on her face. " I loved the gig, you were brilliant"

" Thats only because you were here" he smiled as Stella linked her arms around the back of his neck, she leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips.

" I'm so lucky to have you" she gushed.

" We are lucky to have each other" he corrected her. Stella nodded in agreement and hugged him tight. " Woah" he exclaimed " What was that for??"

Stella grinned " No reason, just don't ever leave me ok?" Mac looked at her shocked.

" I wouldn't even think of it!" Mac smiled down at the woman in his arms, the one that he loved with all his heart. He had given his heart to her, and he knew that he could trust her to keep it safe. He looked up and saw Peyton staring at them, he smiled at her, as if to say thank you, because, he concluded, if Peyton hadn't broken his heart, then he never would have given it to Stella to mend.