Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Smallville, etc.
Summary: Clark Kent is 'dead'. Lois Lane is missing. What does their future hold? Set after Doomsday.

Note: After the events of Doomsday, this idea came to me as one way I'd like things to play out in the beginning of S9. As I'm a bit frustrated with Lois' 'secondary' role in SV world, I'm seeking to correct that here a bit. Well, a lot actually… Especially since I'm one of those that thought Clark's devastation was palpable when talking about Lois in his final scene. Plus there was just so much wrong with the Chloe stuff, something had to be done about it. :)

I'm trying to keep this one short and contained, and have several chapters written already so it shouldn't interfere with my other stories. Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback and whether I should continue or not. Thanks for all your support on my other stories!


By Vast

Touched, you say that I am too
So much, of what you say is true
I'll never find some quite like you again
I'll never find some quite like you, like you
The razors and the dying roses
Plead I don't leave you alone
The demi-gods and hungry ghosts
Oh god, god knows I'm not at home
I'll never find someone quite like you again
I'll never find someone quite like you again
I, I looked into your eyes and saw
A world that does not exist
I looked into your eyes and saw
A world I wish I was in
I'll never find some quite as touched as you
I'll never love some quite the way
That I loved you


Chapter 1

"Any word?"

Oliver Queen sank back into his leather chair and shook his head.

"Ollie, it's been two months."

"You think I don't know that, Dinah?" Ollie's strained voice cracked, an involuntary admission of the increasingly tentative hold Oliver had on his ever present control.

Dinah Lance and Arthur Currie exchanged looks. Shared worry echoed in the silence. Since the events with Doomsday, their entire world had been turned upside down. With Clark gone and Oliver in constant search mode, it was a surprise they'd lasted this long without a major falling out.

A.C. broke the silence. "What about Bart?"

"He's tracking him as closely as he can, but even he needs sleep. And Clark..." Ollie answered, his lips tightening into a thin line when considering his...what? Friend? Enemy? Reluctant partner? He didn't even know what Clark Kent was to him anymore. Or why he was trying so desperately to find him. He just knew he had to. "...he's not staying in one place too long. When he does stop, it's only for a few minutes. Bart said the pace and speed that he's moving at is brutal. Like he's trying to punish himself."

"He probably is." Dinah commented quietly before offering a tentative suggestion. "Ollie, don't you think it's time that we..."

The explosion came quick and unexpectedly. His fist hit the desk with resounding condemnation. "We will not contact Chloe Sullivan!"


"Clark walked away from her. There's no reason we shouldn't do the same." Pushing himself away from his desk, Ollie crossed the room to stand in front of the large plate glass windows in his office-turned-Justice League-headquarters.

"She believed she was trying to save him."

"Don't even try to defend her actions to me." Eyes squeezed shut, Oliver tried to control the rage building inside of him.


"Dinah, I mean it." He spun around to face her. "Put yourself in her position and tell me you would have done the things she chose to do." His boiling anger seeped through his words. "All the lying and hiding. The back stabbing and betrayals. She harbored a known criminal, Dinah. Ran away with him to protect him. Stopped Clark from doing what he had to in the Fortress. She even cleaned up his messes for God's sake. Tell me you would have done the same. Even to save one of us."

Taking Dinah's silence and averted gaze as implicit denial, Ollie nodded his confirmation. "I didn't think so." He turned back to the window. "No, we'll fix this on our own."

"How?" A.C. ventured.

"I don't know." Ollie answered softly. "But I do know this...not even Clark Kent can run forever."